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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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May 2019

Everton 1 - 0 Blackburn
Despite a dominating defensive performance, only a penalty conceded by David Edgar prevented Everton from going unrewarded.
Player of the Match: David Edgar (Blackburn)

- Manchester United won the Premier League. Bastards.

Norwich 1 - 3 Everton
An excellent display of goalscoring from the top two forwards and Viktor Fischer, Norwich tried to cut it to a 1 goal lead with a header off a corner kick but Fischer sealed it. Manolo Gabbiadini scored his 100th Premier League goal, what a milestone!
Player of the Match: Keiichi Sakamoto (Everton)

- With the win, Everton have secured a sixth place finish in the Premier League and a Europa League spot.

- Even though it's a rival, you hate to see stories like Tottenham's Mesut Ozil suffering a torn calf and missing 4 months. He is still an amazing footballer at the age of 30, but the severe injury could take that away.

Stoke 1 - 0 Everton
With both teams locked into their positions, they found it hard to get motivation for the match. Both teams had goalscoring opportunities but missed them. It wasn't until Montoya got free on the wing and sent in a cross to former Everton player Leon Mason, who volleyed it in for the winning goal late, that anything of note happened.
Player of the Match: Victor Wanyama (Stoke)

- Steve Black, our fitness coach since 2014, has announced he will be retiring on June 24, 2019.

- Hull have paid Everton 40,000 to sign Bryan King as their Chief Scout. Ivaylo Yordanov has been signed from Hapoel Tel-Aviv as his replacement for 24,000.




Premier League Table

We could have done better and would have a second straight Champions League berth if we didn't go on a horrific losing streak, but we acquitted ourselves well and did earn some form of continental play.
Promoted: Wigan, Fulham, Swansea
Manchester United won the Premier League. Bastards.
This^ :P Hard luck not getting into the Champions League, but there's always next season I suppose. Blackburn must've played really badly if David Edgar conceded the penalty and got man of the match :D

2019 Offseason


- Central attacking midfielder Ariel Ruben has been signed from Rosario Central for 1 million pounds. He will be molded into a box to box midfielder.
- Everton has hired Barcelona U19 Coach Francisco Javier Garcia Pimienta as Everton's new U18 manager. It's a huge coup for Everton has Pimienta has been at Barcelona since 2003.
- Everton has hired Israel's fitness coach, Dror Shimshon, as their own fitness coach.
- Everton have signed Moi Gomez from Villarreal for 600K. A lottery ticket. A losing one. But they can't all be winners!
- Everton have signed Vladan Berisavac from HSV for 13.5M. I have no idea why he's only rated 3.5* after signing, he looks damn good.
- Gremio's Diego has chosen to sign with Barcelona for 31M, rejecting Everton's offer of 31M. A huge miss for Everton, as he looked to be a great.
- Everton have poached physio Richard Goddard from Arsenal for 210K.
- Everton have poached physio File from Gremio for 120K.
- Everton have poached physio Rosan from Palmeiras to be their Head Physio for 120K.

- Rafael Rivas to Manchester United for 19,750,000. He was finding himself on the fringe at Everton and this is a massive sale, almost all profit.
- Richard Galim to Derby for 725K up front, 3.2M over 30 months, and 20% profit from next sale. Galim came on a free, wasn't close to the first team, and I wanted to get his contract off the books.
- Robson has been sold from Middlesbrough to Liverpool for 3M, Everton were given 775K of that due to a 40% sell-on clause.
- Fininho has been sold to Wolverhampton for 7.25M. He was another free transfer who had topped out on potential, and there are some players who I want to get in that midfield-supersub role.
- Senne Schoeters has been sold to Wolverhampton for 4.9M. Free transfer, no place in first 18, topped out on potential, same story.
- Everton had a 35% profit on next sale clause on its sale of Benjamin Mendy to LOSC Lille. Everton has agreed to a 914K buyout of the clause.
- Marc Stendera sold to HSV for 1.2M up front and 3M over 18 months, as well as 20% profit on next sale. Stendera couldn't break through at Everton, maybe he can somewhere else.
- Everton have sold Neil Ford to Bolton for 2M. He arrived at Everton for 1M, so even though we did pay a fee for him, we still come out ahead.
- Everton have also sold Samuel Severini to Bolton for 2M, he was a free transfer who couldn't break in so it is good to get a little something for him.
- Everton have sold Chris Mouyakolo to Ipswich for 2.9M.
- Everton have sold Nikao to Botafogo for 3.7M, hopefully a return to Brazil will do him well.
- Everton have sold Ross Barkley to Stoke for 6.5M. He had declined and wasn't making the first 18, and this is a lot of money for that kind of player.
- Real Madrid have poached head physio Jorge Batista from Everton for 140K compensation.

