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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Bringing glory to my beloved Keltamusta
Started on 27 November 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 13 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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Ilja + Two Others Retire

It is a sad day for KuPS fans as three fan favourites retired. These three are Miika Ilo, Pietari Holopainen and the greatest player in KuPS' history, Ilja Venalainen. The three players called time on illustrious careers as they each won nine trophies under Nick Johnson at KuPS.

Ilja Venalainen, who captained KuPS under Nick Johnson, had this to say:

"My life will never be the same, all thanks to Johnson and KuPS. The memories that I have of playing with the KuPS shirt on are amazing. I remember my first game with Johnson in charge. He handed me the captain's armband and told me to make him proud. I scored two that day against JJK. That was one of the happies days of my life. I knew that good things were on their way and now look at us, we have won a triple treble! How many people can say that? KuPS, thank you for all the memories!"

Venailanen will be missed and he'll be one of the greatest at KuPS. Maybe a staff role ahead of him :D? Ilo and Holopainen will never be like Venailanen, but they were key in KuPS various trophies with you Nick. We will miss you!
2013-02-06 00:05#80093 PaukerJ : Venailanen will be missed and he'll be one of the greatest at KuPS. Maybe a staff role ahead of him :D? Ilo and Holopainen will never be like Venailanen, but they were key in KuPS various trophies with you Nick. We will miss you!
Venalainen and Holopainen are both coaches, seeing as they were captain and vice-captain respectively. Ilja's memory will always live on! :)

2016 League Cup Fixtures + Transfers

Hi guys, a new season approaches and there are plenty of trophies for us to win. I will post the League Cup groups and fixtures, aswell as the transfers that we have made so far.

League Cup


As you can see, I have a pretty easy group. VPS is an easy six points and we are way ahead of the rest of the Finnish teams. I will be giving my regens a chance to shine in these games.


I'm very happy to have my first and last games at home. This means that the players will get in to the rythm of football easier.


All Transfers

New Signings

Milan Lalkovic
23 yrs old - AMR/L
Free Transfer (Chelsea) - £3.4k p/w

This guy was a huge prospect for Chelsea but he was never given a chance in the first team. Hopefully he can fulfill his potential here at KuPS.

Mika Salminen
16 yrs old - AMC
£200 (Ilves) - £40 p/w

This player has some descent potential and will look to work his way up from the youth squad.

Markku Kallio
17 yrs old - AMR
£95k (Viikingit) - £275 p/w

This player has some very good potential and I jumped at the chance to sign him up. He will work his way up from the youth squad too.

So that is the fixtures and transfers post. Next time will be the Team Report. Until then, stay tuned!
NOOO!!! Veneaaianilaianailnaanan is gone! :'(

Also, good signings!
Another fantastic story! To have you comment favourably on my own is an honour!

Thanks guys :) Hopefully I can win my tenth trophy soon :P

2016 Team Report

A Team Report:

28 Players
3 GKs
3 DRs - 6 DCs - 2 DLs
6 MCs
2 AMRs - 4 AMCs - 2 AMLs

And the players:

I am very happy with the players that I have brought in over the last year. Our defence is looking very strong and our central midfield isn't too far off what we are aiming for. Over the next season I will assess my attacking options and look to bring in good replacements for Hynynen and Purje, who will not be playing for us after 2016. Pyry Karkkainen regains his captaincy after Venalainen has retired. When I arrived at KuPS, Pyry was originally the captain but I gave it to Venalainen. Now I feel Pyry is ready to take on the role to lead us this season.

Players to Watch

  • Matthieu Vigouroux: The young French goalkeeper has been a consistent performer and is the best player in the Veikkausliiga at the moment. He has the ability to pull off top-notch saves and there are talks of him getting a call-up for the French senior team to battle Lloris for a place.

  • Jerry Voutilainen: The Kuopio-born midfielder has been an inspiration for us in recent years. I was about to sell him when I first took over but he has put in some amazing all-action performances. He plays a lot like Steven Gerrard and scores plenty of goals like Stevie too.

  • Vincent Dubois: The French midfielder is a very Lampard-esque style of player. His technique on the ball is sublime. He can pick a pass and shoot from anywhere. He is a great playmaker aswell as a great goalscoring midfielder.

  • Muhammed Demirci: Muhammed Demirci has been a revalation since signing for KuPS in 2014. His skill and his attacking instincts are dangerous for the opposition as he can beat any defender on his day. Demirci is a great False No.9 aswell as a good inside forward. He can link up with the midfield aswell as beat multiple defenders before scoring.

