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Killymoon Rangers: To Infinity And Beyond

Michael's Diary contains entertaining entries, funny and different from the average FM story, with a bold pinch of lampoon and perversion. Some of the entries are considered PG-18, so please be warned!
Started on 27 November 2012 by Michael
Latest Reply on 6 July 2014 by Justice
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haha loving this man
Not appropriate for people under 18(like me) but still funny! :P
I actually made some killymoon kits for a joke to put in my save.

I don't use Photoshop, I use Paint.NET which is the reason they look terrible :P
I smell semen
I smell semen
Michael's avatar Group Michael
10 yearsEdited

Diary Entry 19: End of an Era

November 1st, 2013

Dear Diary,

It's the end of an era. We had some nice results the last 7 games, winning twice in the league cup (Ballinamary United 3-0, Tobermore United 5-0), and playing 5 games in the league (Bangor 0-2 loss, Linfield 1-3 loss, Donegal Celtic 4-0 win, Poradown 2-0 win, and Crusaders 0-1 loss). These were our last games, and we took the Ferry to Barendrecht, Holland. I'm going back to my old country, but not without it getting unnoticed.

We hired a gigantic bus, and invited a small bunch of guys (Terry, Nigel de Jong, Materazzi, Heskey, Zidane), Gays (my playerssquad), and a few others (Vladimir, The mayor with his daughters, the local police force, and the local sexclub). Not even out of town we saw 2 HADS (Homeless, and Addicts for Drugs and Sex), which were 1 somewhat boy, and 1 which needed to look like a boy. Seemed that the first one was actually a Transvestite who couldn't afford the last 2 sex-change operations, so she had no boobs, and still a pussy, and she introduced herself as Kate. the other introduced himself as Nick, and I'm still not sure what his gender is. With his A-cup it could be woman, but with such a big clitoris (or very small wiener, whatever that may be) it would be a shame for both genders.

So, after them giving what they thought were 2 lines of Cocaïne, which was in fact just powderised Cum, scraped off the wide open anus of andrew, they started sucking on dick after dick. Eventually It just went messy. After that Kate was almost drowning in the pissbukkake she got, while she was tied to the pole in the middle of the bus, we gave Nick 2 pats on his clitoris, and he was pissing straight onto the AA-cup of Kate, which had still some traces of white after the 50 cumshots she had.

After that it was riding time. We still didn't know who was what, so we gave Kate a 45cm Dildo, and said that he could work Nicks ass off, and only when he had an orgasm which would empty his bowels, she could stop. She slid it in without a problem, after that Terry and heskey did a double penetration. When se got it in, she go a double penetration, and I went for her mouth. While Vladimir and Zidane were fucking her in the Arse-Anal, she got fisted elbow deep by Crouch and Pantillimon, I was roughly face fucking her face, and after 30 minutes I finally came, giving her besides the cum also some piss, so she got a pretty filled belly. The moment Crouch puled his arm out, and stuck it besides the dildo in Nicks Ass, Nick came with such force that he passed out. Kate was already passed out.

After we left them on the parking lot of Dublin Airport, We (Vlad, the Daugthers and me) catched our flight to Holland, and all needed a bit of a rest, and slept with raging boners. Luckely the stewardess was hungry, and could lay-back in the first class for the short flight.

So Diary, that was what I call a party, and from now on a new start at Barendrecht.
Speak to you soon!

Edit: For every comment I'm gonna give Nick a rape!
BRILLIANT!! Wait 'till I get Kate to read this :P
lol! I wanna see Kate's comment :P
Seriously? You are THAT dirty minded? Are you sure you're OK?
Tomorrow will be a new years catching up update of 8 months in 1.
I can't wait for the next update :D

Diary Entry 20

May 31st, 2014

Dear Diary,

I know you we're gonna do a trip trough europe, not that it was gonna be a 8 month trip. You missed a lot. Rookie and Nick are married now, and are called Nick Dabool. Craig has shown his gorilla face here in Barendrecht, while he was under inspection of some naked dog called andrew. Akash was here with his goat, Mark got raped 3 times a day by heskey, ejay sucks up all the cum from the floor. yeah, it was the usual times here.

November 2013:
This month I came back to Holland, to help BVV Barendrecht out. They were bad, around the same level of Or.dabools endurancelevel without viagra. 18th in the second division, lowest they can go. 13 played, 5 points, and no hope. It's was gonna be a hard game. First game was against Sparta. These lads had still their jerseys on, and we lost 2-5. Hard first game, but nothing is dead. The Go Ahead Eagles could btter have rented a hotel in California, because we won this match 3-1. FC Volendam was a 1-3 loss again, while FC Emmen was a 1-0 win for us. Last match was Against FC Oss. It looked mee like FC Off, because they only ran when Heskey was trying to rape them: we won 3-2.

December 2013:
Strange holidays they have here. First they send in Sinterklaas around the 5th, than 3 weeks later Santa Claus is coming in. 2 fatso's, only with a different hat. Seems like the mayor's daughters to me, but eitherway: the presents were nice. This month we played against SC Veendam, which ended in a 0-0 draw. Almere City was a 1-1 draw, Fc Den bosch was easier than getting a blowjob from Akash: 4-2. We got kicked out of the Dutch Cup by NEC, it was a blow to the NECk for us. Last match was against de Graafschap. We shared enough during the holidays, so we shared the points here too: 2-2.

