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Revenge of the Bloods!

Started on 14 April 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 14 September 2011 by l3nnart
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This summer I didn't feel I had any huge weakness in my squad to fix during the transfers-window. The only attribute I felt in need of was pace in my centre-lock, so I went hunting for a pacy CB and came up with this:

I feel he lacks some bravery but he's done well so far. Povided that he helps me out on to the continent he'll be worth his 7mil transfer-fee.

I also decided to upgrade my right-flank and went searching deep in the African jungel and found myself a smart, hardworking and soon to be technical wonder-kid (to be fair I found him in Quatar but I guess the jungel sounded more fun even if it could be concidered a tiny but racist... but let's not get way to far off topic).

He hasn't delivered in the leauge yet, but I'm not worried about him getting there in due time so I'll be pacient).
And so we're nearing the end of yet another season, I would lie if I said I wasn't nervous as hell! We've played most of the other top-teams already but the remainig schdule is far from easy. But I have a good feeling and you can see that it's been a good year:
And so I'm facing one of the most thrilling game-days ever in the PL. The top of the leauge has been closer then ever before, going in to the last round one single point separated the 5 (!) teams on top of the table! I occupied the last spot in the heard due to inferior goaldiffrence to the other teams and was facing Arsenal whom I had never beaten due to a wonderous Pato. However he's turned 31 now and is on the carrying an avg.rating just over 7. Thank to yet another goal by our superb DC Figueiredo (who has scored no less then 14 goals (9 in the leauge) this season!) we managed to hold the Gunners back and snatched a win! Our win along with some other result in our favour created som small gaps in the table and this is what it looks like going in to our last fixture of the year. We're playing Blackburn on the road but are looking to make this the biggest day ever in Droylsden history!
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History will be made!

3986 days, 561 games, 289 wins, 991 goals scored, and so came goal number 992, win 290 and my very first national championship at Droylsden! Boy wasn't this amazing! At half-time we were down 1-0 and playing like crap. I told the boys I expected more from them and made a couple of changes and so came the equalizer right off the kick-off! After that came a ton of pressure but no goals, until the 92 minute, when Manchester native Graham Myers blasted the ball into the net and caused an explosion of epic proportions in all of our red hearts! The intire club, including myself are in absolute disbelife!

As I commented in an earlier post the top of the leauge was more evenly matched then I have ever seen before! Going in the half-time we weren't even qualified for CL next year!

The boys have graced us with a great season and have really showed passion and love for the club as we battled our way to victory in numerous games were the opposition were superior footballers but inferior warriors!

Even tough I'm a bit disapointed and surprised it hasn't come earlier, I think it's nice to finnaly get the appriciation I'm due!

Though it definetly feels more important to get it from the players and fans, it's always nice when the rest of the football-world acknowledges your work as well:

Nice one! Hope you do well in the CL!
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And so we enter a fresh chapter of Droylsden history. For the first time ever people are looking at us and expecting a preformance. I'm not sure at all if we will repeat last years' success, be we haven't lost any of our starting-players during the summer and reinforced where it was needed so it's definetley not impossible either!

Hitting the transfer-market the only position I really was looking to improve was our rightback were Clyne had done a good job last year, but I felt we're going to need nothing less than dominans in as many areas as possible. I also decided to get myself another striker up top as last years 10+ hour goal-drought both Myers and Radebe suffered almost cost us our place in Europe. Finnaly, except for some talent who were brought in to the youth team, I added some depth in my central defence brining in both you and talented Lars Promes and more experinced Jöel Matip.

Here are the biggest names brought on board:

The team is still a bit of a budget-project as my higest earner (Martin) is making a modest €50k/w, to be compared to Arsenals Menin (best payed in the world) who makes no less then €250k/w. You can clearly see the change of mentality in Arsenal since Wenger left. I will never forget how he told Nasri to either respect his wage-policy or get lost! Today they have the three higest earners in the world combining for a total of €720k/w, about €150k above my total wage-cost... But lets not to draw any negative light upon the huge capability of my squad, the fact that none of them are over-paid stuck-ups only works in our favour!

My only discomfort at the moment is the retardation of our board... ever since we went publicly traded I've had a hard time getting my will through, but the youth-academy is we worst thing I've ever seen. I convinced them last summer that we needed one, and they began planning. The planning was finished in September last year, yet the refused to begin construction until the end of the season, and now the completion-date is set for November !? this translate in to yet another summer with no youth-academy to show for and thus no decent talents joining our organization.