  • Tactics

    The tactic I will be using is my Banzai Tiki-Taka. This will be my third season using it. It is a 4-6-0 tactic with a very fluid short-passing game. Here is the link to the download: Banzai Tiki-Taka (4-6-0)

    That is that for the Team Report. Until next time, stay tuned!
    Nice signins!
    Good luck for the season beggining, one more League Cup for you :)
    Awesome squad, gonna be a good season, I can feel it!
    I can feel it too :) I've finally cleared out all the ageing players from the squad (except for 2 wingers who's contracts run our after this season) so now I can really build the team that I want. I have focused on bringing great defenders who are very composed and good on the ball, midfielders who can hold the ball and pass it around and attacking midfielders with the ability to make something from nothing. My squad needs just a few tweaks and I will be happy. The upcoming upgrade of both the Training and Youth facilities will benefit us a lot :)

    League Cup 2016 Campaign

    Hi guys. A new season starts and that only means one thing: it was time for us to win another League Cup! I was looking to win it for a fourth consecutive season. That would also be my tenth trophy won as KuPS manager. Here we go:

    4-2 Win vs MYPA (H) League Cup Grp 2, 9.1.16.

    Jerry Voutilainen 7', 85'
    Alex 37'
    Ebrima Sohna 43'
    Ebrima Sohna (9.3)

    Alexey Eremenko 65'
    Sasha Anttilainen 89'

    4-2 Win vs JJK (A) League Cup Grp 2, 16.1.16.

    Antto Hilska 18'
    Antti Hukka 77'

    Milan Lalkovic 15', 46', 84'
    Vincent Dubois 71'
    Milan Lalkovic (9.6)

    3-0 Win vs VPS (A) League Cup Grp 2, 23.1.16.


    Breitner 36'
    Vincent Dubois 44'
    Jerry Voutilainen 86'
    Vincent Dubois (9.0)

    3-1 Win vs JJK (H) League Cup Grp 2, 30.1.16.

    Jerry Voutilainen 25'
    Nick de Haan 56'
    Vincent Dubois 79'
    Vincent Dubois (8.9)

    Timo Furuholm 36'

    3-0 Win vs MYPA (A) League Cup Grp 2, 6.2.16.


    Vincent Dubois 22'
    Ebrima Sohna 44'
    Petteri Kokkonen OG 63'
    Vincent Dubois (9.0)

    4-2 Win vs VPS (H) League Cup Grp 2, 13.2.16.

    Jerry Voutilainen 6', 35'
    Vincent Dubois 33'
    Nick de Haan 44'
    Jerry Voutilainen (9.2)

    Jarno Parikka 61', pen 73'

    Group Tables

    p1-1 Win (4-3 Pens) vs HJK (H) League Cup Qtr Final, 24.2.16.

    Ebrima Sohna 15'
    Nick de Haan (8.8)

    Akseli Pelvas 48'

    2-1 Win vs Honka (A) League Cup Semi Final, 2.3.16.

    Dani Hatakka 62'

    Pyry Karkkainen 77'
    Vincent Dubois 87'
    Pyry Karkkainen (8.3)

    3-0 Win vs Mariehamn (N) League Cup Final, 9.3.16.

    Vincent Dubois pen 5'
    Ebrima Sohna 14'
    Breitner 25'
    Vincent Dubois (8.6)


    I am absolutely delighted to be able to win this competition for the fourth time. This is also my tenth trophy win since joining KuPS. Jerry Voutilainen and Vincent Dubois were my stand-out players, each bagging six goals to bring us to victory. Can we win a fourth consecutive treble? Only one way to find out! Until next time, stay tuned!

    Awesome Rookie
    Great winning the final, really amazing!
    Nobody can stop the KuPS :D
    Good luck for the championship
    Incredible Rookie, a great winning streak and another Finnish cup for KuPS. I feel this is going to be a special year for KuPS and maybe, just maybe, you can go far in the Champions League. I loe the way you continue to build a great youth system so that the team will continue to increase in quality. Good Luck with the league and Champions League. :D
    What an amazing season for you. I am so glad you won the cup final as I know you we're desperate to bring that the club. The signings are also looking like good quality players with a lot of potential.

    What are your plans for after this season? Sticking with the club? Anything left you want to achieve?

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