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Arsenal - Road to glory

My campaign towards the throphies
Started on 23 April 2012 by ejay
Latest Reply on 8 June 2022 by Moppy666
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Sorry guys, have been in holiday mode for longer than my holiday was, so haven't been gaming much, but have gotten the game running now.

Season 7 - Continue the dream

Premier League
Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea
Everton 2-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 0-1 Manchester United
Ipswitch 0-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-0 Stoke
Sunderland 1-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Aston Villa
Tottenham 1-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-1 West Brom
Q.P.R. 0-2 Arsenal

Carling Cup
4th Arsenal 1-2 Aston Villa

Champions League
Wolfsburg 3-3 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Rangers
Arsenal 5-0 Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague 0-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Wolfsburg
Rangers 2-4 Arsenal

Goals this far

15 Abel ernandez
8 Mbaye Niang
6 Jack Wilshere
5 Javier Pastore
4 Eden Hazard
3 Luis Estrada
3 Gervinho
2 Tom Duboc
2 Aaron Ramsey
2 Nicolas Otamendi
2 Marek Hamsik
1 Alan Sliney
1 Diego
1 Domenico Criscito
1 Robin van Persie

Disturbance of the peace

Today Iker Muniain is departing from the club on a loan deal worth £2.5M and with a future fee of £23M if they want to sign the player after the set loan period. The deal comes after a conflict between the player and manager leading to the player requesting a transfer. The club currently has a strong midfield witch has lead Muniain sitting out on all occasions this season.

Premier League
Arsenal 0-1 Liverpool
Arsenal 0-3 Manchester City
Arsenal 6-1 Swansea
Arsenal 7-1 Barnsley
Burnley 1-1 Arsenal

FA Cup
3rd Arsenal 3-1 Blackburn

Youngsters having a go

To view my youngsters stats, take a look HERE

In the recent games you see in the post above I have given my youngsters a go, and with good success in the victories, having them scoring goals and leaving the pitch having done a great performance.

Arsenal 6-1 Swansea
Tom Duboc clinched a goal for me in the 78th minute

Arsenal 7-1 Swansea
Tom Duboc clinched another one in this game while Alan Slinley managed to get himself on the scoresheet twice.

Arsenal 3-1 Blackburn
Yet again Tom Duboc got himself a goal.

Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle
This game i decided to give James Dick a go towards the end of the game and in his debut, he smashed home a goal and killed the game in our favour

Welcome the new youngster

Lets all welcome the new youngster to the ranks of Arsenal, Gökhan Sayar, the Turkish player is coming to the club from Besiktas on a fee of £3M. This is a player that has potential to become a leading star for the club in the future. this 20 year old is one for the future and this player will be one to look out for.

What do you all think of this signing?

Jack Wilshere on fire

A star in the rising! Jack Wilshere is having a massive impact on the games he plays, becoming a guarantee for goals. lets have a look at his stats.

He has appeared in 34 games so far this season, scoring 19 goals and having 11 assists under his belt this season. having 8 man of the match awards so far this season he has an 7.59 average match rating.

Let me show you the formation i'm using so you have an image on where he plays as well.

Season 7 - Powering on

Now after 20 games without losing, the team is definitely on the right track, being in 2nd place in the league, 1 points behind Manchester United with 7 games to go. Everything to win with still being in the Champions League too.

Champions League
1st CSKA Moscow 0-4 Arsenal
1st Arsenal 2-0 CSKA Moscow

Qtr Olympique de Marseille 2-3 Arsenal
Qtr Arsenal Vs. Olympique de Marseille

Having a good run in Champions League, with strolling over CSKA, a brilliant Wilshere showed why he is in the first 11. Now there is OM standing in the way, but with a good away result with 3 away goals it shows to be very possible to advance in the cup.

Premier League
Birmingham 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Wolves
Blackpool 0-2 Arsenal
Chelsea 2-4 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Everton
Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Ipswich
Stoke 0-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 5-0 Sunderland

FA Cup
4thBlackpool 1-5 Arsenal
5thNorwich 1-3 Arsenal
6thArsenal 3-0 Wolves
This is by far my favorite story here
if you ever need any graphic or visual contents i will be more than happy to do it :)
Hope you're following mine too :)
thanks FMRegen27, glad someones enjoying the story and thanks for the offer, maybe I will take you up on that offer one day.

