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[FM13] Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again

My attempt to bring European success to AS Roma
Started on 21 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 6 June 2014 by Jer
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2013-08-02 16:15#124756 Pauker : God damn it, who is it?? Great update.. I bet the cleaning lady was American and was called by the name of Emma..
Oh dear! :))
Guys, this is just a brief update to say that this story isn't over. I am on holiday currently but will continue it soon.
2013-08-04 17:09#125381 Justice :
2013-08-02 16:15#124756 Pauker : God damn it, who is it?? Great update.. I bet the cleaning lady was American and was called by the name of Emma..
Oh dear! :))

Hehehehe ;)
A well written story with what seems like an interesting difference to make it stand out from the crowd. Haven't read it all yet but over the next couple of days I will try and catch up.
I like the fact that you have a more diverse side story than the rest and I feel the signings are great :P
A statement from the chairman of AS Roma, Neal Hasan:

"Football is a beautiful game. I took over AS Roma due to my love for the beautiful - Who am I kidding, I'm in this for money. Either way, there are inexcusable things that tarnish this beautiful game's reputation and the club's reputation, and even more importantly, my reputation. At fault is this "Shade" character, who, I can personally promise you, will be brought to justice for his crimes against me - I mean football.

We are not breasts to be toyed with as if by immature teenage boys! The club will not stand for this, I will not stand for this! This 'Shade' **** will be brought down with a vengeance greater than he can ever understand, for such is the wrath of so proud a club as AS Roma when it is attacked.

There will be a €5 prize and a signed Bogdan Lobont AS Roma t-shirt, our spectacular third string goalkeeper, who may or may not be crap personified, for anyone who can help us locate the whereabouts of this "Shade". The same fee will be given to any blonde women who are willing to sleep with me.

Chairman of AS Roma
Neal Hasan"
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

The Shade

He had seen the "brilliant" Neal Hasan's message to the world and was already plotting his assassination. Yes, he was. His cold heart and his superb mind had begun the meticulous planning and he was going to take down Mr Hasan and maybe deal with the other owners at the same time. He would wipe out Khalifa to but the other owner intrigued him. "The Rablador" as he was called, seemed to be clouded in anonymity, a bit like himself. He might be able to show "The Rablador" the light and that Neal Hasan was an ignorant fool who was going to ruin AS Roma (Authors Note : Sorry Neal!). The club didn't need players there because of the money, they wanted loyalists. Players who would if the time came, would play for nothing. Troopers. Legends.

He went into his cupboard and pulled out his old favourite. A Walther Pistol. He would use this gun to put a bullet in Mr Hasan's brain, whilst broadcasting it live across the entire Worlds televisions. He would need the help of an old friend to hack into the network but it was doable. He had contacts inside every major TV station. Inside Sky, BT, BBC and ITV, he had people. None of them knew who he really was of course. They knew him just as a footballer who hated the modern day game and wanted it to be reverted back to basics, and they agreed with him. Video Technology? He had a personal vendetta against it and when he got into power he would make sure it ceased to exist.

But first, to the present. He had a pesky rich businessman to take care of. He could take him down non-violently. One leak to the press about all his illegitimate and unethical dealings and he would be gone. But this man had publicly insulted him. And The Shade didn't like getting publicly insulted.

Neal Hasan, AS Roma Owner, would pay with his life...
I'm scared D:
2013-08-12 22:45#127539 NeaI : I'm scared D:


*Dons sunglasses and puts on deep voice* "You should be, The Shade is coming"
Michael is here to protect you Em!
Please don't die :(
hahah. great story Nathaniel :). Keep it up :).
thanks Diaze :)
2013-08-16 10:29#128369 Arvind : UPDATE NAO!

Hahah, I will soon!

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