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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Croatian Cup Quarter Final's - Second Ties

Can Hajduk and Dinamo get's to final?


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Diazepam on Ferdo Milin and latest Zadar good form

Dinamo Boss "we will attack from first minute"
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is this update on FMscout for start new page?

P.S. Its kinda cool anyway
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Can Hr. Dragovoljac with oscillating form take three points at home vs currently under pressure Zoran Vulic?

Hr. Dragovoljac is in relegation zone with 2 points behind RNK Split.

Dinamo boss says "It gonna be hard for both team, but i favorite Hr. Dragovoljac"

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Man of The Match - Matej Mitrović (Cibalia)

Cibalia 1-1 Slaven Belupo - Match Highlights

HNL 1 Standings

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7 yearsEdited

Dinamo boss before second cup game start answer few questions to Nikitanikite.

You already talked about this game, you sayed on Plavi 9 that you are nervous but trying to hide it, how do you feel few hours game start?

I can say that i am nervous but i cannot wait game start.

Last time Ivan Vasilj equalized from free kick in 90+ minute, do you think something like that can happen again?

Well, i can say that your question is lift's up my nerve haha.. yea it was really kick in head.

Did you hear today news about Cibalia vs Slaven Belupo 1:1?

Yes, didnt expect that at all but will sure check out video after game...

Will you attack from start?

We will attack but we will not rush all in. one goal here can put change all game and who ever score game will change.

So you think it will not be easy for your team?

I was talking about that once, we have more quality than Zadar but they are on great form and will sure didnt came here to defend... they will attack.

What do you think about Zadar weakest line?

Rignt now in this moment, defenders definetly.

Do you think Banović injury is big miss for Zadar?

Yes, he played almost all games so its a big lose for Zadar and will sure miss Milin.

Who do you afraid most?

Jakov Surac... he is in age but still playing very good, raising his form, with 37 year old mid and home grown i consider he can stoping us in middle.

If he is going to play...

Yes. But i think Ferdo nee'sd him in this game if he wants stop our mid.

Those that means that you will try to get ball trough mid?

Depends... on situation.

There are rumors Soudani will play after not scoring 690 minutes, is that true?

Yes i can confirm that he will play from first minute.

What do you think about him, i mean he went apologize to fans for that, how is he?

Apologize to which fans? And why he needs to apologise? I am sure he got quality and will show it sooner better than later.

Tomo Gluic has six clean sheets in 20 games.

Yes, he is good goalkeeper and he is doing great for team.

Zadar fixtures to Croatian Cup Quarter final

Dinamo way to Quarter final

Dinamo - Zadar - past positions

How do you get with Ferdo Milin?

No comment.

What do you say about Bele giving Zoran Vulić time at club?

I think its kind of betting with club but i think Bele made good decision because break is on the way and he have time to show what he can do.

It looks again fans stadium will be low turned and also there are rumors that they do not like Zdravko Mamić and you... after your last press conference.

What to say to fans? They are not coming because they do not understand situation in Croatia and outside, you cannot compare it so thnx to all who give us support, for other i do not mind. There will come a day when Dinamo will be bigger than ever, hope they will not came to stadium at that time.

What do you think about other teams chances in quarter final?

Well i think that Hajduk will not have problems with Vinogradar. Same thinking on Inter Zapresic. I think only Lokomotiva could have little problems.

I am sure you would like to Hajduk pass Vinogradar to challenge him for your biggest lose in super cup against ethernal rival.


If that happens, will you be than nervous?

No. If we get to that stage they can forgot cup title.

Ok, and last question... what do you think about Neverton?

He is good player but his form is slightly drops, any way i think its a good signing for Zadar.

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7 yearsEdited

This match was turned down by official because of racism

Game has ended in start of second half when fans went on pitch, most of it problem was Dinamo boss press conference and new Blues power Boy Waterman, when Waterman gets of pitch there was chaos after fans started to throw all they have on him. After that gaame was abandoned. Also many are against HNS with chants "they *** football. Next game HNL decided for Dinamo repeat game without fans on north side.

P.S. There will no be pause, only goals.

1' Ivan Bebek given sign to kick off second leg. Twitch on for live.

HALF TIME at Maksimir - DINAMO vs ZADAR 3:0 (4:1)

Twitch is on.

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7 yearsEdited

P.S. There will no be pause, only goals.


DINAMO - ZADAR 1:0 (2:1)


69' Soudani

GOAL!! Soudani scored after mess in Zadar defeence. His second goal in match. Is it over on Maksimir.

DINAMO - ZADAR 2:0 (3:1)

All over here. Dinamo qualify to semi final.

Will add details tomorrow or when i catch the time..
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7 yearsEdited

All goals:

Check out for goals and other on Twitch.

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