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Killymoon Rangers: To Infinity And Beyond

Michael's Diary contains entertaining entries, funny and different from the average FM story, with a bold pinch of lampoon and perversion. Some of the entries are considered PG-18, so please be warned!
Started on 27 November 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 6 July 2014 by Justice
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i would just like to clarify that i was forced by Mr. Vidyasagar to help film.
That was incredible, Nick.

Between Season Update

July 1st, 2014.

Dear Diary,

I'm afraid to tell you that you need to quit seeing Nick "The FM Cookie" Johnson. My opinion is that he has a very very bad influence on you. Look, I let you in the company of Terry, Vladimir, The Mayors "Daughters" or even Emile Heskey. But that's because I can trust them they rape everyone that try to harm you. N. Johnson just rapes everyone that he can harm.

Yeah, I know you like his saggy A-cup titty's, with the leaking breast implants. And yes, I know he swallows a bottle of viagra everyday, just to get it growing for 3 mm to his 9 mm. no, not that weapon, but that little coacktailstick, where you can put a mini-donut around and still can't find it.

Yeah, I know that you like his hairy ass, and his unshaved balls. But hey, If you want to die from something that will kill your lungs if you smell it, you better can smoke some crack, because that's less destructive, and can be put in a cigarette too. And if you like someone for your footfetish, you better pick someone else. Such yellow nails, and a smell which even coackroaches won't survive, so why would you?

But hey, The smelly feet, the hairy balls, the small wiener, or his A-cup aren't that bad, if you look at his behaviour. He made a good cover, by marrying a poor scared little girl named kate, but he is a in the closet Literasexual, he rapes every piece of paper he can find. I even found him trying to suck off some newspapers from the bin, even after they had bin in Andrew's litter box.

Please, Diary, i do this for your own protection. I don't like you to end like him: Walking over streets, while scratching his own infected balls, listening to a whiny girl, who is afraid of him, while at the mean time your beard is unshaven, your head full of mixed cocktails, and finding out you have shat your own pants, while you are coming back from the paperstore, where you blew the manager for 15 sheets of A5 paper.

Please Diary, be reasonable, and go back home, and play some more Resident Evil, those monsters are more human than he.
*Hypnosis treatment to begin ASAP*

1 season in 1 update

Sorry guys, for an unattractive update this time, but I need to catch up a lot.

PSV 1-2
Ajax 3-1
Roda JC 1-1
FC Twente 0-3
NAC Breda 2-2
Willem II 0-0
FC Groningen 1-3
AZ 1-2
FC Dordrecht 3-0
NEC 4-0
FC Utrecht 1-2
SC Heerenveen 4-1
VVV 2-2
Vitesse 1-1
Heracles 3-2
ADO Den Haag 7-2
Feyenoord 4-1
PSV 1-1
Ajax 3-3
Roda JC 1-1
FC Twente 7-2
NAC Breda 1-1
Willem II 2-1
Fc Groningen 3-2
AZ 1-0
FC Dordrecht 1-0
NEC 2-0
FC Utrecht 3-1
SC Heerenveen 1-1
VVV 1-0
Vitesse 1-0
ADO Den Haag 1-1
Heracles 5-0
Feyenoord 6-1

After the very bad start (6 points from 8 matches) we took 59 from the following 26, and I havent lost in the league since 25-10. It brought us to the 2nd place, which means CL qualifications.

1st round: bye
2nd round: Quick'20 4-0
3rd round: Helmond Sport 5-1
4th round: Ajax 3-3, lost after penalties.

Too bad we are out fo the cup after penalties, would like to win the match against Ajax.
And all these circles signify anuses that you either filled, half-filled or missed. Am I right? :P

The start of a new Era

August the 16th, 2016

Dear Diary,

Yeah, you're a new one, made from Dutch. I needed a new one, the old was stolen, and I needed to write down some letters to let away some of my sexual frustration. I just can't always use the goat, the Peruvian dog, or the gorilla. I would get a sore penis, from fucking 25 times a day. So I sended mark to the local store, to pick up condoms in his favorite flavor, a new dildo for Heskey, and to get me a new Pink diary. He was able to find a new dildo for Heskey, and the Diary for me. Why he bought a gagball, handcuffs, and some latex stuff, I don't know, but he informed me that the Mayor's daughters wanted to cum over. Dunno if it was over him, or just to the building.

After that Amazing Season, we are now ready to fight for some more places. Vlad here made quite a few friends here, and after some deliberation 2 of them wanted to be our feeder clubs, so we feeded them with some hardcore action on the field. In our preseason we played against Marken (2-0 win), DFC (Dem Flying Cunts, 7-0 win) and Naaldwijk (8-0 win). Of course we were happy, especially Vlad, who won the bet with the managers. As always I would get the managers wife, but he had a few hours alone with the managers. I only think they have misread the contract, because they weren't kicking his balls. The K and the L are so damn close together...

We also played our first 2 european Matches. Mark wanted some fresh meat, so in trade for a blowjob for the team, he could get with us to Portugal for the matches against Benfica. After he got drunk, he started an all-out orgy with the local policeforce, causing a massive crime-increase over time. I don't think they should have did it in the changingroom of the local newscentre, but hey, Mark couldn't resist himself. Oh, the score was by the way 0-0 in their stadium, and 2-0 in ours.

We already have started in the league, the Opener was against NEC (Never Ever Cum), which was a battle lost by their whole team. Never Ever Could have imagined that Mark was that good with his mouth, he looked like the Kardashians, but than even worse. We won just 3-0, because they gave up. After that we plaayed Ajax. Mark was talking so much about he would boss them, that even his ass because jaleous of the amount of shit that came out of his mouth. We won 2-0, and went on to FC Twente. Trying to grab soemthing good, we went for the 3 points, while Nark went for some (Boreham) Wood, and trying to squeeze another drop of milk out of it. We won 5-1, we needed to accept 1 goal, because our Mexican goalie decided to take a siësta during the game.

But hey, new fresh, devirginized diary, we will talk soon. Mark needs to go to the hospital. Trying to fit Heskey and Terry in there at once wasn't a good idea.

This one is especially for you Nick, I hope you've had a good read, and I hope it all get well soon

Great update :P A good mix of reality and fantasy in there ;)
Don't lie Michael, the dildo is for you ;) XD!
100th reply!!!
I don't care how long ago the last post was made- This story is fucked up!! :))
Thanks 510... this scared me! I don't think I should be reading this and I think it should have a big banner on it saying 'BOYS ONLY' because I think it's just... well you know and I'm probably speaking for most girls here :P
Is this even legal? :O

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