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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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Congrats and Thank You!

This story is fantastic and one you can be very proud of. It's sad to see it come to an end as I'm sure this is one of the best stories to have ever graced FM Scout. The proof is in the pudding as I bet so many people have told you it was your story that inspired them to undertake story writing or even LLM. You really did raise the bar.

Once again congratulations for the success and I hope we get to see a part two in FM14 :D
Pretty much my favourite ever story on this site, I remember the first time I read it, because I read it all in one go ;) You've kind of inspired me to start a LLM for FM14 in the Blue Square and if I can do half of what you've done I know it will be a success. I think everyone on this site has read your story, becaus sit is one of the best :D
Thank god it's gone. It was sh*te anyway.

Just kidding, this was the 2nd story I ever read on FMScout, and remains one of, if not the best story on this site. It was a pleasure to read, and may it's legacy live on!

Oh, and're still sh*te mate. ;)
A very belated response, poor on my part, but here it is :P

@Seni, thanks for the nice words. I'm glad you appreciate what I've been through, its tough to continue something you have no interest in :/

@Kane, thank you very much :) Bono's Boys will always be in our hearts <3

@wellsy1498, it is always nice to have a long-term appreciator :) I will never forget what fine players Smith & Anoruo have been for me, just unforgettable :) Thank you for the praise, I really do appreciate it :)

@TVDLC123, thank you for the praise, and thank YOU for reading! :P

@Lucas, thank you for the praise :) I'm glad you enjoyed this :)

@Nathaniel, yes indeed, this is my one and only story :P Unfortunately, I can never be tempted in to writing another though :/ Thank you for the high praise! :)

@k1rups, thanks Krup :) I'm kind of missing this story, although I won't admit it in public :P

@Neal, maybe not the greatest achievement ever, but thanks Emma :P

@Pauker, I'm glad to have inspired people with this, although that was never my intention :P I'm glad to have won the ultimate prize, the Champions League. Thank you for the praise! :D

@P-KIDDY, there won't be a part two, I'm afraid, but thank you for the praise! :D

@Walter, I can't believe this is your favourite story! :O Shame on me for ending it :P

@Rablador, Euan Smith will find you one day, and you will cry :P
@Justice, Thank :P
@Justice, You :)
@Justice, For :D
@Justice, The ;)
@Justice, Praise :/
@Justice, . :(
Rest in peace, Path to Power.

You are gone, but n...never forgotten. *Sheds a single tear*

Great job, Justice.
From possibly the worst(team) to the best. Fantastic job with both the team and the story! (Yes, I know it's probably a 'lil late)
This has been a fantastic story and I'm considering when I purchase FM 14 to go with a lower league team possibly Harrogate Town (my hometown) and doing a story with them :) I have 3-4 teams in mind. Im missing this story already just been outstandingly amazing! I hope you might be willing to write a story for Fm 14 because you are seriously good!
Big Brother history! in fact one of the best is a pity that not arrived in time to accompany her from the beginning but I leave my condolences was good and all that you gave us could feel his happiness and his sadness when he wrote when finished ... but it was good and productive all that happened here, hopefully in the near future you estaja thinking of another great story FM14!!
Spend Well!
I've only been here a few months. And people are always saying 'your Vauxhall story', 'Vauxhall this, Vauxhall that', I completely understand why. I felt it only right that I return it back to the first for a day or so (hopefully). It's taken me a hell of a long time to read it, but I've finished. What an incredible effort, and the greatest achievement from an FM boss I have ever seen. Simply brilliant.
2013-03-06 07:58#83552 Justice : Thanks guys :) Friendlies and transfers will be posted later today. :)
glad to see someone doing these cause i play for their u15 team
@cn coyb: I used to play for them too, the U17s, when I lived in Liverpool!
Why am I still getting comments on this now? :O

Thanks anyway to everybody who commented their appreciation :)

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