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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

New job
Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Dinamo Boss was didn't want comment about his last talking about Tudor and Hajduk.

Tovarske Picke!!!

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7 yearsEdited

We tryed to get to the Dinamo Boss who has not want to give too much information's about Dinamo bad run's after he turned out of fans telling that they are saying ****** but he sayed to one of journalist answer "f*ck off" in ca fashion.

Twitch on for minute:

Reminder: if someone scores in game i stop twitch because of rendering and upload. In Croatia internet is slow and also i do not have fast graphic card. So anyway upload is aprox. 5 to 10 min.

There are subs... first black skined GK in Croatia history Division one on goal for Dinamo. In Zapresic there is Haris Hajrradinovic for Stephan Vujcic.


31' Prenga (Dinamo)
33' Gudelj (Inter Z.)
45+1' Antolić (Dinamo)

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Inter Zapresic 1 2 Dinamo Match Highlights

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Watch tomorow live on Twitch:

Diaz: What are humans?
Loui: Homo sapiens

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Dinamo Boss press with Tatjana J on Radio Vipla

Hi Mr. Diazepam, thank you for anwering my call to radio.

Thank you madame. (in calm fashion)

So you know this is not regular we call managers on this radio but it is most of your behaviour, so people look you, see you, fans do not like you, you do not like them, you having wild life and somehow strange... what can you tell about you'r life from when you get a job and leave football for later.


Ok, so you are first HNL 1 manager leading Dinamo for 6 months and before you almost didnt have nothing, you where out of money, can you tell me how did you life changed till taken seat?

Well it has change for sure but you can look it from different angles, i still live with my parents but i am saving money for new house.

But its not hard to call you? (smiling)

Sure, i always accept calls from madame's but i hate journalist from Croatia more and more.

Ok, Can you tell us about your relationship with others managers?

Well, i wrote it on paper so when they call me that i can answer before question, same is for journalist.

So you are best with Milan Djuričić from Slaven Belupo?

Yes.. he is a great manager and good person.

And one point in front of you...

Yes, for now, yes.

Ok, and who do you hate most?

Igor Štimac and Tudor... or if you want, all tovars. You can call me tovar hater.

Its not that i want but people are interested how much money you are getting in club... you can tell us or how managers says "no comment"...

Well, sure, money talks, shit walks. My salary is 5.5k pounds per month and till now after 137 days in club i total earnings ...

Most people would be generous with global economic problem peoples see football is all about money?

Fotball is money, Money is football... that is how it works.

What is with you'r car?

Well, better not to tell you but i had great sex in France.

Eh, you wanna say that you destroyed car because you had sex in car?

No, i forgot to push brake when i was with some girl, we were on rave party so we were both fcked... and fck it... no car anymore

Bad luck!

Nah, it was funny.

How its feeling going from street to most sucesfull club on Balkan?

Well it is a change for sure but its not easy job. You can have money and not be happy and i am kinda in that situation know. Its not easy to be manager, i work night and day, i was traveling a lot but didnt have too much time to check towns because of fixtures.

On what you spending money?

No comment. But you know it. (kindly)

I knowed you say that, many talking about your wild life, especially in France, taking drugs, buying womens, drinking, smoking.

Well yeah, i spend most on bitches class A and drugs but as i sayed i am spending for new home or apartment.

So its true that you will go to France soon?

It's true but not yet. I still have something to bring back here from Tovarske picke.

Why is that you wanna go there?

Well first, if things gone wrong i am going because i do not want to destroy my favorite club, second i do not like Balkan, and also i love football in France.On other hand, here football is not any more "in", people do not like it and stadiums are without fans. It can be fcked up in just two games worth nothing so only two games and peoples talking... its kind boring but Dinamo is Dinamo so i am going from day to day and will leave with hope that i will lift the club. Also people here, fck it but something is wrong with them, everybody hates everybody. I cannot calculate managers i am good with on one hand.

And there is no quality drugs?

Yes, no good drugs. Glad you know it!

How do you get with Zdravko Mamic?

Very good, he is man from you can learn a lot, without his sacrifice for club we would be no where but again, people and journalist talking bullshit most of the time, he is a great man and doing job very good.

So, its clear, fans hate Mamić? calling him junkie but now junkie is on the bench, do you think thats why the fans hate you both?

Well i am asking myself, who of that fans are not on drug. I am not sure they are clean, they are junkies and which are not do not have money. No money, no drug, no good models to! I do not lisen to their shit when we play.

How do you feel like first manager who brings black man on goal in HNL one and about ULC 3 points in last decade and scored in 4 of 5 matches?

No to racism!

Btw. Boy Waterman is a great goalkeeper and he had life witch suits me so i take him. On three points, i feel ok but i think we could take more.

Is it true that you fall in love on France tenis girl named

stop!!! do not name it! but answer is yes.

There are rumors you will call her on Chelsea match.

No comment. (smiling). but i see you got me.

Ok, i belive you will have great night right?

Depends we have three games before that, first to beat Zadar in Cup so that i can relaxed will wait Special One to come in Zagreb.

What is your favorite movie?

