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Arsenal FC: The Pride of London

A story with the club I love so much, The Arsenal
Started on 3 September 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 13 October 2013 by Louis O.
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Some really nice updates. I think he will take the job irl when Wenger steps down. I hope you stick with it :D
Ah, my dear boy, buy you just don't seem to understand....4th place is not a big step forward ;)

Great start, interesting choice of manager to! Has the makings of what could be a "the next Thierry Henry story;)
Thanks for the comments guys :)
Looking great so far, keep it up :D

Ozil steals the show

Arsenal FC narrowly defeated a very good Cardiff City side as it was a typical "1-0 to the Arsenal" victory. This game was highly anticipated for many reasons. One reason was that this was Cardiff City's first game in the premier league, secondly because roughly 26,000 people would watch Mesut Ozil play for Arsenal for the first time, in the premier league and thirdly it was Arsenal's first game in over 17 years without Arséne Wenger as their manager.

Going into the game, Arsenal were always said to be the favourites but Cardiff weren't prepared to allow that to get to their heads, they were ready to fight and try and defeat Arsenal in front of their home fans. The game saw plenty of debuts, including Ozil, Flamini, Cornelius, Odemwingie, Cauker and a few more. However players such as Emiliano Viviano and Oscar Cardozo did not make their debuts.

Arsenal kicked off and immediately looked the better side, the difference in class between the two teams was evident. Arsenal were dominating and playing some beautiful football. While they game was going on Wenger was spotted in the stands on his mobile phone, sorting out transfer deals we suspect?

Cardiff were granted a few sniffs at goal due to some smart play and sloppy defending but Peter Odemwingie failed to convert. Then it happened, the moment all Arsenal fans would have been dreaming of! Sagna crossed the ball in and Olivier Giroud darted to the near post but his shot hit the upright, Ozil was in the right position at the right time and smashed the ball into the net and celebrated with his new teammates. Ozil chant's started and it would turn out to be a wonderful day for the German international.

From that point onwards, it would be all Arsenal as they dominated throughout. Ozil showed fans his true quality with some excellent footwork and amazing passes. Arsenal would win the way 1-0 and get the three points, a very good start to the season.

After the match we got some brief words from Dragan Stokjovic who seemed very happy with his team's performance, here's what he had to say:

"I'm happy with our performance, we played very well, even if we only scored one goal I'm ok with it. We didn't concede which is a very good thing showing we're getting stronger at the back."

When asked about what he thought about Ozil's performance:

"It was world class, world class. He proved why we paid so much money for him, I'm very pleased with his performance and congratulations to him for getting a goal on his debut."

Finally we asked Dragan if we should be expecting any transfers, his reply:

"Obviously I can't comment on that but I can say the fans should be very happy come the next few days. For now we focus on our champions league game vs Ajax, which will be a tough fixture."

Like Dragan said, next up for Arsenal is a trip to Amsterdam where they face Ajax in a champions league qualifying match.
Nice update, nice(ish :P ) win :P
2013-09-04 18:10#133424 AlexTHFC : Nice update, nice(ish :P ) win :P

Haha thanks :)

Highly rated defender joins Arsenal

Just days after Arsenal manager Dragan Stojkovic said the Arsenal fans would be happy in the next few days, Sky Sports can now confirm that Spanish defender Iñigo Martinez has signed for Arsenal FC for an undisclosed fee. The 21 year old has signed a four year deal and we understand he will be earning something around 44,000 k p/w, that's roughly 21,500 after tax.

We believe with this signing, Arsenal's defence has been strengthened and obviously have increased in numbers. Arsenal will be pleased they've managed to attract such a young and quality player. Arséne Wenger would have had helped a lot with completing this deal as in a press conference with Dragan, himself and Iñigo he said:

"We are very pleased to sign such a young, yet talented player. He is bound to shine here at Arsenal and we welcome him to the club."

Dragan himself had some words about the signing of Iñigo Martinez:

"Once again, this is a great capture for the club, we're lucky to have such a quality player here with us. Luckily he signed just before out fixture with Ajax and so he can be registered in time. Our scouts, myself and Arséne have been watching him for some time and we believe he will fit perfectly into our philosophy. Welcome to Arsenal Iñigo."

Iñigo himself had a few words to say, this has been translated into English:

"I never ever thought I would sign for such a big and popular club, honestly it is a dream come true. There are a lot of other defenders out there who could be sitting in this position but it is me and I'm very grateful. I will try my best for this club and I'm glad to be part of THE GUNNERS!"

Martinez will wear the number 22 shirt at Arsenal.


For many football fans, the first home game of the season, is the most exciting . Fans spend months wishing the league would start again. For many fans they can't make it to the away games and so these home games are very special to the, they wouldn't miss it for the world. Today we want to perform for the fans, they deserve a good performance from the team, they've paid good money to come and watch us and we must perform.

As soon as we arrived one the team bus, I ordered that all the players would go inside the dressing room while myself and Steve went onto the pitch. What a beautiful stadium the Emirates is. Stunning. I've never seen such a beautiful grass bitch. The pitch staff have worked extremely hard. One is watering the grass now:

How do you doing mate, good job with the pitch!

Thank you sir, is it ok like this.

Hmmm hold on let me check, Steve can I have a ball?

Sure, let me get one.

Here it is!

Right Steve you stand over there and we're going to do a few passes ok?

