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[FM13] Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again

My attempt to bring European success to AS Roma
Started on 21 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 6 June 2014 by Jer
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Neal Hasan - Fighting for his Life

Neal was not an easily scared man. He was resilient and tough, streetwise despite being a multi-billionaire. He hadn't had it handed to him on a plate, he had worked for it. From the slums of India to the mansions of Rome, his journey had been one that took real determination and passion, he had made a few enemies along the way.

But none like The Shade.

The man was like nothing Neal had ever encountered before, always attempting to kill, ruining the lives of people. He was a monster. Neal knew the police would not stop until the man was behind bars, or maybe even the death penalty would be re-instated.

But Neal had other ideas, Roma Football Club needed this situation resolved quickly. Neal knew just the man to do it. Vasili Chekov. Ex Mafia turned business man, the Russian was a great friend of Neals and also good at "dealing" with awkward situations.

Neal picked up the phone...
Another great update, really getting tense now...:)
Who's gonna dieee!! I need to know that, SOOON.

The Beginning of the End

He had been watching Hasan for weeks. Constantly monitoring him. He knew which bodyguards he had when. Alternating between Yúttrá Píxél and Robert McLaren or Jeremy Pauker and Adam Richards. There were always 2 of them watching him, apart from at the switch over point, a 30 second period in which there was only one guard.

The Unlucky one was Robert.

As he headed for Hasan and Robert, another man materialised out of seemingly nowhere. He saw a tattoo on the other man "Vasili" it read. Ah a Russian, he realised. Well he was better than Russians. He was better than everyone.

His train of thought was wrecked as the Russian punched him, sending him sprawling. The Russian moved to close, arrogantly, and he swiped at his leg, sending him crashing to the ground. He rose up and towered over the pathetic Russian. One shot was all it took. A boring fight in all honesty, he had expected a better fight. The adrenaline coursing through him, he headed for Neal and Robert and now also Jeremy, the switch had been made but he didn't care. He replaced his pistol with a tranquiliser gun and fired 2 shots into the necks of Robert and Jeremy. They would live, after all they had never done anything to him.

He swapped the tranquilliser gun for his beloved pistol, arrogantly marching toward Hasan. He was gloating, proud of how easy it had been. He saw Neal's eyes move past him, behind him. Then he realised dramatically that he had woefully mis-calculated. He turned round just in time as the Russian came charging into him, knocking him to the floor. I should've shot his head he lamented as he flew across the concrete ground.

"Run Neal" screamed Vasili.

Shade knew Vasili was weak though and punched his chest. The man collapsed, winded, dying. He flopped and was dead seconds later. Neal was long gone, Shade knew this. But he had taken out yet another of Neal's fall back plans. Neal couldn't run forever. Eventually he would catch up with him.

Neal ran, not daring to look back. It was too easy for this man, he was monstrous, a true villain, not stopping at anything till he had done what he set out to do. He had dispatched of Vasili with ease. But yet he had noticed his flaw. He had failed to kill Vasili at the first time of asking and had nearly paid the price. A better assassin would've dealt with him. Vasili had a brother, had told Neal to call him if the operation went South. Neal pulled out his mobile and scrolled to Alexis Chekov. He dialled.

"The Number you have called is not available at the moment please leave a message after the tone"

"Alexis, its Neal, Vasili is dead".

He hung up
Nooo Pauker, Rab!! Come back *starts crying in the rain to make it look like a good emotional movie*

Great update, write a novel.
2013-09-23 22:21#135696 Walter : Nooo Pauker, Rab!! Come back *starts crying in the rain to make it look like a good emotional movie*

Great update, write a novel.

Haha, yourself and Mo are getting mentioned offhandedly in the next update! Thanks for the compliments!
Stop killing my Russians! :P
2013-09-24 01:51#135712 Neal : Stop killing my Russians! :P

Roma look at this year's momentum. Can feel emboldened enough to win.
Roma, let us see you again champion shirt. I want this.

The Meeting of the Allies

The restaurant was a hotbed of activity. Attractive waitresses, Stunning delicacies and hundreds of people. A seemingly innocuous place, unlikely to be the kind of place where a multi million deal may be going on. But that is exactly what was happening in the backroom of the restaurant, Neal Hasan was meeting with the only people he thought he could trust. Fabio Cannavarro, Alexis Chekov and Hasan's private bodyguards, Dempay Toure and Daniel Broker. The bodyguards were standing outside the door, watching for any signs of danger, waiting for the final member of this exclusive meeting to arrive. And arrive he did. Police Chief Terrence Pirzaghi was the only man who wanted to catch The Shade as much as Neal did. The two had become great friends over the course of the investigation, both united by their mutual hatred of their elusive foe.

"We will find him" said Terrence, "I will not stop until I do"
"No, I'm taking over this investigation, Mr Pirzaghi" replied Alexis, menacingly glowering at the Chief of Police, "You are not dispensable, yet, and I look forward to working with you, but from now on, I call the shots."
"I don't care who is the leader of this headhunt, as long as you find him and-..."

