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Lothar Matthaus - Forza Milan

My AC Milan Story :)
Started on 24 December 2012 by Blue
Latest Reply on 20 June 2013 by JamieBhoy93
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Great results Ben :D Keep marching to the top with Sporting! :P

Matthaus' Diary: We Need A Striker

We're doing really well recently, and the new tactic is working like a charm, but I feel we could do with a new striker in January, so we can just keep up with Porto's goal difference. I have three targets in mind, one who might be slightly unrealistic, but I think the other two are definitely signable.

My first target is Alan from Red Bull Salzburg. He is Brazilian, and transfer listed at Salzburg. He's been known to me for a couple of seasons after taking part in the Europa League against Manchester City a couple of seasons ago. He doesn't seem like the most likely player we'd be after, but he would fit in really well as a poacher in our squad. He would be first choice alongside Ricky if we signed him, and is only 23, which attracts me more towards him than the other targets. He'd also become the sixth Brazilian in the squad. He is my first choice.

My second choice is Guillaume Hoarau from PSG. He's also transfer listed, but doesn't seem as good as Alan. I will only revert to him if my pursuit of my other two targets fails. He's already 28, so would only be in the team for 1 or 2 seasons. However, his asking price is lower than Alan's, so I might go for him if my finances are still to tight to be able to afford Alan.

My third and final target, and one that is slightly unrealistic, Wayne Rooney from Manchester United. He is remarkably transfer listed at United, and it would be brilliant if we could get him. I admit, it might be very difficult, what with my finances, and the club's reputation, but we can always try. If we sign him, the league title is ours. He would be able to do pretty much anything required up front. I don't like him personally, but I have to think of the club, and this would be a fantastic signing.

So, those are the players I want, let's see who the club can afford though.

I hope you can get a good striker in. It would really boost your chances at silverware. :)
2013-01-17 18:56#77667 The FM Rookie : I hope you can get a good striker in. It would really boost your chances at silverware. :)
As we say on the blue half on Manchester: "Silvaware"* :P
sign rooney! and let him rot on the bench, fine him weeks of wages! :P
2013-01-17 19:28#77672 afhp89 : sign rooney! and let him rot on the bench, fine him weeks of wages! :P
I would, but I need someone first choice :D
Look at Destro mate!
Loving it! Good job.

Maradona: The World's Greatest Cheat

Diego Maradona is undoubtedly one of the greatest players I ever played against. He will never be considered the best player ever, that'll always be Pele. But Maradona drives it a close second. His best time came at Napoli, but he was still very good. A lot of people will have lost respect for him for what he did at the 1986 World Cup, against England. Obviously, I don't mind, what with it being against the English, but to be fair, it was cheating. I've seen keepers less able to punch a ball than that.

No-one can ever take away from the world of football how good Maradona was. They knew about him in Argentina in his early teens, and everyone knew he'd be a superstar. Everyone still talks about him now, although he must be haunted by the "second best" tag. It must hurt deep inside, although Pele was brilliant as well. There's nothing he can do either, although having a successful career in management is something Pele never did. Could that take Maradona ahead of Pele?

There's a funny story about Maradona's "Hand of God". Allegedly a few years ago he was thinking about having "soy un tramposo" tattooed onto his infamous hand. This translates to "I'm a cheat" in English. There surely isn't a bigger way to mock someone than by getting a tattoo to forever show how you ended their hopes and dreams?

Since he's retired, he hasn't had the best of times. He's got out of shape, and his management career hasn't been a successful one yet. He's currently managing in the Middle East, and was recently been linked with the Iraq national team. After having his number at Napoli retired because no-one can be better than him. Surely he must see his management career so far as a step down? Still, he still has time to turn it around, and I hope he does. It'd be tragic to lose him from the football world.

I'm not going to look the other way and pretend Maradona didn't do what he did. He did it, and it'd be stupid to be stubborn and ignore it. But, if you took that away from his career, as if it never happened, then I think you'd have a lot more people how think Maradona is the greatest player to have graced the game.
suy on tramposo! soy on tramposo! Great update Ben :D

Matthaus’ Diary – November 2012

Injury Update

Ederson will be out for about 9-12 days after getting a sprained wrist in an U19s match. We should be able to cope without him.

Sporting 1-0 Academica – Liga ZON Sagres – 3.11.2012

Sporting (4-3-1-2): Patricio, Rodriguez, Boulahrouz, Xandao, Insua, Labyad, Kara, Schaars, Adryan, van Wolfswinkel, Rubio

Subs Used: Elias for Kara (33)

Goals: Rodriguez (23)

Injuries: Kara (fractured ribs, 5-6 weeks)

MOTM: Xandao (Sporting)

Sporting 4-1 Zilina – Europa League – 8.11.2012

Sporting (4-3-1-2): Patricio, Rodriguez, Boulahrouz, Xandao, Insua, Labyad, Kara, Schaars, Adryan, van Wolfswinkel, Rubio

Subs Used: Jeffren for Adryan (HT), Adrien for Labyad (75), Izmailov for Schaars (75)

Goals: Ceesay OG (34), van Wolfswinkel (45, 60, 62); Ceesay (90+3)

Injuries: Adryan (bruised rib, 4-5 days)

MOTM: van Wolfswinkel (Sporting)

Transfer Update

Pereirinha will join Guimaraes when the January transfer window opens after agreeing to move to them on a free. I don’t care how much they paid, he wasn’t in our plans, and we need to get rid of some of our wages, which we’re £30k over.

