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Liverpool - Relish the Red (FM12)

Started on 8 February 2012 by Shameless
Latest Reply on 18 June 2012 by FI9SHER
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Nationality: Swedish

Data: STEAM 12.1.1
Playable leagues (highest leagues)

Germany Argentina Australia Austria Portugal Belgium Brazil Croatia Czech Republic Finland France Greece Holland Paraguay Poland Uruguay Ireland Slovakia South Africa Spain (+ second) Sweden Australia Turkey Ukraine U.S.A. Great Britain (Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland) Mexico Denmark Norway Switzerland Serbia Russia Hungary Bulgaria Italy (+ second)

This will be my first save with Liverpool. To be honest, I've been a City fan since 6-7 years back. As much I love City, I just do not like playing FM as them. The reason is basically the amount of transfer money there is. I guess it has put me of a bit (as in reality). Why I selected The Reds has with the challenge of turning this club back to greatness. The reports I have read in other forums, many have actually been fired when not have qualified for Champions League … exiting indeed. The second reason is the smaller transfer budget. There is a sell to buy philosophy here which is a bit exiting.

I will start my report from the second season, as I played the first with the expectations of qualification to the Champions League and competing for the league title (more of this under the summary of 2011/12 season). The display will be made by monthly reports with scores, table and other trivial.



Transfer Policy

I will have some of a conservative approach to signings. I will try to limit myself to players I actually need ... but of course quality and price are the keywords here. When the momento is given I will try to sign a star-rated player to boost up the economics (shirt selling). Transfers depend also due to injuries and contribute of existing players.

Become the fastest and most dangerous scoring team in the Premier League

In some point try to expand stadium / or built a new

Increase John W Henry’s money / become the richest club in Europe

Become a wanted manager

Turn Liverpool to a club where star-rated players want to sign for

Win the World Cup for clubs & Premier League with Cups

Substantial development

Youth players will be well-scouted and shipped into the reserves and first team. With this I will save money and do not need to worry so much about the squad registration rules
Good luck! If you meet the expectations you will find that the board are very flexible at liverpool and for me, they expanded the stadium by 15,000 seats after my first season.

Keep us updated!



There I was, as a former Swedish football pro, ready to take over Liverpool football club after Kenny Daglish suddenly relieved his retirement to the world of football. The new owner John W Henry had recently (as in real world) targeted the season’s expectations for qualifying for Champions League. There had been some difficult recent years for the club. Two managers before Mr. Daglish had not succeeded to bring victory for the club fans. Although I had bigger plans and wanted to compete for the title. For this I was given £2m for transfers. Not much money had been left over after arrivals of players such as Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson to mention couple


The Season started with offering the German Bundesliga club Mönchengladbach, £15,25m for the young goalkeeper Marc-André ter stegen. An offer they could not refuse. The deal was sealed with Marc-André, a weekly salary of £ 34,500 per until 2015. Doni who was bought to assist Reina was not unfortunately to include in my future plans. He is a great goalkeeper but unfortunately doesn't obtain the skills and age that is required for the expectations I've set up. Doni is to play the reserve team this season

A second quick move was the transfer listed Ibrahim Afalley from the Spanish giants Barcelona for £1,9m and £45,500 per week . The thought was to get in a player to sub Downing on the right winger position as the old fox Bellamy is starting to get some gray hairs back on his neck. Bellamys place on the first team was not threaten due to Steven Gerrards long time injury (5 months from start). Afalley would be assisting Maxi as the offensive playmaker this season


With the arrivals of two upcoming players, I needed to offload players to balance the season budget. Fábio Aurélio set of to Palermo for £2,3m. I had big hopes the young English player Jack Robinson to fill the position after Jose Enríque. Australian goalie Brad Jones was sold to Málga (£1,5m). Having ter tegen joying the club, there was no need for a fourth goalkeeper. Hansen Martin was loaned to MTK

Other bigger Premier League signings

Leighton Baines / Everton Arsenal £15,5m

Hulk / Porto Chelsea £16,75m

... Next report in couple of days. After that kick off 2012/13

#41892 kaneLFC : Good luck! If you meet the expectations you will find that the board are very flexible at liverpool and for me, they expanded the stadium by 15,000 seats after my first season.