Other News
- Everton is worth 525 million pounds and is the 9th richest club in the world.


Here is your Everton squad going into the friendlies:
Nice signings, that Serb looks great! Shame about Diego though as he looked godly.
Such....a....big.....squad ;)

Preseason 2019

Senica 0 - 6 Everton
Even with some of Everton's starters not seeing the field or playing significant minutes, this was a walkover, as the team scored six Brazilian goals. As FM put it, this was the Ademir show, with him scoring 4 goals, and making a strong case to start alongside Gabbiadini over Kawai.
Player of the Match: Ademir (Everton)

Silkeborg IF 0 - 3 Everton
It looked like Rob Reddy's goal would be it for the game, but Manolo Gabbiadini and Adilson Jose came through with late goals in the end to turn this into a blowout.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

- Ramiro Sagarzuzu has become a Bulgarian citizen and doesn't need a work permit anymore.

FC Bayern 4 - 1 Everton
Vladimir Balic was the man responsible for letting in many Bayern goals as Bayern ran out and stomped Everton. Despite Javi Martinez's red card, Alex Camara scored a brace afterwards to put it out of reach.
Player of the Match: Willy van der Putten (FC Bayern)

- Everton Reserves were chosen to play in NextGen.

LEMANS FC 1 - 3 Everton
Manolo Gabbiadini dominated with a hat trick, and LEMANS's only goal came when Serge Ribas got dispossessed in his own penalty box, giving LEMANS an easy shot at goal.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)
Injury Update: Ademir pulled his hamstring and will miss 3 weeks.

Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round
First Leg: Jagodina 0 - 7 Everton
Manolo Gabbiadini pulls off the dreaded double hat trick, and Popo adds one on the end to really rub it in. And this was the AWAY leg.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

AJ Auxerre 0 - 0 Everton
Our defense was tight but we couldn't take our chances well.
Player of the Match: Pierre-Etienne Lemaire (AJ Auxerre)

Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round
Second Leg: Everton 5 - 1 Jagodina
Everton 12 - 1 Jagodina on aggregate
I've never been able to score double digits in a single game, but it's still fun to over two legs. With a seven goal lead, it's natural for some complacency to set in, and after Viktor Fischer scored his first goal, Jagodina tied it up, but Fischer soon got his second goal, and the goals started pouring in for Everton, even Dentinho's second yellow card couldn't stem the flow.
Player of the Match: Viktor Fischer (Everton)

Glentoran 0 - 7 Everton
This match got the confidence of our young strikers and wingers up, with Adilson Jose notching a hat trick and Batista scoring a brace.
Player of the Match: Adilson Jose (Everton)

- No change in the Everton captaincy, Gabbiadini remains captain and Rob Reddy remains vice captain.

Premier League Managers 2019-2020

Something new for the upcoming season, we take a look at the managerial landscape of the Premier League.

Arsenal: Andre Villas-Boas
Chelsea: John van der Brom
Derby: Kenny Jackett
Everton: Nathan Limior (duh)
Fulham: Paul Robinson
Hull: Steve Bruce
Liverpool: Elvis Scoria
Manchester City: Roberto Mancini
Manchester United: Jose Mourinho
Newcastle: Eddie Howe
Norwich: Mark Venus
Reading: Les Clark
Southampton: Alan Shearer
Stoke: Michael Appleton
Swansea: Ian Holloway
Tottenham: Rafa Benitez
West Brom: Mark Hughes
West Ham: Roy Keane
Wigan: Nigel Pearson
Wolves: Mick McCarthy


- Jon Harrison signed with Derry City. Everton was paid 925K in compensation.
- Adryan chose to sign with Real Madrid over Everton.
- Ronaldinho Gaucho has signed as a coach.

