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Liverpool - Relish the Red (FM12)

Started on 8 February 2012 by Shameless
Latest Reply on 18 June 2012 by FI9SHER
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2 - 3


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Song Chamakh



Reina | (f.left) Kelly | Skrtel | Carragher | Enrique| Leiva | Afellay | Adam | Gerrard | Di María | Suárez

Stegen| Agger | Spearing | Cole| Downing | Henderson | Cavani

Spearing Adam
Agger Afellay
Suárez Cavani



1 - 0 Vermaelen [6]

1 - 1 Suárez [19]

1 - 2 Gerrard [40 P]

2 - 2 van Persie [61P]

2 - 3 Afellay [69]

Mikel Arteta


A great four unbeaten streak now against the Gunners. The home team started fast and furious creating chance after another. We were a bit slower and tend to hold the ball too much comparing to Arsenal. The points could have gone either way like the previously games. Many chances and shots as both goalkeepers played superb. Skrtel and Carragher master the one-on-one situation error free, but don’t have the speed when it comes to counter attacks. Must look into training but I don’t think they will gain any more speed at their age. Interesting was the decision made with the Arsenal sub, as they needed to score. Looking at their bench, there are several match winners but wasn’t brought in, but I won’t complain

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PL: West Brom [a]
Previous games: 2011/12
A 1-2 [FA 5th Round]
H 2-0 [PL]
A 2-0
#42396 marz3y95 : This is such a good story and thats coming from a united fan ;) I love how you use pictures in nearly every post makes them really stand out you have made great progress so far and edison cavani is a cracking signing well done!
Thank you I appreciate it, and Ill shake your hand on it too (if you understand what I mean) ;)
I'm a City fan myself so I guess you having a weird week mate hehe :)

I will do my out most to keep up ! Cheers :)





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Di María Cole
Suárez Cavani



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Poulsen Dorrains
Tchoyi Long



0-1 Dorrans [24]

1-1 Cavani [25]

2-1 Downing [36]

3-1 Henderson [88]

Edinson Cavani

I think we took the game a bit too easy to a beginning as we didn’t play with a sharp mind when Dorrains chocked the home crowd. But with quick equaliser by Edinson we turned the table around to our advantage. I’m glad to see Henderson hit the net and full of energy even though running back and forwards the whole game. It’s clear that Henderson is more fit than Adam, who always seem to struggle after 45 min minutes. I'm playing Di María on the left side and he is starting to find good positions with crosses and running with the ball into the box area. Fast and very technical

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CL group match 1: AZ Alkmaar [a]
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It seems I forgot to name the teams in CL grupstage.

Well, here it comes in a simple matter: Real Madrid, Köln and AZ.
Standings coming up after the first complete round


AFAS Stadion


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Reijnen Özbek
van Eijden Özbek
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Reina | (f.left) Kelly | Skrtel | Garragher | Robinson| Leiva | Downing | Adam | Gerrard | Di María | Suárez

Stegen | Agger | Aquilani | Spearing| Henderson | Afellay | Cavani

Agger Skrtel
Spearing Agger
Cavani Suárez



0-1 Downing[5]

1-1 Falkenburg [26]

1-2 Suárez [36]

1-3 Suárez [38]

1-4 Suárez [47]

1-5 Di María [38]

1-6 Di María [87]

1-7 Suárez [89]

Luis Sárez

And this is how you play football ladies and gentleman! Just when I started to doubt Suárez´ ability to score he goes and does something like this. Luis you naughty boy, you tricked me. A great showdown with each player full of energy and will to play. The play was mostly attacked from the wings and leaving the mid centre enjoying the show. Although a bad day with injuries but nothing serious and they will all be available for the next game. This will surely leave me a selection headache as Cavani done great in the league as todays 4-times Suárez

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PL West Ham [a]
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Henderson Adam
Afellay Downing
Cavani Suárez



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Boffin | Reid | Taylor | Piquionne | Cole | Faye | Demel

Cole Carew
Fayer Hauger



0-1 Barerra [12]

0-2 Templeton [42]

Mark Noble

This is what happens when you get greedy after winning with six goals. West Ham had only three shots total with only two on target, which Reina did not manage to save. We had 14 shots of total, but only seven on target. Bad shooting today that is. Green was fantastic today. I wouldn’t say we were miserable, but bad. Templetons late goal at the end of first period was a moral killer, and we never managed to bull back. I noticed many times last season, when either Gerrard and Suárez played good the whole team suffered just like today. I must find a way to get around that. I know its too late now, but perhaps I should have brought in the Liverpool mascot shooting goals

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LEAGUE CUP 3rd Rnd: Watford [a]
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Can you guys see if my "AZ record" note goes over the picture frame?