The glass shattered behind them, an arrow hurtling through, embedding itself in Mr Pirzaghi's neck. Alexis instinct took over as he dove to the floor pulling the other two men with him, waiting for another shot. It wasn't forthcoming. Alexis noticed there was a note attached to the arrow, and crawled over, examining the mysterious piece of paper. It read:

"For you a favour I have done.
Now if your clever you will run."

Alexis puzzled over this note, attempting to figure out what he meant, after reading it out to Neal and Fabio. Nobody could understand it, but they all saw what The Shade was doing. He was exemplifying his power and control. The meet had been on a need to know basis, only the 6 people present had known it was happening. Alexis was furious, the man who had killed his brother had now killed another. His blood began to boil, his hurt at this brothers death was consumed, devoured by anger, a meltdown of nuclear proportions imminent. He kept it bottled up inside, retrieving his gun and preparing to fight back alongside Neal and Fabio.

* * * * *

He wondered if they had enjoyed the show. His show of power. His show of control. His show of how much he dominated Rome. He thought the arrow with the note had been a nice touch, yet wondered if they would be able to solve his riddle. He had no quarrel with anyone other than the 4 men who had been having the meet. Even the bodyguards weren't of concern to him, they had not done anything wrong. He would only take them out if the prevented him taking Hasan and Cannavarro out. He saw Cannavarro just about every day, yet Fabio never suspected him. Well, who would? He was the least likely murderer in Rome. He was above suspicion.
Who might the shade be? The mystery is killin' me
It's Back! :D

Always Watching

Fabio Cannavaro couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned like there was no tomorrow. For him there wasn't. All the days merged into one, tomorrow never came, it was merely an extension of today. He knew he was being targeted but he would not resign. That would be conceding victory and Fabio Cannavaro did not concede victory. Ever.

He got out of his bed and walked to the kitchen. The season was over and he could no longer fill his days with training and football related duties. He also couldn't start making transfers as it was still only May, meaning the window wasn't open. He decided he would book a holiday, to Australia. He would escape the public eye of Rome and all the hate he was receiving there. However he would be back. The elusive Shade wasn't going to stop him. No, he would catch him and make sure he paid for his crimes. He sat down at his laptop and searched "Flights to Australia". In under 0.5 seconds, he had half a million results. He began to sift through them until he found a cheap flight for him and his wife Daniela. He entered his credit card details and booked the flight. He would surprise her. He smiled. Life was looking up.


Across the road, there was an innocuous Mini Cooper parked slightly on the kerb. There was a shadowy figure inside, hidden by the tint of the windows. He watched as Fabio typed away on his Laptop. He watched as Fabio closed said laptop and turned off the light, heading back to bed. He knew Fabio couldn't sleep, he had watched his house many times. He knew everything about the man. He knew he always got up at precisely 8:44 am. He knew Daniela went shopping every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail. He knew their sound Andrea went to a Private School, namely the St Stephens Private School. His life and Fabio's had become intertwined. He was ready to pounce. Fabio's son knew him, trusted him. He was ready to strike.
It was about to get serious...


He rolled up to the school in his Mini Cooper, a decent vehicle that went unnoticed amongst the crowd. He watched as Fabio's son Andrea left the school, picked up in a limo. He wasn't why he was here. The school had a guest in for the day. A certain Paolo.

Yes, Fabio's brother had been in town after Napoli's tremendous season that culminated in the winning of the Italian Cup with Paolo an ever present. He waited in the car till most of the teenagers were gone, then got out and walked towards the school, heading for the room he knew Paolo had been in all day. He saw the centre back, squinting at a Computer screen. He slipped into the room and crept up behind Paolo, quickly throwing on his balaclava. He placed the gun into the nape of Paolo's neck.
"What the-" began Paolo, but he was silenced by a pistol whip, the gun smashing into the back of his head, hurting him but now knocking him out.
"Time to go Paolo" whispered The Shade.

He was unerringly obedient, as he stood up and walked out of the school, Shade's gun now placed into Paolo's back, obscured from view. He bound his hands, gagged his mouth and threw him into the boot of the Mini. He started for his destination.

30 Minutes later...

Paolo Cannavaro didn't know where he was. Everything was black, his hands were bound and his mouth gagged. He heard footsteps approach and the item that was obscuring his vision was removed. His captor was still wearing a mask, hiding his identity.

Shade : "You are going to phone your brother and tell him to bring Neal Hasan to me or else I shall put a bullet in your skull."
Paolo : "No"
Shade : "What did you say?"
Paolo : "I said NO"
Shade : "So be it."

He produced his Walther from his jacket pocket and aimed it at Paolo.

Shade : "I will not kill you, I will torture you until you phone your brother and get him to bring Hasan to me."
Paolo : "Okay, okay, will Fabio be okay though? You won't hurt him"
Shade : "Of course not, now make the call."

Paolo made the call and arranged for Fabio and Hasan to meet him, without revealing he was being held prisoner by their enemy. They arranged a meeting, Paolo saying he had something that might lead them, to the Shade. Yes, it would, but not in the way Fabio and Neal imagined.

The Shade felt good. He was going to win the Battle Of Rome. He was going to unite the city, starting with the deaths of Neal Hasan and Fabio Cannavaro. Paolo had believed that he wouldn't harm Fabio. He was naive. Those who hurt Shade were hurt themselves.
An eye for an eye...

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