Rambo 1.

What music you like most?

Punk, Rock and Jazz.

Your favorite song?

Hey girls, Hey boys.

Your favorite drink?

Red Bull

Ok, and now little about First One division. You didnt want go on press conference because of some journalist and problems with fans.

Well yeah, i mean, they want win over anyone and that is not possible, it is true that we have best team in Croatia and Balkan but that is the key... we entered in ULC and we didnt expect that but God was upon us.

But you are not beliver...

yes, ask me that when i see Pope Francis. i am not beliver but i love bible.

Ok, you can continue with football.

Yes, back to all well, for everyone lisen, in most situatuins we needed to rotate players constantly, then you check out players with injuries, jaded players expected, losing ULC, even third place is gone so when you check out it was expected that team could be on a bad run and it happened. We had new players to fit in squad and doing on that even now so i do not see that we play bad. I mean i do need to comment ULC where we get tough group off all. We tryed, but it was obvious we are not that level and will need a few more years to be noticable and it will happen with me or without me. It is sure that it will not happen without Mamić.

There is also big mess up on top table, peoples do not remember situation on table like this for decades we can say...

Yes. Its finally interesting but still i want point finger on fans who are low turning, they are destroying clubs, managers and boards do not do that, if they do its purely human one.. so it shows how HNL doing good job.

Are you confident of winning title?

Sure, no question about it. We wait 2 more tranfers and also Boštjan and Sammir will be back. After season break we will be much better than we are right now.

About Croatia Cup. do you belive you could take it and are you nerves?

I think we will get to the final and take it if we win Zadar so yes i am nervous but we have great chance and we have advantage, not from fans just to add.

You were very angry after losing Supercup versus Hajduk.

Well i am trying to forget that every day. 4:1 for Hajduk in Super Cup, fucking record with me on bench.... I mean i was smack my bitch up for that. I also was started to take more drugsd few games but every thing come on place when i met nice girl in medical store.

You were tolding that Hajduk cannot go for title before few months and they are back to fight fot title, what do you say now?

That Tudor is Tovar and will ask you foor something more after this. He payed judges because it looks like wonder and there are no such wonders.

What is with Rijeka and Matjaž Kek?

Iu do not have time for him. It is unbelivable what he missed and i must warn him that we gived him a players. Its like i gave him half of U-21 Croatia team. And not only to him... If you check Croatia International players, you can count them on two hands to be merged with Dinamo.

How is moral in club?

Well its still not too good but after all we went trough its ok.

There are some players who does not like to play with other's on pitch.

Yes and thats fcked because they are most quality players so it gives me trouble.

There is some rumors that you are talking with players after any match, is that true?

Well, its kind of strange question but yes, i must look at them. If they do not train i must tell them that. Problem is that someone do not like me because they are from other rival club so i having problems motivating players but i think soon we will come together.

Who do you see best young player in HNL 1 right now?

Wel, there are many but i will say few, Alen Halilović, Domagoj Antolic, Luka Begonja and specially Mislav Oršić. I also think that Prenga is very good.

Fans are not happy with Soudani, he is not happy with him, what can you tell us about that?

Nothing right now because i really dont know what is with him.

Ok time is running out, can you give us some news anybody dont know?

Yes, i have one very special but only for you and one less special for others, i will put my dick on internet if i destroy Special one.

Dinamo Boss was other day seen in court

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Twitch on for extended match Osijek vs Slaven Belupo:

Game Started - Twitch on -




68' 0:1 GOOOOAL!!! Enes scored for Slaven Belupo and bring them back to top of table. Can Osijek come back?


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7 yearsEdited

Slaven Belupo or Dinamo on first place until season break?


Two games till season breaks, Milan Djuricic with Slaven Belupo and Dinamo Boss Diazepamll battle for staying top on table. Slaven Belupo plays against Cibalia who are in relegation zone and, they made shock to Bijeli last match and put them 4 goals in net, but there is question what has happening in Rijeka, In six last game they lost four time and made one win versus Split 5.11.2012...

Before that Rijeka was on great run. They beaten Dinamo with 2:1 at home and then after that they defeated Hajduk with 5:2 on Poljud. Dinamo Boss sayed that it was Matjaž Kek fault "he cannot put players under stress based on one game". Rijeka is on third place with 34 points, five points away from Slaven Belupo and four points away from Dinamo with only one game left versus Hr. Dragovoljac who are strugelling to get out of relegation zone.

Rijeka poor run after nice run.

Slaven Belupo will have last game versus Lokomotiva who are looking good in recent time and showing what they did on the start of Division One.

Dinamo will is having 4 match till end of season break. 2 in leauge, One with Zadar with who will play 2 times, first on Maksimir Croatian Cup where Dinamo have 1:1 advantage from first game and then in HNL 1 last game before season break. Istra waits on relegation zone Dinamo next after Dinamo Zadar cup, many expert say's that Dinamo will take three points in Istra despite any cirmcumstancves. Last Dinamo last match before break is vs Chelsea on Maksimir where they have nothing to lose because they are out of ULC whatever result.

need a litle rest to write more... or i think maby that's all

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