- Shun Kawai has been sold to Tottenham for 3.3M up front, 16.75M over 36 months, and 110K after 10 league goals. It seems bad to take the money over the long haul, but it still results in a net gain and we don't need to have all the money now. It also frees up a starting slot for Ademir.
Nice pre-season EB. This is it! This is the season to show to the people the real power of The Toffees! :P

PD: DAFUQ, Jose Mourinho managing Manchester United??
Nice Europa League game, 12 goals? Goals Galore!
shylax's avatar Group shylax
9 yearsEdited

August 2019

Everton 1 - 0 West Ham
West Ham was tough to break down but Viktor Fischer finally got through on a classic inside forward goal, starting wide, cutting inside into the penalty box for the easy goal. Both team's defenses were on point throughout the game.
Player of the Match: Paride Lucaselli (Everton)

Europa League Playoff
First Leg: Naval 1 - 6 Everton
Everton fans couldn't be blamed for expecting a double digit goal count after running out to a 6-0 halftime lead thanks to a brace from Gabbiadini and a hat trick from Adilson Jose, but the natural instinct is to rest on your laurels, and in the second half Everton didn't score, and even let a screamer of a goal in.
Player of the Match: Adilson Jose (Everton)

Southampton 0 - 2 Everton
Both sides threatened many times, but it looked like the only goal would be Manolo Gabbiadini's strike. He added a second goal late, volleying in a corner to seal it.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)

Europa League Playoff
Second Leg: Everton 1 - 1 Naval
Everton 7 - 2 Naval on aggregate
Naval got off to a fast start when Paride Lucaselli headed the ball off the post into his own net. Adilson Jose equalized, but with a six goal lead, Everton didn't play with a sense of urgency.
Player of the Match: Dias (Naval)

Europa League Group Stage

Group A
Toulouse FC
Red Bull Salzburg

Group B
AA Gent

Group C
LOSC Lille
Young Boys

Group D
Real Sociedad
Red Star
CFR Cluj

Group E
AS Monaco

Group F
ADO Den Haag

Group G

Group H
OGC Nice
Slaven Belupo

Group I
Spartak Moscow

Group J
FC Twente
Athletic Bilbao

Group K
Hapoel Tel-Aviv

Group L
Lokomotiv Moscow

Our group seems soft, I'll be disappointed if we don't qualify for the Knockout Round.



- Sebastian Acosta has been sold to Ajax for 4.4 million. He hadn't broken into the first team and isn't needed for cover.

Premier League Table

We haven't lost yet, but with a Capital One Cup 3rd round match against Manchester United, it'll be hard to continue to say that. Tottenham is the only team I'll seriously worry about in Premier League competition next month, but we'll be playing Cup and Europa matches and we'll have to keep fresh as long as we can.
Young Player of the Month: Tarek Said
Amazing results, you just gotta love Gabbiadini! Nice group, time to kick those huns' asses! :P
Good work to get into the Europa League, but it's weird how you versed Naval in the playoffs because in my Oriental save they are battling relegation to the third division :/ Anyway, great update again, keep it up.

September 2019

Everton 1 - 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
Our defense remained strong, still not conceding a goal, but we only won thanks to Danny Batth conceding a penalty and George Green knocking it in. Wolves had ex-Toffees Fininho, Senne Schoeters, and John Stones in the lineup.
Player of the Match: Rob Reddy (Everton)

Tottenham 1 - 0 Everton
Both defenses played well, but it was Angel di Maria's flyer on 2 minutes that scored the first goal against Everton in Premier League play and resigned Everton to their first defeat.
Player of the Match: Ross Hunter (Tottenham)

Europa League Group Stage
Everton 2 - 0 Spartak Moscow
Viktor Fischer scored a brace amidst a great performance by Everton defensively, putting them on top of their Europa League group.
Player of the Match: Viktor Fischer (Everton)

Hull 2 - 1 Everton
Harry Kane scored a brace for Hull and Adilson Jose pulled one back but Everton struggled with Hull's negative formation.
Player of the Match: Harry Kane (Hull)

Capital One Cup 3rd Round
Everton 0 - 0 (4 - 3 on penalties in 6 frames) Manchester United
Both teams struggled with finishing but Everton looked to have the better of it, but they struggled with getting the ball into the net. With the players tired, extra time was uneventful. Everton looked to go behind the 8-ball when Gabbiadini skied his penalty and Reddy's was saved, but they came back to make the last 3 penalties and Sortevik saved two to make it 3-3 after five frames. In the sixth round, Popo made his shot, and Sortevik saved Shinji Kagawa's shot to seal the victory. Jose Mourinho's gonna have to explain to the board why he couldn't get Manchester United past the 3rd round of the Capital One Cup, and as a Damned United hater, that makes me happy!
Player of the Match: Rafael Rivas (Manchester United)

Everton 2 - 0 Fulham
What a debut for Vicente Molinos, winning Player of the Match! Everton played exceptionally well, but since we had different names up front we had less of them converted, of course we still took the win, though.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)


- On the deadline day, Everton bought defender Vicente Molinos from Numancia for 7M. It's a depth buy, a few years of training and he'll be good.
- Rumors are that Everton has offered 50 million pounds for Internacional's Ricardo Gomez, but they're having none of it.

