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KuPS - The Rocky Road To Glory

Bringing glory to my beloved Keltamusta
Started on 27 November 2012 by The FM Rookie
Latest Reply on 13 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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@Murtagh, thank you very much. I am hoping to soon bring my league and cup form in to the Champions League Group Stage this season :)

@Madrista, I am hoping to get my first win in the group stages this season :) At this very second, the average age of my Starting XI is 21 yrs 0 days. I am trying to increase the depth in my youth squad now.

@James, thanks very much :) I am looking to win another treble this season and battle for the Top Two spots in the Champions League group stages.

Announcement: This story will be carried on through FM14 and possibly FM15 too. I want to keep playing this save forever. If at any point anybody would like me to upload this save, please ask me :)
WOW, another trophy! You could be a real manager! Great start, to the season, keep it up!

Also, can you upload it for me at the end of the current season? :P
2013-02-08 18:05#80354 Blue : WOW, another trophy! You could be a real manager! Great start, to the season, keep it up!

Also, can you upload it for me at the end of the current season? :P
I will do :P

April Update

Hello my beloved readers. It is that time again, the start of another league campaign! I want to win the league this season. How will we do? Will we start our campaign comfortably? Here we go:

1-0 Win vs Haka (A) League, 18.4.16.


Milan Lalkovic 84'
Pyry Karkkainen (7.7)

5-2 Win vs Jaro (A) Finnish Cup 7th Rnd, 21.4.16.

Mikael Lahde 39'
Silvano Russo 57'

Breitner 5'
Rasmus Schuller 17'
Jerry Voutilainen 22', 74'
Vincent Dubois 60'
Jerry Voutilainen (9.2)

2-0 Win vs JJK (H) League, 24.4.16.

Sander Puri 37'
Nick de Haan 44'
Nick de Haan (8.4)


e4-2 Win (2-2 FT) vs MYPA (H) Finnish Cup Qtr Final, 28.4.16.

Milan Lalkovic 14'
Ebrima Sohna 45+1'
Vincent Dubois 91'
Nick de Haan 120+1'
Vincent Dubois (9.1)

Riley O'Neill 78'
Ville Oksanen 85'


May Fixtures

We won four out of four which I am happy with. The Cup Qtr Final was a nervy game but we proved to be the stronger team in extra time. I am happy with Lalkovic, de Haan, Voutilainen and Dubois who have all been playing very well. These four have a bright future at the club.

Can we continue our 100% record? Until next time, stay tuned!
Awesome start Rookie!
I'm really enjoying to read this story, one of the best I've read :D
Rookie, you just can't stop winning. :P :D Good luck in the Finnish Cup semi final!
Great start to the league campaign, keep it up!
Thanks for all the support guys, you are all amazing :)

May Update

Hello one and all. It is time for the May update. We had some tough games to play, including a Cup Semi-Final. How did we do? Here we go:

1-0 Win vs TPS (A) League, 1.5.16.

Mikko Saukkonen (8.3)

Ebrima Sohna 17'

2-1 Win vs HJK (H) League, 6.5.16.

Ebrima Sohna 13'
Milan Lalkovic 67'
Jerry Voutilainen (8.7)

Drilon Shala 5'

2-0 Win vs RoPS (H) League, 12.5.16.

Milan Lalkovic 47'
Vincent Dubois 88'
Vincent Dubois (8.1)


2-0 Win vs Honka (A) League, 16.5.16.


Aleksi Paananen 38', 47'
Aleksi Paananen (8.7)

3-0 Win vs MYPA (H) League, 23.5.16.

Rasmus Schuller 18'
Silvano Russo 31'
Alex 59'
Alex (8.7)


3-2 Win vs HJK (H) Finnish Cup Semi Final, 26.5.16.

Jerry Voutilainen 45+2'
Atte Hoivala 83'
Breitner 90+2'
Vincent Dubois (8.6)

Drilon Shala 31'
Patrick Byskata 52'

3-0 Win vs Mariehamn (H) League, 29.5.16.

Sander Puri 39'
Rasmus Schuller 64'
Breitner 87'
Breitner (8.2)



June Fixtures

So we kept our 100% record this month and we are now topping the table after beating the mighty HJK. We are also through to the Finnish Cup Final after beating HJK in the semi-final. Hopefully we can continue our form next month.

Until next time, stay tuned!
Great month Nick, keep it up!

June 2016

Hi guys, it is time for another update! I have changed my style of update slightly so I hope you all like it. If you don't, please tell me. Anyway, we were looking to get a foothold on the top spot in the league this month. Here we go:

2-2 Draw vs FC Inter (A) League, 8.6.16.

FC Inter:
Irakli Sirbiladze 47'
Willian 70'

Vincent Dubois 41', 46'
Vincent Dubois (8.8)
Nick de Haan 23'

2-0 Win vs Haka (H) League, 23.6.16.

Milan Lalkovic 36'
Vincent Dubois 90'
Vincent Dubois (8.7)


6-0 Win vs TPS (H) League, 26.6.16.

Benno Hanslian OG 16'
Vincent Dubois 36'
Sander Puri 38', 90+2'
Oliver Sigurjonsson 76'
Milan Lalkovic 81'
Sander Puri (9.5)


2-0 Win vs JJK (A) League, 29.6.16.


Vincent Dubois 18'
Sander Puri 89'
Muhammed Demirci (8.6)


I was disappointed with our draw against FC Inter but I was happy with our three victories, especially the JJK game. We are on a good run of form.
Vincent Dubois is my player of the month after he scored five goals in four games. He has been outstanding so far this season and will certaintly help us to win trophies.


League Leading Goalscorers
1. Tim Vayrynen (Honka) - 10 Goals
2. Akseli Pelvas (HJK) - 9 Goals
3. Juho Makela (Mariehamn) - 8 Goals
6. Vincent Dubois (KuPS) - 6 Goals

League Leading Performers
1. Vincent Dubois (KuPS) - 7.88
2. Vili Savolainen (Mariehamn) - 7.69
3. Alex (KuPS) - 7.68

League Leading Cleansheets
1. Matthieu Vigouroux (KuPS) - 7
= Henrik Moisander (Honka) - 7
3. Eemeli Reponen (RoPS) - 6

UEFA Champions League

Champions Second Qualifying Phase

More details coming soon....

July Fixtures

Next month we will have our first set of Champions League Qualifiers. I will be looking to win this round over Levadia quite easily. HJK away will be our toughest game as they seemed to have re-discovered that special something which they lost when I entered the frey as KuPS manager. I will be looking for solid wins in all the other games.

Manager's Note

I am delighted with how much KuPS has progressed recently. We have reached the stage where it seems like anything less than a win (league games) is a disappointment. I hope that you have all enjoyed this much more colourful update. Until next time, stay tuned!
Incredible job Rookie, too bad about the draw against Inter, but I see you winning the title easy anyway. Good luck in your draw against Levadia! :D
2013-02-10 01:24#80515 The Madrista : Incredible job Rookie, too bad about the draw against Inter, but I see you winning the title easy anyway. Good luck in your draw against Levadia! :D
Thanks Madrista :) I say to myself that if I don't win the league, it would be worse than Barca getting relegated.... after not getting a single point or a goal :P
Good job Nick. I think that you can take KuPS to the CL Groups and beyond. Good luck with the draw :)
Loving the new post style!

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