I had an unlucky draw for the CL-groups as I was placed with Marseille, FC Bayern and Dinamo Kyiv, but we've been underdogs before and I'm looking forward to the great challange as title-defenders and flag-carriers of Great Brittian!
After a rocky start to the season things finnaly seems to be back on track as we're competeing with United for 3d place half way thorugh. We had an extremely though draw in the CL-groupstage as both Bayern Munich and Olympique Marseille are concidered European powerhouses. The only team we were a bit lucky drawing in to our group was 3d seed Dynamo Kyiv, they aren't the worst team in the tournament but compared to some of the other 3d seeds they don't have much to show for.

After beating Bayern in both our games we managed to pull thorugh the tough group and it I'm really proud of it! But ahead of us lies an even bigger test as we were drawn against Athletico Madrid who are the raning champs and two years running finalist, as well as the dominant force of Spain... As the game nears there will be more details
And so, after a harsh couple of weeks, we've finnaly seen some success! As I mentioned in my last post I was drawn against the champs (Athletico Madrid). The first game at Droylsden Stadium was very catious and almost with out any chanses what so ever.

The last couple of weeks have been really rough and the wins have been few if any, including the Leauge-Cup final against Villa were we just rolled over on our backs and died.

With this in mind I wasn't too hopefull when Atlethico managed to get a second long-range shot in the back of the net and we were facing going in to the dressing-room with 2 goals to pull back. I figured I had nothing to lose and abandonned my rigid couter-tac and tried something more like my big role-models during the modern age: Chile's nationlteam under Bielsa. With an open, fast paced, all or nothing mentallity we managed to pull one back as Baré who had just replaced the injured Myers got in to the clear and made no misstakes just before the wistle. As the game got under way once again disaster hit Athletico as thier full-back Traore took a crazy red card and before you knew it we were dominating. The pressure piled up and finnaly my other sub Radebe found himself on the end of a left-side cross a buired the ball. With 25+ minutes remainig and a extremely talented team Agüero and his boys were not giving up on their own ground and it would take a break-away save from Mwanza to seal the deal. So now we know there will be new kings of Europe, the only question is who!

Sometimes life's just sad... I've tried not to make this "a story of playing a game" but a more real-life story... however this pisses me off so bad I can't stay away from lashing out on SI!

If anyone knows how to fix this help would be deeply appriciated !
This will be interesting!

Chickenshitchickenshitchickenshit! I'll have to take the blame for this one. After winning the first leg 2-0 in hostile territory I thought we'll just go back home and wait for the final witsel... It took them less then an hour to make it all square... We lifted our positions and took over the game completly once again... But then disaster struck as Sevilla got a third goal form a suspicous offside and all of a sudden we needed to goals in the space of 10 minutes. We managed to get one back but that was it, and so the magical run came to a very sad end!

And so the end of yet another year at the helm of Droylsden. The biggest story of the year is with out a doubt the marvelous debut CL-run, even though it came to a very dissapointing end. In the shadows of the epic run a halfassed PL-run found us ,for the the very first time since I took over, right were media had predicted we would be: 6th place. I guess it's nothing to be all to sad about since we did qualify for Europe and made it to the Leauge-Cup final as well as the CL-semis beating the champs amongst other.

There's no particular individual I'm proud of this year, but many who have failed to impress. Most of all my strikers and CB's. I'm not sure about the strikers but the CB's will definetly be replaced until next year, more on that later...

I'll be looking to completely change the way we play the game until next year. People may argue that our current way has been largely successful, which of course is true looking in a long perspective, but I feel we've had enough strength in our squad to take the next step towards greatness without doing so. And yes I know we've only been a PL-side for a couple of years and that what we've achived is remarkable, but this is something I really want to do and if there's someting I've learnt it's that complacency kills, if something can be improved it should be! Once again I'm looking at Bielsas way of playing the game to find my insperation. I've adapted the basic formation to the players at my disposal but the goal is to elevate the flair, fun and just pure magic I started exprementing with in the CL-last year.

Since I'm very pleased with my squads depth and versetillity I'm not looking to "clean out" as much as possible just to change things up. However, to really show the fans, opposition and my players that I'm serious in adapting this new way of thinking I've brought in an old but flamboyant as ever Messi. Being about as fast and well-conditioned as myself people might think he won't contribute anything, but he's matured in his way of thinking and will serve as a trequarista setting up numerous goals from the gap between the opposing defence and midfield.

Aside from Messi I'm really happy with my squad except for my CB's. I'm looking at some new players and as soon as papers are signed I'll tell you more. I've got a better feeling going in to this season compared to the last one. But only time will tell how the "New Bloods" will handle the obsticles ahead and I'm glad to be a part of the adventure! The show goes on...
And here's the man I'm hoping to become not just my, but one of the world's, leading defenders. He's got the potential and I hope he'll reach it in the near future as he already posses great quality!

Excellent talent, all the right attributes and he's already an Argentine international at 23, gonna be world class.
Well it all seems promising but you never know!

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