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[FM13] Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again

My attempt to bring European success to AS Roma
Started on 21 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 6 June 2014 by Jer
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Fantastic February

The Shade was quiet this month and did nothing at all. It also seems like, after implementing my new tactic, that everything is on the up on the pitch also. An unbeaten month represents a big rise in the standard of our performance and the players seem a lot more up for it. I am happy with the month and I think we can go from strength to strength and claim a Champions League place.

So as you can see, a great month from the lads! My new asymmetrical tactic is working a treat and we look likely for a Champions League spot! We will need to keep winning to ensure this but right now it looks possible.
Great month mate :)
Great month, good to see Benteke getting a few goals too :D
2013-08-24 18:03#131158 lwalter66 : Great month, good to see Benteke getting a few goals too :D

Aye! Repaying that big price tag!
Benteke banging in them goals!

The Rest of the Season

Guys, I'm close to finishing this story so I am just going to show you how the season ended! There will still be a couple more updates but due to the fact I'm ending this soon I don't see the point in posting all the results! Obviously I still have a few things to wrap up ie The Shade and I will put more effort into those updates :) Anyway here's the table!

As you can see we claimed that all important 3rd place that secured a Champions League spot! Erik Lamela and Mattia Destro were the main factors in achieving this along with my asymmetrical tactic!
Sad to see this will be ending but hey I cant wait for the last updates :D

The Hierarchy

The Shade entered the dark murky room where there were 3 figures silhouetted. These 3 ,en were the guys he answered to. They were his "leaders", the people he followed. Yet he didnt know there names or their faces. He respected them to the utmost, looked up to them. However he knew the time would come when he would have to "dispose" of them. He knew they were already plotting to get him and so he was always alert. Always watchful. They began to explain to him how the time was drawing near when he was to rid the world of Fabio Cannavarro for good. He was ready to do just that. He despised the man. His pent up hate was beginning to leak out, multiple times he had punched inanimate objects around his house for no logical reason.

He was probably going mental. But he didn't care.

He had never actually felt emotional pain so pulling the trigger wasn't a problem to him. Never. He did it heartlessly, without thinking. He was a machine. He was almost robotic in his actions.

He saw one of "The Brotherhood" as they called themselves pull a gun. But he reacted quicker. 3 consecutive shots were fired into each ones throats. They slumped to the ground. He walked over and removed their masks. He took a sharp intake of breath and for a moment was confused. He regained his composure quickly though. He ran from the building, jumping into his Ferrari and driving off as fast as he could. He wasn't scared, just wanted to get away before the police arrived. Yet 2 thoughts played on his mind. Firstly, why were his "Leaders" high ranking government officials?

But secondly, why had they been so desperate to take down Roma?
Never gets old this story!

Fight to the Death

He strolled into the bar, amidst the loud music. People were laughing, some even dancing, a cacophony of noise. He walked past them all, an air of confidence, not arrogance. People respected him, if only they knew what he had done in his life. The targets he'd eliminated, the people he had "dealt" with. Mother Russia had prepared him well for his next job. Terminate the life of the man who had killed his boss's friends. The man he had been sent to kill went by the alias "The Shade". He went by the name of Nikolai Drevin and he was here to kill.

He spotted the back door and walked through. He had been tipped off that this was where "The Shade" did his "business". He saw a red mark on the ground. Blood. "The Shade" had been here. Nikolai bent down and touched the blood, he checked his finger and some of the blood had transferred onto his digit, it was fresh. He briskly walked down the corridor towards the room he knew "The Shade" was in. He reached for the doorknob. He began to turn it. Something smashed into his skull. His vision began to cloud, haziness taking over. In one last attempt to ward of his assailant he reached for his knife, however the other man stopped him, his foot connecting with Nikolai's elbow. The pain was searing, agonizing. Nikolai succumbed to the darkness.


Cold water splashed onto his face, startling him. He opened his eyes, the light blinding him, hurting his vision. As his eyes adjusted to the light a figure began to form, the figure of a man. Nikolai's eyes bulged in recognition. This was "The Shade"? It was the last person he thought the elusive fugitive could've been. Then the realisation set in. Nobody had ever seen "The Shades" face and lived. He was going to die.

"The Shade" was washing his hands at a sink, located at the East corner of the room. Beside the sink was a table. On it lay an assortment of weapons. Nikolai couldn't see them all but what he could see made his chances of survival look less and less. Pistols, Knifes, this guy had the lot. But Nikolai had one advantage. "The Shade" may have weapons but Nikolai had information. And lots of it.

After he finished washing his hands, Shade reached for a syringe on the table. With sinister intent he said to Nikolai :
"This syringe is full of a chemical that I found myself. I call it Shadonium. It is a poison, unlike all other poisons. Once in your system it will leave you in agonizing torment for the rest of your life. It will never leave your body. The only way to escape it is death. So I will put it this way, whatever happens today, you are going to die. So you can tell me who sent you and I will shoot you, nice and easy. Or I can inject this poison into you now and watch you scream."

Nikolai was panicking now. He was a tough man, but not that tough. He couldn't live with poison in his system for the rest of his life.

"I will tell you everything" he whispered. He whispered something so softly, enticing "The Shade" in closer.
The Shade leant in close, waiting for the all important words. Nikolai reached for the knife in his sock, slowly but surely. He removed it, still hiding it from sight.

"I was sent by..." the last words un-interpretable and said so quietly nobody could've heard them. "The Shade" leant in closer still. Nikolai thrust his knife towards "The Shade's" throat, dispensing of all the energy he had left. But "The Shade" blocked it expertly, grabbing the knife and plunging it into Nikolai's leg.

"YOU WILL TELL ME WHO SENT YOU" The Shade" shouted at Nikolai, his voice shaking the very core of the Earth.

Nikolai whispered one last word, the word that confirmed "The Shade's" suspicions. With one word, Nikolai had given away the identity of his "Sender". One word had been all it took, Nikolai's last word before "The Shade" shot him in the head and hid the body in a dumpster. The word?

Cracking update :D
2013-09-10 17:22#134401 wellsy1498 : Cracking update :D

Cheers Wells!
Great tension building, will be really interesting to see how you bring such an epic story to an end!
2013-09-10 17:39#134408 TVDLC123 : Great tension building, will be really interesting to see how you bring such an epic story to an end!

Thanks TV! Hope to end it well!
Great update, enjoying the ending so far :)

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