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Revenge of the Bloods!

Started on 14 April 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 14 September 2011 by l3nnart
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Nah, we came 11th in our first season, and currently we're 8th. I think I had the wrong transfer policy, I didn't look for youth but experience, I signed people like DJ Campbell and Squillaci. They were getting too old though and too physically weak, so I would look for youth if I were you.
well I try never to sign players above 27, but sure, if I find someone who will be a leading star around 30 I'll go after him as well, though I almost never buy teenagers unless they are already able to contribute
Finnaly I got the first part of my revenge! Clawing our way through L1, beating Hull at the last stretch and making it into the Championship! The season was a bit of a rollercoaster with a huge drop in the middle of the season with 7 straight losses. But we managed to find our way back, and I will take some credit for this as I abandonned my 4-4-2 (to be fair it's based on Johannes 3000's LoL-guide) and started playing a more contemporary 4-2-3-1. Anjembe came up big once again along with my intire attacking-squad. This was vital as the new tactic was built on counter-attacking (even if I play 'attacking' or 'overload'), where the attacks were initiated by my two ballwinning MC's and executed by four offensive players with out support. The final table looked like this:

I made a couple of moves on the transfer-market, but nothing drastic and notable. I guess this is because we've had time to settle down in Leauge 1 and thus already possesed the quality I was looking for:

As I mentioned before the financial situation was a big worry but with the promotion money came in and relived the worst of the pressure. However the lack om economical muscle has hit the wage-budget hard, leaving me with a max-wage of 4k! This made free-transferhunting a hassle and left the squad vulnerable to injuries.

Eager to try my wings in the Championship time has flown by and I've even played a couple of leauge-games. As I mentioned the lack of financial structure made signing quality-players a ghosthunt. As expected, bigger changes were brought on as a result of the promotion, here is the summary of the resault:

My hope is that Mejía will be able to compensate for a defence not worthy of the Championship along with the blood, sweat and tears shed by my MC's. I also have high hopes for my wingers Ben Yedder and Carlos.

I'm really looking forward to this challange and honestly have no idea what so ever where we stand, I guess time will tell...
Hey mate, good story :) can you show how Walsall are getting on please and a a pic of what the squads like to see if we have many players left from the current squad
they are struggeling to hold on to their L1 spot... as far as the troop goes they have three more players on a loan, but since my screen is so small the screen-shot wouldn't fit them:
from what I can see, the only players left in the actual squad is

Manny Smith,Darryl Westlake,Matty Richards and Clayton McDonald,

would you be able to tell me who the manager is also please
I know I'm asking abit much mate, but would love to see if dean smiths still incharge or if someone else has took over....

P.S I want to start a blog as Walsall and I was about to submit and it said I couldn't because of a URL??? :S What do you have to do for this?

Dean was sacked in late December 2012, he's currently at Crystal Palace who are in the middle of L1

As far as the blog did, I never expreienced the same problem... I just pressed the 'FM Stories'-icon, then 'New Topic' and then I was good to go
a decent manager incharge in boothroyd :) and thanks mate,will try that when i get back tomorrow
I knew this day wasn't too far off, but I guess I hoped to celebrate another couple of victories at the Butch! Well I've got one more season and I hope it'll be a special one, just as the Butch deserves!
After a bumpy virgin-ride in the Championship the financial rewards of staying aboard has allowed for a vaste elevation of the club. As the previous message foretold a new arena with tripple the capacity of the Butch is under construction and the wage-budget has more then doubbled (from 44k to 100k). I'm trying my best not to spend it all though, especialy with my stadium-load in mind. I've stayed away from transfer-fees and left around 30k of my wage-budget open for bosman-gems. I've got two prime-examples of this type of gems whom i snatched up last christmas:

The pace of this kid will be lethal for my counter-attacks, something he has already proved during the pre-season and opoening games of the season!

A light-house at the back that hopefully will be a part of solving my set-pice issue

Here's the summary of all my summer-transfers:

I'm very pleased with the depth and stardom of my squad, though I've only put my official season-expectations at "avoid relegation" I'm secretly aming much higher!

As I mentioned I recived a huge financial push through the TV-contract and leaugemoney from FA, this is what enabled the huge leap forward the club has taken over the last few months:
Great story, enjoying it a lot.
Can you show the Sunderland team please?
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
9 yearsEdited
here's the Sunderland screens, they seem to be doing just fine!
I've never been so furious with my board!!!

This says it all:

So atm I'm in absolute panic looking for replacements... we're currently 3d in the leauge just two points shy of first place, but now I have no idea how to make things work! Up until now we've been winning our games 4-3, 5-3 and such with Mwaba scoring at least a deuce... The worst part is that the club is doing just fine economicly and I just sold Anjembede

Lol, just realized something that really highlights the stupidity of my board! Two offers for Brás was made at the same time, one of them worth €500k less then the other one, yet BOTH were accepted! Honestly feel like resigning right now...
I don't even know what to say...

NOTE!: the transfer-fee was not the €6+ mil Fiorentina offered, it was 350k....
After a couple of extremly hectic days I've come up with my replacements:

A fimiliar face for those who have made their way up in GB, a bit pricy, but these were extreme times

Usually I would see this capture as a huge bargain and all would be well... but considering that Mwala didn't leave huge shoes to fill, but jumbo-jets it's yet to be seen if he can rise to the ocasion!

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