- Lazaro Berbotto sold to Sevilla for 1.1M. We had trouble getting him loaned for a work permit and he wasn't worth it.

Premier League Table

We're doing well so far, only dropped two losses, and defeated a giant in the Capital One Cup. We'll have to keep our rotations going well due to all the matches, and Manolo Gabbiadini needs to get back on form.
Great Update! Doing really well!

October 2019

Europa League Group Stage
Partizan 0 - 0 Everton
The United States national team's finishing is not a model you guys really want to emulate.
Player of the Match: Keiichi Sakamoto (Everton)

Manchester United 0 - 0 Everton
It was a rough and tumble match as Andre Ayew, Alvaro Vadillo, and Rob Reddy all had to leave the pitch due to injury. It looked like Manchester United had the easier time breaking through, but Everton's great defensive play and the stellar form of Pal Sortevik ensured they didn't.
Player of the Match: Bart L'Ami (Manchester United)
Injury Update: Thankfully, the knock Reddy suffered that forced him off the field won't cause him to miss any time.

- Hernan Ramirez is now a Bulgarian citizen and doesn't need a work permit anymore. He will continue to be loaned until the winter transfer window.

- Former Everton player Phil Jagielka was sacked from his managerial position at Fleetwood.

Everton 2 - 0 Reading
A dominating performance, but not eye-poppingly so. Adilson Jose scored early and it looked like that would be it, but Manolo Gabbiadini finally ended his goal drought. The defense also helped Pal Sortevik to his fifth consecutive clean sheet, and 530 consecutive minutes of football without a goal conceded against him.
Player of the Match: Adilson Jose (Everton)
Injury Update: Thankfully, Vladan Berisavac's injury was only a gashed arm and he will only miss 3-4 days.

Europa League Group Stage
Rangers 0 - 1 Everton
An apparent 2nd minute Rangers goal gave Everton fans a scare, but there was a foul in the buildup and so it was disallowed. Rangers were game, playing good defense, limiting Everton to low-chance long shots. Everton played good defense too, naturally, but Rangers produced a few offensive efforts that were for naught. Adilson Jose finally broke through for the winning goal.
Player of the Match: Keiichi Sakamoto (Everton)

- Manolo Gabbiadini is being given a week's rest from training so he can recover and hopefully return to goalscoring form.

Wigan 0 - 1 Everton
Everton fans feared an upset as Everton continued to struggle to score goals, and Rob Reddy even missed a penalty, but Viktor Fischer played both hero and goat, as despite his ineffective shooting all game, he finally scored a goal to win it.
Player of the Match: Vicente Molinos (Everton)

Capital One Cup 4th Round
Everton 3 - 1 Southampton
There were two stories on this day, the first is Will Keane scored the first goal against Everton all month, getting free against the offside trap and volleying in a close-range shot, which wasn't helped by Berisavac's red card for violent conduct. The bigger story is Manolo Gabbiadini's return to his excellent form, scoring a hat trick and ensuring Everton's advancement to the quarterfinals.
Player of the Match: Manolo Gabbiadini (Everton)



- Nicusor Stanciu sold to Palermo for 8.5 million. He is still a good player, but between Fischer, Hourcade, Green, and Mbock, he wasn't going to be seeing much playing time. Plus, he was a free transfer!

Premier League Table

Our attack hasn't been the greatest, but it's still been solid, but the defense is the story of the day here. Tightening up the back end has elevated Everton to third place in the standings, and if it can keep up, they'll definitely be a title contender.
Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (2nd)
Young Player of the Month: Vicente Molinos (winner), Adilson Jose (3rd)
Manager of the Month: Nathan Limior (2nd)

Europa League Group Stage

No surprise here as we're in first with 3 goals scored and none conceded. The attack could be better but our defense is once again outstanding, and we should easily win the group.
Just read through all 17 pages.

Amazing story.

Hate those stories where people win everything straight away.

Gradual success for you, but doing v.nice job.
Just need to find a little consistency I guess.

Only problem I got is for some reason I can't see your screenies very well, attributes etc look tiny (might be my laptop).

Other than that, craziest appointment ever!! Mark Venus at Norwich WTF!!

Former Ipswich legend, is arch rival Norwich City's manager lol.

Great layout, and awesome story, keep it up!!
Nice results, fantastic start to the season and a manager of the month to top it all off! Congrats! :D

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