Rinaudo has also been sold, to FC Utrecht, for a fee of £250k. Again, this was mostly about the wages, but also because we don’t play his position, so he won’t play much.

Injury Update

Adrien has suffered a chest injury in training, and will be out for 11 days to 2 weeks. This is really frustrating, as we’re picking up a few injuries in midfield. Luckily only Kara’s is serious.

Beira-Mar 0-4 Sporting – Liga ZON Sagres – 11.11.2012

Sporting (4-3-1-2): Patricio, Rodriguez, Boulahrouz, Carrico, Insua, Labyad, Elias, Schaars, Izmailov, van Wolfswinkel

Goals: Boulahrouz (8), Moreira OG (17), Rubio (75), Elias (90)

MOTM: Elias (Sporting)

Louletano 0-4 Sporting – TdP R4 – 19.11.12

Sporting (4-3-1-2): Boeck, Soares, Boulahrouz, Carrico, Rojo, Labyad, Elias, Schaars, Adryan, Viola, Bakkali

Goals: Viola (21, 60, 66), Rojo (41)

MOTM: Viola (Sporting)

Sporting 3-0 Legia – Europa League – 22.11.2012

Sporting (4-2-3-1): Patricio, Rodriguez, Boulahrouz, Carrico, Insua, Elias, Schaars, Jeffren, Adryan, Capel, van Wolfswinkel

Goals: van Wolfswinkel (26, 30, 76)

MOTM: van Wolfswinkel (Sporting)

Sporting 3-0 Nacional – Liga ZON Sagres – 25.11.2012

Sporting (4-2-3-1): Patricio, Rodriguez, Boulahrouz, Carrico, Insua, Elias, Schaars, Carrillo, Adryan, Capel, van Wolfswinkel

Goals: Adryan (1), Schaars (6), van Wolfswinkel (35)

MOTM: Schaars (MOTM)

Taca de Portugal Fifth Round Draw

We’ve been drawn at home for the first time this season, in one of eight matches in the fifth round. We’ll play Limianos, a third division side, who we should easily beat. I think we have a really good chance of winning this trophy to be honest.

Monthly Review

This was a fantastic month for us. We won all our games, yet again, although we didn’t really have any big challenges. We are playing really well away from home, and I’ve managed to get the Manager of the Month award for November. Adryan has also broken a record, scoring the quickest ever league goal in our league, after just fourteen seconds in our match against Nacional. I look forward to a similar month in December.

League Table

We've moved up to first, two points clear of Porto, who drew their last game of the month against Academica. We are also pulling further away from Benfica. If we keep playing this way, we have a good chance of winning the title.
Top of the league :D Great run of form Ben, tactics finally settled? :P
I think based on this month, I'm going to use your 4-2-3-1 at home, and Randy's 4-3-1-2 away.
2013-01-19 01:13#77896 manchesterblue97 : I think based on this month, I'm going to use your 4-2-3-1 at home, and Randy's 4-3-1-2 away.
Hopefully these 2 tactics can keep you going on this good run.
And may it result in having Sporting on top instead of Porto or Benfica

Matthaus: "Jol Not The Right Man"

Speaking in a press interview following leading his team to the top of the table, Matthaus has told Portuguese press he doesn't believe Martin Jol is the right person to bring success to Barcelona.

Jol left Craven Cottage and Fulham to take over the Camp Nou hot seat last month after the Barca board decided to part company with Tito Vilanova, who had only been in charge since the start of the season. Barcelona will want to get back to the recent glory days of Guardiola's success, before it fades. Many people were shocked, however, when chairman Sandro Rosell announced the Dutchman Jol was to take over.

Jol has won all 4 of his games so far, but Sporting manager Matthaus maintains he isn't the right man to be in charge. "There's a reason he left Spurs five years ago, and Ajax in 2010. Neither of those clubs thought he was big enough or good enough to be their hero. He went to Fulham last season, and did well. But answer me this. If he isn't big enough for Spurs, why is he big enough for Barca? Barca are five times the club Spurs are, yet they appoint Jol nevertheless. There are managers of a higher calibre who are younger than Jol who Barca could have gone for."

"I can see why Martin has left Fulham. When Barca come calling, you don't turn them down. He's probably earning more, and he's living in a warm, sunny country. It's that or Craven Cottage every other Saturday. I know which I'd prefer. Still, Jol has to consider his future. He's only 56. He still has a lot to offer as a manager, so why potentially ruin his career by going to Barca? He could fail miserably, and no big club would want him again. He'd be stuck at Benfica or somewhere like that."

"I think the reason that Barca have gone for him is that he is a quick-fix. They don't see him as a long-term part of some ten year plan. They want him now to be able to win them silverware this year. I'm not sure whether he's happy with that, but I definitely wouldn't be. If I'm at a club, I want to know I'm part of a plan, and that they want me for three or four years."

"If Barca are wise, they'll cut Jol loose at the end of the season, but if he brings success, I can see them considering him for longer. No offence to Jol, he's a fantastic manager, I just think he's the wrong manager for Barca."

Matthaus has been a big hit in Lisbon since his arrival in July, guiding his team to the top spot in the league, and the fifth round of the Taca de Portugal, two winnable competitions.

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