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Gonzalez's C.D. Tenerife

Started on 9 March 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 24 April 2013 by Northwood
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Great to finally see you updating again ;) I hope Santa Cruz will sign a permanent contract. Good luck for upcoming challenge!
Santa Cruz would be a great signing Jeremy :)
Holy shit, how did you manage to get all of those beast players? You'll be on La liga in no time mate.
Tomorrow there will be at least two updates, one on October and at least one on an interview and transfers :P. Who will be signed?! Will it be Santa Cruz? That remains unknown until the next 24 hours.

November: Getting on Top

C.D. Tenerife 0-1 Athletic Bilbao – Copa del Rey Fourth Round First Leg 30.10.2013

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Casto, Rodriguez, Del Horno, Rigo, Tarantino, Milovanovic, Antonio Tomas, Suso, De Ridder, Crusat, do Prado.

Goals: Aritz Aduriz 87’

Own Goals: None

Injuries: Daniel de Ridder 74’ (4-6 weeks)

Subs: 74 Daniel de Ridder Javi Moyano
85’ Dejan Milovanovic Nico
90’ Albert Crusat Nano

MOTM: Inigo Perez 7.7 (Athletic Bilbao)

C.D. Tenerife 1-0 Racing Santander – Liga Adelante 02.11.2013

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Aragoneses, Moyano, Gallas, Tarantino, del Horno, Milovanovic, David Beckham, Vicente, Nico, Crusat, do Prado.

Goals: Dejan Milovanovic 21’
Own Goals: None

Injuries: Dejan Milovanovic 38’ (4 weeks)

Subs: 38' Dejan Milovanovic Inigo Ros
54' David Beckham Saul
67' Sergio Rodriguez Raul Llorente

MOTM: Javier Tarantino 7.5(C.D. Tenerife)

C.D. Tenerife 3-2 Huesca Liga Adelante 10.11.2013

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1):Aragoneses, Moyano, Tarantino, Gallas, Llorente, David Beckham, Antonio Tomas, Vicente, Yeste, Crusat, do Prado.

Goals: Francisco Yeste 5’ Nacho Novo 15’ Guly do Prado 22’ Antonio Tomas 28’ Nacho Novo 85’

Subs: 68' Antonio Tomas Inigo Ros
68’ Crusat Saul
71’ Vicente David Medina

MOTM: Nacho Novo 8.8 (Huesca)

Guadalajara 2-3 C.D. Tenerife – Liga Adelante 17.11.2013

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Casto, Moyano, Tarantino, Gallas, del Horno, Antonio Tomas, Beckham, Vicente, Yeste, Crusat, do Prado.

Goals: Alex Ortiz 4’ Guly do Prado 16’ Francisco Yeste 19’ Guly do Prado 24’ Inigo Sarasola 62’

Injuries: Del Horno 87’ (2 days)

Subs: 62' Albert Crusat Sergio Rodriguez
68’ Vicente Nico
74’ Javi Moyano Inigo Ros

MOTM: Francisco Yeste 8.9(C.D. Tenerife)

Deportivo 2-3 C.D. Tenerife – Liga Adelante 24.11.2013

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Casto, Moyano, Del Horno, Tarantino, Llorente, Antonio Tomas, David Beckham, Vicente, Yeste, Crusat, do Prado.

Goals: Guly do Prado 2’ Luciano Leguizamon 23’ Francisco Yeste 33’ Juan Carlos Valeron 43’ Asier del Horno 57’ (PK)

Injuries Francisco Yeste 56’ (Knock)

Subs: 45' Raul Llorente Gallas
56' Francisco Yeste Suso
84’ Antonio Tomas Inigo Ros

MOTM: Juan Carlos Valeron 8.3(Deportivo)

Athletic Bilbao 2-3 C.D. Tenerife – Copa del Rey Fourth Round Second Leg 27.11.2013 C.D. Tenerife pass through Aggregate Score

C.D. Tenerife (4-3-3): Casto, Rodriguez, Del Horno, Gallas, Tarantino, David Medina, David Beckham, Vicente, Javi Moyano, Crusat, do Prado.

Goals: Jonas Ramalho 7’ Guly do Prado 8’ Inigo Galarreta 50’ Francisco Yeste 54’ Francisco Yeste 89’

Subs: 52 Guly do Prado Francisco Yeste
90’ Vicente Antonio Tomas
90’ William Gallas Suso

MOTM: Inigo Ruiz de Galarreta 8.7(Athletic Bilbao)

C.D. Tenerife 0-0 Real Betis – Liga Adelante 30.11.2013

C.D. Tenerife (4-2-3-1): Casto, Rodriguez, Del Horno, Gallas, Llorente, Antonio Tomas, Inigo Ros, Suso, Nico, Crusat, Yeste.