Keep us updated!

Oh, so Thank you was sent directly to you :) Got some inside tip? You still play with Joe ? If not, how did you manage to sell him?
Thankyou I dont use my liverpool save anymore, but when i did i did sell joe cole as soon as he returned from his loan. Im suprised youve opted to buy another goalkeeper, the first thing i usually go for is another striker to play with suarez as carroll isnt that good. I did buy affelay though and he is an absolute steal at 2 million. Played best AMC - with an attacking midfield role.

I like how youve done your story with the pictures by the way.

Good luck with your story

PS - you should have signed hulk instead of ter stegen ;)
Id like to post links from the game into my report. Using a paint copy from imageshack makes it bit blurry. I've seen on other reports that you can click on it and it turns bigger.

Could someone describe how to do this please? :)
#41917 kaneLFC : Thankyou I dont use my liverpool save anymore, but when i did i did sell joe cole as soon as he returned from his loan. Im suprised youve opted to buy another goalkeeper, the first thing i usually go for is another striker to play with suarez as carroll isnt that good. I did buy affelay though and he is an absolute steal at 2 million. Played best AMC - with an attacking midfield role.

I like how youve done your story with the pictures by the way.

Good luck with your story

PS - you should have signed hulk instead of ter stegen ;)

I did scout him but didn't have a good feeling about him :)




[29-5-4 / 92 p. + 68]


[24-10-4 / 82 p. + 37]

3rd - 4th

[25-6-7 / 81 p. + 50] [23-10-5 / 79 p. + 62]


Wayne Rooney 29
Robin van Persie 22
Luis Suárez / Sergio Agüero 21


Mårten Gamst Pedersen 16
Wayne Rooney 15
Mikel Arteta / David Silva 14

Man United is the team to beat next season as, they also won the Champions League against Manchester City with 3-0. Overall we had a good season but we overestimated weaker opponents, which lead to loosing vital points several times during the season. Chelsea failed miserable as they only contained the 5th place before Tottenham and Aston Villa. Relegated teams were Sunderland, Swansea and Wigan. Promoted teams were Brighton, West Ham and Burnley

The last game, away, Arsenal was a crap in the pants. Man united had already defended their title and it was between us selves and the Gunners fighting for the 2nd and a direct qualification to the Champions League table round. Losing team would end up 4th. We needed 1 point as Arsenal 3

The game was lead by the home team the first period as we failed to obtain some kind of ball position and was down to 2-0 at end of first. We came back strong at second half and reduced the scoring to 2-1. Extra time + 3 and there wasn’t anything else than push up everything I had ... until our saviour Downing shoots the ball back of the net at 90+1!! What a relieve! 2nd place and the season expectations were fulfilled. I was happy, the board was happy, the fans were happy and my girlfriend was happy to finally getting a break from my football manager playing


(Arsenal 1 - 2 Liverpool)



Christiano Ronaldo / Lionel Messi / Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney 29 goals / Lionel Messi 27 goals / Fernando Ilorente 27 goals


KICK OFF 2012/13


BUDGET: £40,96M

The Argentina national player Angel Di María was quickly to be scouted as Real Madrid had transfer listed the young winger for £16,75m. The speed and technical skills was something I’ve been looking for to speed up the attack with. Salary cost £94,000 weekly

£26,5m is the cost for boosting up the attack with a sharp Edinson Cavani, with his 21 goals in 35 games last season for Napoli with "only" £76.500 weekly salary

Probably my first (and hopefully last) bad transfer; Alex Smithies from Huddersfield for a fee of £1,09m. Smithies first three games ended up with 14 conceded goals in the reserves friendly games. Not the start I hoped for, which made nervous indeed. I case of injuries on goalkeepers these stats would be a catastrophe

