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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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Dinamo Boss Press Conference after match

So what is your reaction after beat Zadar and qualify for semi final?

Well i am very satisfied with game in overall but i am sure that we have team which can play better so what to say more...

Soudani finally scored after long time and then get injuryed.

Yes, i can say its a big loose before season break and for him because he really worked hard and showed that, i am sorry he gets injury but i will give him few minutes if we will not be able to break Istra defend but i do not belive that will happen.

So, i can see you are confident of win on Maksimir.

Sure, they are not our level and very bad form.

There are many tired players will you made rotations?


We see that you are giving first place to Herdi Prenga in defence, can you tell us more about it...

Well, i just needed him for game versus Hr. Dragovoljac. and he showed that he can compete with danger forwards, after that i let him in first team to see can he play against toughter opponent and he showed that he can, he is future of Dinamo if you ask me.

Last games for most on Saturday, what do you think about chances?

I think there will be no big suprises.

Did you watched video Cibalia - Slaven Belupo?

Yes and i must say that i am suprised a little. Cibalia was much better almost whole match.

What do you think about penalty?

Oko Sokolovo says i agree.

Hajduk vs Inter Zapresic... opinion?

I hate to comment tovar games but they look better then ever and i think Inter Zapresic will need luck to avoid losing. If you look at their fixtures and form in games i do not know when and who will stop them.

You sayed that you do not fear Hajduk and that you want them defeat heavy in Cup, how that you are not nervous?

Because i follow them and i belive that even they are in good form we can play much better than them and i think peoples will see that in next game versus Hajduk.

Do you think Zadar can suprise Osijek after great run before losing against you in Croatian Cup?

I think that Ferdo Milin can continue good run despite lose in Croatia Cup, they are good team but they will need to give all to beat Osijek.

Will you push players to win in Zadar after Cibalia.

Yes, i want 6 points, 3 from Istra and 3 in Zadar.

That mean you will attacking.

Yes, we worked much on attacking and we will give all not only for points but also goals, i know players can do it and i want them to know that they can more.

Why do you think about Istra and why they play so bad?

Because of Igor Pamić, he does not giving younger players chance and i am not sure why board don't remove him from club after bad results. They cannot rely on 22.09. when they beat us, not even on 1:1 with Hajduk and Rijeka. Stats of whole team showing nothing work's there.

Ok. Thank you Mr. Diazepam ll and good luck.

Thank you.


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Diazepamll's avatar Group Diazepamll
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Love that calender ;)
thnx Neal :)... i made 6 on page 51...
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Twitch on live -



All over on Maksimir. Dinamo deserved 3 points.

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Little Press from Dinamo Boss Diazepam ll

You won easy and take 3 points as expected, how do you look on game and what can you tell us about other games from Sunday?

I am very happy how team played and sayed before, we had quality and can play better than even today.

What do you say on Hajduk 6:1 versus Inter Zapresic?

Well we heard news almost after game, i was suprised i must admit.

Are you little nervous before draw cup draw?

Well all i can say, we will be ready and will attack from start when we meet, on Poljud and on Maksimir.

Lokomotiva taken 3 points to Slaven Belupo and Zadar beat Osijek... do you have comment on that?

Well yes, i was thinking that both clubs are favorite and they were beaten so it put us on top of table and we have chance to run away from tight situation.

In league Zadar is playing in great form, those that concern you?

No. I think we are much bigger favorite and also i think we showed that.

Do you know think that Hajduk can go for winning title or how would you say second place?

I think yes, they can and i am not sure how the Tudor make that, maybe board bribed judges because its like a miracle and they are only in football, but this, this is too big.

You are going again to Zadar, you have been there, are you prepared and do you belive you can take three points there?

Yes, i think we can but if we do not its ok by me, i just want look nice football and consider us favorites.

Can you tell us secret which special guest you invite to Maksimir against Chelsea on Maksimir?

Well it's sure we will have two Special One's but one for me. So secret is Alize Cornet ... i watched here against Radwanska while i was scouting OM, she was great and didnt have luck.

And you fall in love...


Did you talk to here?

No, but i will, you can bet.

Will there be more rotation after season break where you will stand first?

It will not be so much, everything is going good now and story about our bad fortune you know but it will soon be all back and good.

What do you think, are Zadar are nervous before game in which you draw them from Croatian cup?

Everybody wants to beat Dinamo and Hajduk... that is how it works here.

Ok, thank you Mr. Diazepam, i see you are in hurry.

Sure, till next time.

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