No problem.

Right if you could water the pitch a little more with the sprinklers, I want the surface to be a bit more slick so the ball is whizzing around, it well help us move the ball quicker.

Sure, I will do that sir.

Thank you, Steve I think we should go back into the dressing room and speak to the lads.

Let's do that.

The Dressing Room

Ok guys, I've given you a bit of time to chat and relax, now we need to get down to business and talk about the tactic we're playing today, take a look at the whiteboard please.

This is the 4-2-3-1 we are playing today, the same 4-2-3-1 that we have played during pre-season and for the few fixtures we have played during this domestic season. We discussed the starting lineup in training so I don't think we need to discuss it again.

Southampton are a good team, don't underestimate them, they are very dangerous. Laurent I want you to be very tight on their striker, Rickie Lambert, don't give him any space. Mathieu, you will mark Adam Lallana another dangerous player. Make sure when we don't have the ball you track back and you're marking one man, is that clear?

Team: Yes boss!

Good, now go out for your pre-match training, the coaches will tell you what to do. Make sure you do your stretches properly, we don't want any pre-match injuries.

The First Half

The whistle is blown and immediately the chants begin “And it’s all with the Arsenal, Arsenal FC, By far the greatest team, the worlds every seen!” I have never watched my team play in such a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. I know in the past Arsenal’s home support has been criticized but right now they are brilliant!

“One two football! Pass it quicker, press!”

The team is playing with a lot of flair now which I like, it brings out a side of the players many haven’t seen before.

“Lukas is free! YEEEESSS!” 1-0 to us, a brilliant cross from Lukas and a brilliant goal from Oscar, a goal on his debut just two minutes into a game, what a brilliant start from us, if I’m right the fans are chanting “he scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Oscar Cardozo, he scores when he wants”.

The goal has seemed to motivate us and we have spotted a weakness in this Southampton side, I need to get my notebook out.

There’s a break in play, this is good I can now call Jack over.

“JACK, JACK! Come here quickly! I need you to tell the lads to pass the ball quicker, also don’t be afraid to take some shots and get plenty of crosses in, they can’t handle them.”

"Alright I'll tell them"

The team are playing with a bit more urgency now, and already the opposition seem to be getting frustrated, this is good. Mathieu has the ball now...he's just passed to Oscar...GOAL GOAL GOAL! YES 2-0 UP! Oscar found Lukas with a clever pass and he has scored, the stadium has erupted once again. Even I am going crazy but we need to calm down, anything can happen.


Oscar is playing perfectly, passing the ball well, making good runs, he's made an excellent run now and.....GOAL! 3-0 Once again the Oscar chants start, a brace on his debut, what a signing he is, what a player!

That's the end of the first half, we're winning 3-0. Brilliant performance.

Team Talk

Very good performance guys, I’m very happy with that performance keep it up! We need exactly the same in the second half, don’t take your foot of the pedal just yet. If any of you need ice or some banana's they're over there on the table.

Well done lads, I'm very happy and the fans are too!

Second Half

In this second half we must continue at this same tempo, we don't want to give them a chance to get back into the game....its been 10 minutes since the first half started and we're still on top.......GOOOOOAAAL! Jack has just scored a very good goal! He smashed it 4-0! The medical team have been monitoring Ozil and he seems uncomfortable, he will be coming on.

"Alex, go and warm up quickly, you're coming on!"

"I'll go warm up"

RED CARD! A Southampton player has been sent off, a second yellow card, we can now take the foot of the pedal.

"Calm down, ease it out....counter attack!""

With us having the extra man, we are in total control now, we can just cruise till the end of the match. Ozil is about to be subbed off.

"Go and prove a point Alex..."

My words to Alex seem to have sparked something in him as he's causing the oppositions defense problems with his speed and skill and now he's been hacked!


Oscar has taken responsibility for this free-kick, he's on a hattrick hopefully he delivers....GOAL! 5-0, game, set, match. Hattrick for Cardozo on his debut well done to him.


Second Half Team Talk

Guys you have made 60,000 fans happy and you have made me happy. A very beautiful and good performance from you all. You played your hearts out. If we can play like this week in, week out I can guarantee you that we will win a trophy and go places this season.

Take tomorrow off from training you all deserve it, now all of you go take a shower and relax!

TEAM: Thanks Boss

What a brilliant performance that was from the boys. They have made me proud with a thumping 5-0 victory, my debut at the Emirates will be one to remember.

Damn Seni that is one hell of a write up!! Very descriptive and it felt like I was reading some match report! Keep it up.
2013-09-03 19:11#133256 Seni : I would like to thank Odious for the lovely banner he made for me and Nick for helping me resize it, thanks lads! :)

No worries man! :)
Seni, I am not just saying this but that match report was quality! I actually felt like I was the manager, making notes, calling Jack over. Really, really good keep it up and you could get a SOTM nomination :D
2013-09-04 22:52#133466 BayernAmerica : Damn Seni that is one hell of a write up!! Very descriptive and it felt like I was reading some match report! Keep it up.

thanks a lot!
2013-09-05 05:52#133481 Walter : Seni, I am not just saying this but that match report was quality! I actually felt like I was the manager, making notes, calling Jack over. Really, really good keep it up and you could get a SOTM nomination :D

Cheers Walter :) for now my mind is on making this a good read and a standout, sotm is just a bonus.

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