A necessary transfer; Schmeichel Kasper from Leeds and £1,9m. of my budget was a last minute signing just before transfer deadline. I didn’t have the time to scout him but trusted my instincts as the great Manchester City talent. 13,750 a week ... If Id only had remembered him before the transfer of Alex Smithies

20-year old defender Steven Caulker from Swansea for £5,75m and 13,250 a week playing in the reserves to start with. Wanted by Arsenal and Tottenham


Alexander Toni, the Brasilian 32 year old goalkeeper who recently transferred from the Italian side Roma, didn’t play last season. I decided early I would seek to offload him as Manchester City offered £1,9m. which I accepted

Dirk Kuyt was the second player leaving Anfield. Although he had a good season but showed a lot of overestimation against weaker teams and could just not get him fired-up. Due to age and the arrival of Di María and Joe Coles return from loan, it was easy decision to cash in £8,25m to the German side Dortmund

Alex Smithies loaned to Accrington Stanley
Jonjo Shelvey loaned to Accrington Stanley

Other bigger Premier League signings

Marek Hamsik / Napoli Manchester City £27m

João Moutinho / Porto Manchester United £14,5m


My Nr. 2, Steve Clark transferred to West Brom as a manager. As I desperately tried to find a new assistant, I decided to hire Fausto Salsano from Manchester City as a last resort due to high coaching rates. David Platt was hired as first team coach. The whole stab has been changed

Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson retired. New manager: Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham Harry Redknapp retired. New manager: Tony Pulis

Manchester CityRoberto Mancini England National team. New manager: Alex McLeish

Arsenal Arsène Wenger France National team. New manager: Eddie Howe


FIRST TEAM 2012/13

Stars: Overall last season (my view)
[Games -Goals - Assist - Man of the match]
(Only league games are shown)

GK Reina José Manuel [32 -27 - 14 - 3] Ter stegen Marc-André [6 -4 - 4 - 0]

DC Agger Daniel [27 -4 - 2 - 2] Carragher Jamie [28 -1 - 1 - 0] Skrtel Martin [26 -4 - 0 - 4] Wilson Danny [7 -0 - 0 - 1]

WB ATTACK Johnson Glen [Injured whole season] [2 -0 - 0 - 0]

Kelly Martin [33 -0 - 2 - 0] Robinson Jack [18 -0 - 1 - 1] Enrique José [20 -0 - 0 - 0]

ANCHOR MAN, DEFENSIVE Spearing Jay [11 -0 - 2 - 0] Leiva Lucas [33 -0 - 2 - 0]

CENTRAL MIDFIELD Henderson Jordan [28 -4 - 3 - 1] Gerrard Steven (C) [25 -7 - 2 - 1] Adam Charlie [30 - 5 - 7 - 1] Aquilani Alberto [(Milan) 19 - 2 - 3 - 1]

ATTACKING WINGER Rodríques Maxi [27 - 8 - 11 - 1] Affelay Ibrahim [23 - 1 - 5 - 1] Downing Stewart [27 - 6 - 6 - 2] Joe Cole [(Lille) 29 - 4 - 4 - 0] Di María Angel

ADVANCED FORWARD Suárez Luis [32 - 21 - 7 - 5] Edison Cavani

MORE IMPORTANT RESERVES Schmeichel Kasper Coates Sebastian [2 - 0 - 0 - 0] Coady Connor Caulker Steven Flanagan John Suso [4 - 0 - 0 - 0] Silva Toni Bellamy Craig [20 - 1 - 4 - 1] Carroll Andy [22 - 1 - 1 - 0]


Last season we scored the least of TOP-4 teams, which isn't good enough to become the most dangerous scoring team in the Premier League. Steven Gerrard had a though season as he took a lot of beating trying getting trough the thick PL-defence. As a result he was injured a lot (there is a need of a faster and more technical playemaker for this) Secondly it got too narrow with four players trying to play ball in the box, as we were hit by many counter attacks, when loosing the ball too often

