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Revenge of the Bloods!

Started on 14 April 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 14 September 2011 by l3nnart
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Hi L3nnart, thanks for sharing a wonderful story and I am sure that it has served as inspiration for many here to beginning their own journey from the outhouse to the penthouse.

My question relates to your time in the lower leagues, particularly league 1 and 2. Where you able to sign non-EU players, or did some of your earlier signings hold dual nationality?

I'm playing with Maidenhead at the moment, as we have discussed on threads previously, and while I have been able to sign some fantastic talent to my BSP side - I think in no small part due to my barn storming run in the FA Cup last season - but have as yet not been able to sign non-EU players, as they fail their work-permits.

I'm also interested in how long it took you to get your facilities and attendance to full capacities? My attendance is running about 800 on 4500 seat stadium, and my Board agreed to upgrade the facilities including the youth academy towards the end of the first year. Again, I think it was due to the financial situation being healthy, as I spent the first half year getting rejected out of hand.
to be honest I'm not sure about most of your questions as it was quite some time ago and I can't accsess the save to check it out. But if I'm not misstaking I belive all my palyers had EU-passports until we hit PL. As far as filling up the stadium and expanding it the drill was usually to play well in the leauge to fill it up, earn the promotion, expand in the summer, play well in the new leauge, fill out the expansion, earn the promotion, expand etc. The facilities were disasterous until Championship if I remember correctly, and it took a couple of years in the PL to get them from okay to great.

As far as your cupaventure goes I think it's always nice with some extra dough in your pocket, but that won't get you a bigger stadium. If you fill it by playing well the board will loan money if you don't have it in order to expand and thus increase the revenues and furhter make money off of the investment... hope it helps!

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