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Revenge of the Bloods!

Started on 14 April 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 14 September 2011 by l3nnart
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Great story mate, and well done with the success :) IMO this story will/is rivalling Joanness3000's "an old face in a familiar place" story.

I do have one question though;

How, in your first season, did you manage to sign the players you did?
I'm asking because when I looked at them in my new game as Luton with the latest patch installed they were all either signed or asked for money far beyond that which you signed them for.
Thanks man! Well I'm hoping people are enjoying it as much as they are Johannes' and I also hope that I'll come up around the same numbers when it comes to clicks in our FM12 stories.

I'm not sure when it comes to the signings, my guess is that Luton is a bigger club and thus the players damand a higher salary... Other then that I don't have an idea really...
The great tradition has been carried on today as we landed our third consecutive Leauge Cup-trophy!

I guess I'm becoming a bit complacent as this win doesn't make me feel as pround as the previous ones have, but with it came a message I've been wating for since I started this career:

This is the first time ever this has happened to me and then I've had some impressive careers including one with Standard where I had about 5 undefeated seasons winning everything there was to win before I was FIERED with no explanation what so ever to go with it... After I was let go I wasn't even amongst the favoured personell... But right now I couldn't care less about it as this is what really counts!

Looking at this year's bosman-draft I was chocked to see what stars you could find there:

Atlechico must be in a financial pickle or something. The three players on top of the list (Menin, Youssouf, Márcio) offers a chanse for any club who has enough money to contend for the CL-trophy!

But I'm happy with my squad and these heroes will be someone else's joy the next season!
These are good player but 325,000 per week? :/
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
13 yearsEdited
yeha I know, that's why I added the economical aspect in my post... though they don't ask for that much, I entered negotiations with all of them to check out what numbers we were talking about, they ask for €150k-€200k but also a fisty ~€10mil in signingsbonus which is just redicilous according to me!
We're currently on the verge of executing our best season yet as we've practicly closed the leauge-race and smashed in every cup we've entered. The last couple of months has been tremendous and we're currently in the midst of a 36 games undefeated-streak! However we suffered a tough blow last night as the up and coming super-star Dimas had to be carried off the field screaming in aggony.

He was brought in six years ago as an immensly talented midfielder, he showed great charecter from day one and never stopped progressing. Three years after his arrival, at the age of 21, he had played his way to a startingposition placing our captain Martin on the bench. But now we'll have to cope without him for the rest of the season, I'm sure Martin will get the defensive job done just as good as Dimas, but our counter-attacking will probably suffer as he lacks some of Dimas offensive tools...

The situation is definetly stiffening as yet another important member of the squad was lost just a couple of nights after Dimas horried injury. This time it's our offensive rocket at the right side of the defence, Aziz Tran

As you can see the injury isn't as serious as the one Dimas suffered, however it could be enough to keep him out for the rest of the season. Luckily it's one of our strongest positions as I usualy rotate him an Salaun anyway. The biggest problem would be if Salaun was hurt as well. Next in line stands an unfortunate litte boy who stil needs help to lace his shoes... boy I wish we had a better youth-team days like this...
Looks like it will be hard without players of their quality. Hope you scrape past it without dropping too many points.
Good luck! Just the run-in left, though?
# GrandTheftCrunchy : Looks like it will be hard without players of their quality. Hope you scrape past it without dropping too many points.

Well I'm not worried at all about the leauge, we're twelve points up with 6 or so games to go... I'm more worried about the CL as the semis will start soon...
# 6294 : Good luck! Just the run-in left, though?

Yes of the leauge, but I've got both the FA-cup and CL to worry about!
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
13 yearsEdited
I know the season isn't over, and I'm not one to take anything out in advance, but we're on the verge of becoming THE superior force in the footballing-world. To keep my motivation up I've set a goal and invited another great manager to join me in the quest.

Posted earlier today in Johannes3000's "An old face in a fimiliar place"-story:
# l3nnart : I'm not sure if you've followed my "revenge of the bloods" story, but I feel we're pretty close in our club-situation. How is your youth-setup by now? Have any youngsters worth mentioning come through your own ranks yet? How is the stadium-situation, what's your avg attendence? Will you be needing a new stadium any time soon? It sounds like you're running out of motivation a bit as well, so I'd like to present a goal/challange for you - winning a treable with ONLY homegrown players in your own stadium (one named after you), maby you could set the number to five or so depending on the time you plan spending on your game until FM12... I'll be trying it myself and it would be nice to see someone else try the same!

This challange will be at least as hard as taking Droylsden to where we are today, for two reason: Not only will I have to wait for decent regens to show up in my youth-ranks, I need a lot of them in a limited amount of time so that they can form an intire team togather. I also have no idea what the expansion-limit is on my current stadium, if it's high it could take decades to get my board to build a new stadium, and even then it's not sure it'll bare my name as I have a feeling many players out of todays squad are future Hall of famers.

So the time-table is pretty huge and it could take decades until this quest takes physical form (stars from our own ranks showing up or the construction of 'Lennartson Stadium' begins). But if I were to pull it off I'll be proud as can be and I'd dare anyone to take on this challange!
I've said eariler that the leauge-race is dead, now it's official. For the first time ever we've managed to defend our leauge-title. What I'm particularly pleased with is the face that we didn't just win by beating the teams we should beat, but also by beating our top-compedators! We've also managed to bag over 100 goals with 2 games to spare.

However it's not all good. After qualifying for the CL-final by beating Arsenal all roads lead to glory, but once again disaster struck. During the injurytime (what an ironic name) we lost yet another of our great defensive leaders!

The fact that Dimas is gone makes matters even worse as Martin, Dimas back-up is my 3d CB as well. So now a heavy load will fall on the unproven shoulders of Alioui.

As you can see he isn't by any meens a poor defender. But Mrini has delivered a world-class preformance this year and with the team relying heavily on my defence to stop my opponents in their tracks to mount a counter-attack, his role becomes all the more vital... Well I guess only time will tell weather he'll rise to the ocasion or not!
l3nnart's avatar Group l3nnart
13 yearsEdited
And here's the final table, boy did we dominate this one!

There are to pointers that shows just how dominant we were this year: the first and most obvious one is the gap down to second place in the table along with our insane GD, the other one is that we are earning individual recognition like never before!

In true Droylsden-fashion the three players most mentioned Toninho, Beto and Arikan make around €120k/w, just gotta' love slavework!

Looking at the individual stats it becomes clear that the key to success has been working as a team. Arkian scored the most goals by far, but we had so many players putting up numbers on the board on a regular basis that we were never totaly dependant on him delviering. I guess now, as the CL and FA-cup finals await, we'll see the true colours of this squad!

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