Goals: None

Injuries: David Beckham
(Four Months)

Subs: 45' Raul Llorente Javi Moyano
56' Suso Vicente
79’ David Beckham David Medina

MOTM: Santiago 8.1(Betis)

C.D. Tenerife will play Malaga in the Copa del Rey Fifth Round

League Table

Stade Rennais approach Gonzalez

Stade Rennais, who are currently playing in the French top division, have approached Raul Gonzalez in a bid to find a successor of Frederic Antonetti, who left them earlier this week for Bordeaux. The French club currently occupy 12th in the table and are looking to improve by the New Year. When the Tenerife manager was asked some questions, he left a doubt for both club’s fans. He said,” Stade Rennais is a great team. During the past years they’ve brought up players such as M’Vila, who is a full fledged France international.” He then added,” It would be attractive to manage a team that plays against players such as Ibrahimovic, Pastore, Digne etc. But, Stade Rennais wouldn’t even look at me a year ago. Tenerife gave me a chance and it’s surely payed off!” The former Real Madrid player said,” It’s pretty nice to be appreciated for what I have done here at Tenerife, but I have not decided if I’m going to stay here or continue my managerial career at France.” The Tenerife manager finished the press interview by saying,” I can assure the Tenerife board and the fans that I will stay at least the next match against Recreativo, but after that it remains unknown.” The fans have recently gone to the managers villa in the Canary Islands chanting their name in an attempt to persuade their manager to stay. Whether the former Spain international will stay at Tenerife, remains unknown.
Stay in tenerife!!!

Cisma and Trasshoras join Tenerife

Domingo Cisma and Roberto Trasshoras have joined the club, in an attempt to secure the Liga Adelante champions label for the next seven months. Trashorras, who was a youngster at Barcelona for seven years, will join Tenerife on a 950 p/w deal as a player and an assistant manager to the U19’s. The former Rayo Vallecano player is delighted to have signed a deal with Tenerife. He said,” The setup at the club is great. I’ve seen a great change since I came here four months ago in a trial. What the boss has done is fantastic.” He added,” I am also happy to be the assistant manager of the U19’s. I hope that I can influence youngsters to come here at Tenerife, because it is a great club.” The Spanish player also said,” Whether the next season I will stay, remains unknown. Maybe I’ll retire at the end of the season to focus on the assistant manager role, who knows.” The former Celta player finished saying,” I hope that I get some games under my belt. I am also pleased that I will help some youngsters during my stay.” Domingo Cisma also joined the club as a player and an U19’s coach. The left-back said,” Raul told me that I will be playing here regularly, so that was one of the things that influenced me to come here.” Raul remains silent whether Raul Llorente will leave the club and Cisma is his replacement. He did say,” It’s something that might happen in the January transfer window or it might never happen. Llorente plays well or Cisma takes his place.”

Domingo Cisma

Roberto Trashorras
Tomorrow there will be an update whether I will stay or not.
Nice signings by Raul, they will do well :P
Don't go to Rennes. You have sun in Spain, you will have only rain at Rennes. If you want to join France you can go to Toulouse, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Marseille, Nice Montpellier or Cannes but not to Rennes. It's in Bretagne and expect in Normandy you won't find a wetter region.

ALL who is higher thant Evian, expect Paris, will have a negative effect on your way of seeing France because the change of climate will be too brutal.
Sherrer Maxwell
Good signings, but stay at Tenerife! I'll be in Tenerife in a few days hahaha

“ I’ll be at Tenerife for a lifetime” – Raul

Raul Gonzalez, who recently became a manager has openly said to the press that he gratefully declined the offer Stade Rennais had put in the table. He said,” I’d like to thank the staff there at Stade Rennais for giving me this offer, but I would like to remain at Tenerife at this moment.” He then added,” What I am trying to do here at Tenerife wouldn’t be able to happen in France, because Stade Rennais are a team that focuses too much on veterans, something that I want to change here. Tenerife is a project made by the board, myself and the fans. This is a project I have started and that I will end.” The manager finished the quick interview by saying,” I’ll be at Tenerife for a lifetime.” This surely has pleased the board and the fans, who believe that Raul has developed in a kind of legend at the club, who has brought great players all over the globe.

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