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Dortmund: True football is yellow

Can Dortmund return to European Stardom?
Started on 23 March 2013 by Jozef
Latest Reply on 2 June 2013 by zaans
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August Report

German cup

Grunbach 0-9 Dortmund


Furth 1-3 Dortmund

Dortmund 6-2 Gladbach

Player of the month

It has to go to Marco Reus. 8 goals in 3 games and 5 assists. Just a fantastic month for him. Last year at he won the player of the month in August, so he seems to start the season off really well. Those 4 Bundesliga goals against his former club made him the top scorer in the Bundesliga.

Managers notes

A short month but it was still a great month. 18 goals in 3 games averages 6 goals a game. A good start for Reus and well done to Salomon Rondon on getting his first goal for Dortmund. There was however a downside. Ryan Shawcross will be out for 1 month with a fractured arm, which is very disappointing. The draw has been made for the Champions League group stage. We are in a group with Arsenal, AC Milan and Anderlecht. A tough group but I think we can beat all of them.
Brilliance. Pure brilliance.
I didn't understand this update bu great story so far. Keep it up :)
2013-04-20 09:24#93391 Sonalexwild : I didn't understand this update bu great story so far. Keep it up :)

Yeah,it wasn't really an update. I just thought it would be funny. :))

September Report


Frankfurt 1-1 Dortmund

Champions League

Arsenal 1-0 Dortmund


Dortmund 5-1 Hannover

Kaiserslauten 0-2 Dortmund

Dortmund 3-1 Freiburg

Player of the month

A very tough decision this month but I have decided that it should go to Salomon Rondon. He has really started to pick up speed with 4 goals this month. He has played really well and has made a great start to his Dortmund career. However in the match against Freiburg he tore his hamstring and will be out for 2 to 3 months.

Managers notes

A dodgy start to the month but some easy fixtures rescued us from going on a poor run. Disappointing to lose to Arsenal, especially since we had many chances. Also a frustrating draw with Frankfurt. After these games we played really well. However there is another downside. We have lost 4 players to injury, 3 of which are important first team. Gundogan,Koch and Rondon all tore a hamstring and will be out for 2 to 3 months.Mario Gotze is out for 3 months with a torn calf muscle.

*I will be showing the scorers for the opposition in Champions league fixtures
2013-04-20 10:02#93396 The Special one :
2013-04-20 09:24#93391 Sonalexwild : I didn't understand this update bu great story so far. Keep it up :)

Yeah,it wasn't really an update. I just thought it would be funny. :))

It was :P I was just a bit confused! Nice results btw :)
Jozef's avatar Group Jozef
8 yearsEdited

Schalke Vs Dortmund

Schalke:Hilderbrand,Fuchs,Matip,Howedes,Uchida,Neudstatdter,Papadopoulous,Hoger,Kiyotake,Podolski, Huntelaar

Dortmund: Weidenfeller,Schmelzer,Shawcross,Hummels,Piszczek,Leitner,Bender,Sahin,Gaitan,Kuba,Reus

Kick Off

3rd minute: Kuba has the ball on the right handside, he cuts inside and chips the ball over Uchida. There is Gaitan as he waits for the ball to drop and hits it on the VOLLEEEYYYYY. 1-0 Gaitan with a perfectly timed volley into the far corner of the net.

20th minute: Gaitan has the ball on the half way line and smashes it over the top of the Schalke and MATIP CANT GET THERE, REUS IS THROUGH, HE TAKES IT ROUND THE GOALKEEPER and calmly slots it into the back of the net.2-0

21st minute: Corner from Kiyotake towards the near post and there is Papadoupolous ho out jumps everyone and nods it into the net. Who was marking him and where was Weidenfeller? Either way it's 2-1.

80th minute: Hoger with the ball and Schalke can counter but his pass is blocked by Bender. OH No it's fallen to Obasi who has the pace over Hummels and Obasi.......scores. He places it into the far corner and Schalke are level.

Schalke 2-2 Dortmund

Dortmund Team meeting

Dortmund TV has gained exclusive access to Lars Ricken's team meeting. Let's listen in....

Lars Ricken: Our form has been decent recently but we could be doing better.We need to raise the game in training and because of your poor performance I am taking away your rest day beforre a match.
Mats Hummels: That sounds fair boss and we will do whatever it takes to get our rest day back.
Julian Schieber: I agree with Mats.
Arthur Boka: NO. I'm not having that Julian. I'm not having that at all.
Lars Ricken: Hey, Arthur,Calm the f**k down. He was just simply agreeing with someone else. It's not like he raised a dodgy argument.
Athur Boka: I DON'T CARE.
Julian Schieber: OK, I'm sorry for whatever I've done
Lars Ricken: Thank you Julian. Now come on we can do this. We can WIN the Champions League,we can WIN the Bundesliga and we can WIN the DFB cup.
Arthur Boka doesn't seem like the kind of guy you want to meet :O

October Report

Dortmund 1-0 Anderlecht

Union Berlin 1-3 Dortmund

Dortmund 5-0 Ingolstadt

Schalke 2-2 Dortmund

Dortmund 2-1 AC milan
Dortmund: Schieber,Reus AC: Balotelli

Dortmund 3-0 Nuremberg

Player of the month

Marco Reus has scored 4 goals this month. Picked up two man of the match performances. He is just so consistent and with Schieber the only striker available him and Reus can hog all the goals and that is exactly what their doing. However Reus has been outstanding because of the goals he's been creating alongside the goals he scored himself.

Managers notes

A very good month for the club. Some really good results and also a big step forward in the Champions League. A nervy game against Anderlecht though. We didn't dominate and we were lucky to score a last minute goal.The win against AC was really good, the last 5 minutes were very nervy because of a silly Weidenfeller mistake that gifted Balotelli a goal. It was disappointing to lose a 2 goal lead against Schalke. Every other result was very good
I have a Bayern story, guess we're rivals xD Reus is doing quite well on yours, I think I might grab him for next season.. :P
2013-04-27 06:51#95279 Arvind : I have a Bayern story, guess we're rivals xD Reus is doing quite well on yours, I think I might grab him for next season.. :P
I know you have a Bayern story, because I read it. Yeah Reus is just fatastic and if you're gonna sign him. You'll have to pay a hefty price

Chelsea sack Benitez

The Blues have decided to sack manager Rafael Benitez after a poor start to the season. The London club are down in 10th after 10 games. Benitez who was unpopular with fans has said that he will take a break from football and would never go back to Chelsea. To the fans this is fantastic news. However they are now posing the question of who will be the new manager. The bookies favourite is Athletic Bilbao manager Marcelo Bielsa but Dortmund manager Lars Ricken is apparently interested in the job. If he does go he will be re-united with former Dortmund star Robert Lewandowski.We will have to wait and see.
Don't go to Chelsea keep building with Dortmund! like the way you're taking them!

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