January 2014:
This month we were on fire. Literally: Andrews tail was set on fire with some illegal fireworks, and after it was pissed out by kate (who did put the tail somewhere where the sun doesn't shine), Andrew hid for the rest of the day between the 3 legs of heskey. Helmond Sport was the first opponent, and we won 3-0. RKC was a 1-1 draw, and Telstar was too easy, we better could have called them Nostar: 5-0.

February 2014:
We only had 2 matches this month, which is the same amount of erections manchesterblue got in his whole life. FC Eindhoven took a 3-3 draw, while SC Cambuur was defeated with 2-0.

March 2014
Fortuna Sittard was lucky for us, but not for Nick. 11 rapes and a 2-0 win later, we had the points in our bad, and the cum in Rookies ass. Against Excelsior they excelled again in finding Nick, and we won now 3-0, because they had whole the time 1 man less on the field which was raping Nick. FC Dordrecht finally broke our undefeated streak, we lost 2-3. 2 weeks later we faced Sparta, and now not distracted by their shirts we won 3-0.

April 2014:
The Go Ahead Eagles just said Go Ahead this time, and we won 1-0. We were more satisfied with the 5-1 win over Volendam, and so was Arvind, who finally got his gangbang with a complete soccer team, the video's are now linkable from redtube. In the last match of the season we faced FC Emmen, and we won 3-1. This last win pushed us up to the 9th place, which meant play-offs for the Eredivisie.

May 2014:
First round: Cambuur. Away we drawed 1-1. at home we won 2-1. This round was as hard as Ejays dick while watching Gays Gone Wild. Second round was against FC Zwolle. First match we won 4-2, which was a nice beginning. Away the match went crazy. Rapes on the stands, and rapings in the field. Final standing in this match: 16 fines for indecent behavior, 12 court orders for rape, and 300.000 euro's of hush money for the girls. oh yeah, the match ended in 4-5, which led us to a 8-7 win. Last round was against Almere City. Away we won 4-2, at home we won 2-1. This means we won promotion to the Eredivisie!

Anyways: Speak to you soon Diary, i have a lot more to tell you :).

"I know you we're gonna do a trip trough europe, not that it was gonna be a 8 month trip. You missed a lot. Rookie and Nick are married now, and are called Nick Dabool. Craig has shown his gorilla face here in Barendrecht, while he was under inspection of some naked dog called andrew. Akash was here with his goat, Mark got raped 3 times a day by heskey, ejay sucks up all the cum from the floor. yeah, it was the usual times here."

In one paragraph you managed to laugh about me, Nick, Akash, andrew, ejay, craig and mark...

2012-12-31 13:39#74813 mdlp1991 : We only had 2 matches this month, which is the same amount of erections manchesterblue got in his whole life.
My favorite part :D
The FM Rookie's avatar Group The FM Rookie
10 yearsEdited
1st January 2013
Dear Doctor Kritikos,

I have finished my evaluation of the "guest" we have here at our pyschiatric clinic. During my evaluation, I have discovered many things about Michael de la Parra, and many of them frightening. He appears to be very dillusional and very unreactive to most forms of human approach. He is constantly muttering to himself and giving himself off whilst engaging in self-sexual intercourse.

Mr. de la Parra appears to be highly addicted to sexual intercourse. It has gotten to the stage where he gets unbelievably excited when we give him his daily sedative in the gluteus maximus. He appears to enjoy long, pointy objects approaching the area in and around his anus. He is constantly attempting to dry-hump securityy gaurds and he attempts to approach all nurses working in his wing of the clinic. Even strapping him to his bed has not stopped his sexual approaches.

This is not the only problem. He appears to MPD, which is short for Multiple Personality Disorder. He appears to believe that he is a "moderator" for some company called "FM Scout". He claims that he has a "bitch" called Nick Johnson and a naked, Peruvian dog called "Andrew" which he claims that he "fucks" multiple times daily. He also claims to have a friend in the Israeli army who sends hims pornographic tapes which were filmed by a Mr. Vidyasagar and a Mr. Kolatowicz. Michael also claims to be the "king" and he claims that you are his "buddy" from Greece. He is also very disrespectful of you by calling you by your nickname "Stam".

Another disturbing detail is the tatoo which he etched on his arm, by himself, this week. It is a picture of a heart-shaped penis with the names "Nick" and "Kate" written on each testicle. Instead of semen coming out of the tip, there are what appears to be wedding rings coming out. This is a very disturbing tatoo and I myself was vomiting at the site of it.

I would strongly recommend we use hypnosis to treat this patient as he is too affected by his traumatic experience as a child where his father raped him with a spoon. He does, however, have one thing which he does not sexually abuse. This object is a meer DVD which has nothing burned on to it. It is valueless but he seems to show no sexual attraction to it.

Yours faithfully,
Doctor I Raped Michael Up The Ass.

Michael "The Patiënt" de la Parra edit:

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