Season 7 - Lets go trough it

It has been a long while since I have gone trough my squad with you guys, so I am going to have it with you now, Have acquired a massive squad in my opinion, especially now that my youngsters are starting to put in performances. First let me give you my formation so you have an image on how I place my players.


Have to say I'm pretty satisfied with my goalies, even tho they aren't the best in the world I am pretty sure I have one of the better set of goalies compared to other teams. Szczęsny wants conversations with me from time to time saying he wants to leave the club, that there isn't more for him to achieve at the club, but I always manage to change his mind. Maybe one day I'll let him go and I grab one of the better in the game.


I have a good defensive lineup, the only problem is that they are getting old, even tho players are in their prime at around 30 it is still time to start looking for some fresh blood in the defensive lineup. My two last boys I put up there is my youngsters in defense, but they both play on the RB position. Might just be some good players in my youth ranks, will go trough them and see if they are worthy and good enough for a spot among the big boys.

Defensive Midfielders

Now i have a solid defensive midfield, with Papadopoulos and Bongumba, both have many years left to play and they are definitely doing their job in their position. Papadopoulos started out like a cry baby, getting red cards and complaining to me, but that has come to a halt, well, as long as this doesn't jinx it that is.

When it comes to Frimpong, he is really just meat on my squad, he is there to fill my quota on the home grown player rule, he hasn't played a game in seasons, but he never complains, my guess for the reasoning is that no other club is interested in taking him, so no use in complaining.

Central Midfielders

I am well aware that Hazard also is an attacking midfielder, but I use him very often on as a CM in a playmaking role, having him feed the ball to the ones scoring, he is after all my assist king. When it comes to Ramsey, he is a gem also, but has a harder time breaking into the squad, is a damn hard squad to break into and it's kinda a shame that he isn't playing more, but when you have a team that is working out on the pitch there is no reason to start changing that before things get wobbly.

Attacking Midfielders

Here is where my firepower lies, even with my new youngsters. The problem I have in this part of my game is that I simply have too many good players, it's too easy to go after players in this position because you know they are good and have an awesome reputation. Wilshere is my gem in this part, as I have said in an earlier post, he has evolved so much trough the ranks and he still have years to go.

Javier Pastore is having a hard time adjusting to my squad, when I play him he doesn't have the best of performances, witch is too bad for the player who was rated the worlds best midfielder before i splashed way too much cash on him.

Here I have lots of youngsters coming in stirring it up, Tom Duboc has definitely showed that he is ready to go with clinching goals. Slinley has gotten assists and Viana is looking promising.

When it comes to RvP, he is my backup for my backup, yes, he has score goals when he comes in, but he is losing his place in the squad, but he is also 34 years old, so his career is soon over.


Much promise in this part of my team too, with Hernandez as my main striker, even tho he has faded a bit lately I have had Niang stepping up his game and started doing the job he is supposed to do, scoring goals. Have promising youngsters lining up here also, take a look at James Dick's physical stats, he is a speed freak, when he evolves I am sure he will become a world leading player, so I am going to work hard on getting him on top.

Club Manager Profiles - April 2018

Here you can see the progress of managers with the big clubs on my game, some interesting choices in managers here.

Manchester United
- 2013 Sir Alex Ferguson
2013 - 2015 Sven Göran Eriksson
2015 - Loius van Gaahl

Manchester City
- 2014 Roberto Mancini
2014 - 2015 Rafa Benitez
2015 - 2016 Roberto Mancini
2016 - Jose Mourinho

- 2014 Harry Redknapp
2014 - Quique Flores

- 2011 Alan Pardew
2011 - 2012 Tony Pulis
2012 - 2014 Steve McClaren
2014 - 2016 Ståle Solbakken
2016 - 2016 Chris Hughton
2016 - 2017 Keith Hill
2017 - Sean Dyche