This season I'm putting Gerrard in the middle as a playmaker and hopefully he will get more time to play his own game and make the right decisions. Also, I will use use wing-defenders as last season there was a lack of supporting attacks. To fill the gab I will use Lucas and Spearing (started training Spearing as a defensive mid. last season. Has done great) as anchor men with with defensive duties. The second central-player will put on automatic as he will both defend and attack. As we are competing for four titles this season I think, I will be needing rotate the squad. Of course the best players will play more, as it should be

Last season

Current season



H Reserves 2-0 [Gerrard 2]

H Blackburn 0-0

A Dinamo Moscow 4-0 [Cavani, Adam, Di María, Carroll]

H Leicester 2-0 [Wilson, Afellay]

A Olympique Lyonnais 0-4

A Leverkusen 0-2

H Roma 0-0

The opening game of the season leaves me unsure about the starting eleven. Cavani, Suárez and Carroll were on International duties, leaving me with youth players as strikers. I can hardly blame them for the lack of goals the last matches. Bellamy wasn’t up for it really as he failed to impress me. Someone who did impress was Garragher who was a reborn defender after the holidays. My signings did good as both Di Mará and Cavani scored. I need to figure if I should play Angel as a right or left winger. The first games will decide it

Next game
PL: Queens Park Rangers [a]
Previous games: 2011/12
H 1-0
A 1-1


1 - 4
Loftus Road


Kenny | Jacobsen | Zlatkov | Ponce | Popov | SWP | Derry | Barton | Faurlin | Varga | Taarabt

Murphy | Shambi | Ehmer | Campbell | Bothroyd | Mackie | Traoré

Campbell Faurlin
Bothroyd Varga
Ponce Ehmer



Stegen | (f.left) Johnsson | Skrtel | Agger | Robinson| Leiva | Downing | Henderson | Gerrard | Maxi | Suárez

Reina| Garragher | Di María | Afellay| Downing | Cole | Cavani

Henderson Adam
Cavani Suárez
Cole Maxi


0 - 1 Leiva [18]

0 - 2 Cavani [62]

1 - 2 SWP [71]

1 - 3 Downing [78]

1 - 4 Cole [86]

Martin Skrtel


A good first display of season. I like the London team and a hard egg to crack as we had problems against them last season. They play really thick middle field and though to get the ball trough there. Thanx to Leiva with a super shot from 30 meters straight into the goal made the counter attacks easier rest of the game. I'm glad to see Cavani score at his first game. I'm not sure how pleased I am seeing Cole score, as I tried to offload him this summer. He wasn't about to leave and didn't get any offers for him

Next game
PL: Burnley [h]
Previous games: League Cup Qtr final 2011/12
H 2-0




Reina | (f.left) Kelly | Skrtel | Garragher | Enrique| Spearing | Afellay | Henderson | Cole | Di María | Cavani

Stegen | Agger | Maxi | Gerrard| Adam | Downing | Suárez

Cole Maxi



Grant | Gunter | Amougou | Turner | Bertrand | Bartley | McCann | Stanislas | McGugan | Wallace | Rodriques

Meineke | Douglas | Easton | Treasy | Hines | Duff | Lowton


Duff McGugan
Douglas Wallace
Easton Gunter


1-0 Cavani [21]

2-0 Cavani [49 P]

3-0 Cavani [62]

Edinson Cavani

The man of the hour; Edinson Cavani, hits his fourth goal in his second match for Liverpool. Amougou was sent of early in the second half and Burnley never bulled back into the game. A good training season for attacking while I was enjoying a cup of coffee with my feet on table

Next game
PL: Arsenal [a]
Previous games: PL, League Cup final, PL 2011/12
H 2-2
A 2-1
H 1-0
This is such a good story and thats coming from a united fan ;) I love how you use pictures in nearly every post makes them really stand out you have made great progress so far and edison cavani is a cracking signing well done!

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