For me it is first but after logging its not. Annoying

What method should I use to fix the up-coming copies please? :/



Vicarage Road


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Suso Bellamy
Spearing Agger
Gerrard Maxi (113 m)



1-0 Eustace [5 P]

1-1 Carroll [60]

1-2 Suso [120]


A match we struggled until the 120 minute Suso goal in additional time. Maxi and Aquilani fail to impress. Nothing better could be said about Bellamy, Cole and Carroll as they all played poorly. Players of that standard should put on a better performance against a team such Watford. No excuses. I have my Coates doubts as he created the penalty. Last season he made an own goal. He hasn’t played much but do I dare having him on the pitch? Team rating; Slow and ineffective. The highlight was Suso, with his great speed and technical skills. Basically he does whatever he wants with his sick-sacking trough the defense. Nothing really to say about Kasper as the defending was good and unfortunately I couldn’t play Silva and Caulker due to necessary substitutions

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PL Blackburn [a]
Previous games
[H] 1-1 PL
[A] 0-0 PL


Ewood Park


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Vukcevic Rochina



Stegen | (f.left) Kelly | Skrtel | Garragher | Robinson| Leiva | Downing | Adam | Gerrard | Di María | Suárez

Reina | Wilson | Coates | Spearing| Henderson | Afellay | Cavani

Affelay Downing
Henderson Adam
Cavani Suárez



0-1 Kelly [12]

0-2 Garagher [31]

Charlie Adam

A good display from the entire team against a normally strong home team Blackburn. Garragher, Kelly and Robinson were fantastic with the defensive work. Suárez didn't score which is getting a familiar sight and staring to rethink his status

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CL Group match 2: Köln [h]
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Nicely done story here bro. I seriously like the way you are showcasing it to us. And this by a City supporter.
I have a question about young talents, i see you have brought Conor Coady, Suso and a few others. But what have you done about the biggest talent in Liverpool in fm2012. Raheem Sterling. Bought him to my Barca save for a staggering £10m but have been amazing. The sum was that big cause Im a Liverpool supporter and felt I had to pay that good for that kinda loss in talent for the reds.

Have you tried him out, if not put him on a loan or straight into the first squad. He will impress you! If not sue me *grins*! He plays both right and left wing equally good. Just a suggestion.

And keep up the good work sincerely Slogh
I have to disagree on that last point raheem sterling is a good talent but on my fm12 when ever i check suso is always the stand out player in liverpools youngsters. Very well done shameless your story is brilliant.
Well I bought both, at my save Sterling adapted best from beeing tutored and trained compared to Suso. Perhaps I chose wrong training and tutor for him, and succeded with Sterling. But then again, Suso fought with Messi for a spot in the starting 11. And Sterling could compete for both vings, making him more viable to develop from playing games. Not only training and getting tutored!
Yeah they are both quality talents anyway and i suppose anyone battling with messi for a first team spot is going to struggle haha
Thank you guys. Too kind

About Sterling. I haven’t forgotten about him. I found him on the youth team last season with help of Clarke.

Barca and Real Madrid were interested of him. I’m trying to play it cool and not rushing him into the first team. But listening to you guys he might already be ready for some subs. He might also be too good for youth and not developing much as he could.

“To play or not to play” Shakespeare ;)

... perhaps I`ll suprise you soon




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Downing Cole
Aquilani Gerrard
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Chihi Freis
Matuszczyk Cinaz


1-0 Cole [37]

Edinson Cavani

I knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be an easy task as Köln played 3-3 against Real Madrid. Köln were down with 3 goals and came back. That’s a fantastic return. Our game was 50 – 50 in ball position and we won the shooting with big a marginal but couldn’t just hit the goal. That’s something we need to practice on. It was good defending from both teams as the middle area was a no-go. Both we and the visitors had to found ways trough the sidelines to get the ball forward. Cole will be sidelined due to injury a few days. He is getting better each game and has a nice touch on the crossings to box. Looking forward to the return.

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PL Chelsea [h]

Previous games:

[H] 1-0 PL
[H] 1-0 League Cup Semifinal Leg 1
[A] 0-2 League Cup Semifinal Leg 1
[A] 3-0 PL

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