- 2015 Kenny Daglish
2015 - Rafa Benitez

- 2013 Andre Villas-Boas
2013 - 2015 Louis van Gaal
2015 - Marcelo Bielsa

Real Madrid
- 2016 Jose Mourinho
2016 - Carlo Ancelotti

- 2012 Josep Guardiola
2012 - 2013 Marcello Lippi
2013 - 2014 Rafa Benitez
2014 - 2015 Roberto Mancini
2015 - Luis Enrique

At. Madrid
- 2012 Gregorio Manzano
2012 - 2014 Quique Flores
2014 - 2016 Juan Carlos Garrido
2016 - Ricardo Moniz

- 2011 Unai Emery
2011 - 2012 Guus Hiddink
2012 - 2016 Marcelino
2016 - Diego Simeone
You know your team is doing badly when you appoint Steve McClaren the job!
Very good idea for a post. I wonder who suggested it. :))
@akash.vidyasagar, yes wonder who came up with that idea, hehe.

Season 7 - Opposition

Now i wanted to go trough the team i'm fighting for the title against, even tho Manchester City is right up there too, it is Manchester Untied who has the biggest advantage at the moment in the league. In my opinion, Manchester United has some incredible players and is doing well.


Loius van Gaahl


A solid goalkeeper in De Gea, but not sure what they are doing with Mihaylov, doesn't really seem to me like a good enough backup if something was to happen to De Gea.


This team has two amazing central defenders among with two young backs who has talent already.


Here you have the firepower in this team also, Some solid players and more than enough to choose from, wouldn't mind having a few of these in my own team.


Cavani is solid as he is in everyones saves, but just take a look at Gamarra, pains me that ManU snatched him right in front of my eyes, he is the one that is going to make the difference for the entire team in the future if you ask me.

Champions League

Wolfsburg 3-3 Arsenal
Juventus 1-1 Manchester City
Arsenal 2-0 Rangers
Anderlecht 0-2 Juventus
Arsenal 5-0 Sparta Prague
Juventus 0-1 At. Madrid
Sparta Prague 0-4 Arsenal
At. Madrid 0-1 Juventus
Arsenal 2-0 Wolfsburg
Manchester City 4-1 Juventus
Rangers 2-4 Arsenal
Juventus 3-0 Anderlecht
CSKA Moscow 0-4 Arsenal
Juventus 4-0 Liverpool
Arsenal 2-0 CSKA Moscow
Liverpool 0-1 Juventus
Marseille 2-3 Arsenal
Juventus 3-1 A.C. Milan
Arsenal 2-0 Marseille
A.C. Milan 0-4 Juventus

Juventus Vs. Arsenal
Arsenal Vs. Juventus

Season 7 - Race to the finish line

The title race is fully on! 3 teams are fighting for the trophy, it stands between me, Manchester United and Manchester City, just have a look at the standings here

All have some hard games left now, the game against Manchester City will be decisive, might just decide the league is United decides to stumble.

Premier League
Arsenal 4-1 Tottenham
Aston Villa 2-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-0 Q.P.R.

Liverpool Vs. Arsenal
Arsenal Vs. Manchester City
West Brom Vs. Arsenal
Swansea Vs. Arsenal

Manchester United's remaining:
Aston Villa Vs. Manchester United
Manchester United Vs. Tottenham
West Brom Vs. Manchester United

Manchester City's remaining:
Manchester City Vs. Birmingham
Liverpool Vs. Manchester City
Arsenal Vs. Manchester City
Manchester City Vs. Burnley
Manchester City Vs. Wolves
OH, that's a tough fixture list! but looking at your team you should easily get past those teams :)

Season 7 - Search for a GK

Let me know your thoughts
Wojciech Szczęsny has yet again complained to me that he feels he has nothing more to achieve in Arsenal, so i have granted him his exit since this is his 5th time bringing up this concern, so what i need from you guys reading here, yes you, to look at these guys i have found as options for who to choose as my starting GK. Ter stegen hasn't evolved as I hoped, so he will be benched and my wallet will be opened when the transfer window opens.

Here are some options I have found, but if you know of some talents, let me know too, just remember, I'm in 2018.

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