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Arsenal FC: The Pride of London

A story with the club I love so much, The Arsenal
Started on 3 September 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 13 October 2013 by Louis O.
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2013-09-11 18:19#134547 AlexTHFC : I agree :P

Despite me writing that, I disagree!

Some say I'm a c***, its just passion really

Hello Jack, nice to have you here.

Its nice to have the chance to talk to you.

Right firstly Jack, how do you think last season went, both for the club and you personally?

For the club it was a very challenging and tough year. Going into the season and during the season we were constantly criticized for one thing or another. It was a real test of our mental strength. In terms of cup runs, we were disappointing, excluding the champions league. I think in the FA Cup and Capital One Cup, a club such as our club, Arsenal, should have done much better and we were poor. I know the fans were furious, I was too!

Personally for me, it was a good season. It was the season that I made my return after some years which was really nice. I think I put in some decent performances but at points injuries played hampered my football, which is very frustrating but you've just got to deal with it. The club always comes first though, some players in the past have failed to understand that and so they just ditch the club for other top teams *smiles*

*laughs* We won't mention any names! What was it like during your rehabilitation period?

It was very tough. You know you watch the other lads training and watch them playing matches on TV and you're wishing you could be playing. There was a lot of physical wok that had to be put in to make sure my body was ready. When I suffered the setback I was devastated, it was awful, but I'm glad I'm back now and I'm hoping I can stay fit.

You became a father, not too long ago, how has that been to you?

When Archie was born, I was over the moon. I'm really proud to be a dad. Some may say I became a dad too early, its our choice really. I actually think it was Archie that got me through those crucial five months, and Lauren of course, my girlfriend.

Jack, the season has started, where you sad to see Arséne leave his role as the manager?

To be honest, I wasn't surprised that he did, I saw it coming but I was very sad about it. If it wasn't for Wenger I probably wouldn't be the player I am today. I owe him a lot! Thankfully we still see him very often as he's now the director of football.

What are your thoughts of the new manager?

He's just a mini-me of Arséne, its really interesting. They are very similar in their training methods, tactics etc. We were all expecting a manager to come in and change everything at the club, but obviously the board knew what they were doing when appointing him.

You often tend to get into fights with opposition players' and many have said harsh things about you because of that, what do you think about this?

It happens every other game! I don't think its because of what people say, its the love and the passion of the game. You go in for every tackle, if an opposition does something bad you want to tell them yourselves. Sometimes you can't wait for the ref to do all the talking, but you must be careful not to go too far. There are boundaries.

Lastly Jack, there has been talk of you becoming the next captain, what do you think about that.

I don't want to talk about that, want to respect the current captain Thomas. All I will say is that hopefully my future at the club I love so much, Arsenal FC is bright. I've said it before and I will say it again, I will NEVER EVER leave the club. You don't kiss the badge then leave like some people have done.
No, he's a cunt. A coke head too ;)

All seriousness, though - nice update, it's funny seeing him square up to people who's so much taller than him :P
2013-09-11 20:11#134558 Nick : No, he's a cunt. A coke head too ;)

All seriousness, though - nice update, it's funny seeing him square up to people who's so much taller than him :P

lool he's brave and thanks :)
2000 views, cheers to everyone who has read this story and has supported my writing :)

Team spirit higher than ever - September

Hull City vs Arsenal

Score: 4-3 to Arsenal

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Score: 4-2 to Arsenal

Legia vs Arsenal

Score: 2-0 to Arsenal

Everton vs Arsenal

Score: 2-0 to Arsenal

Everton vs Arsenal

Score: 1-0 to Arsenal after Extra Time

Arsenal vs Sunderland

Score: 2-1 to Sunderland

My Verdict on the month

A very sound month for us in all three competitions, the league, the capital one cup and champions league. I was very pleased that we started off our champions league campaign with a victory, as we were given a tough group.

Despite it being early in the season, picking up three points is very vital. We do not want to lose out on any points. Concerning the Sunderland game, we were disappointing but we were forced to rest some of our stronger players, due to them playing 120 minutes in the capital one cup earlier in the week.

The squad will only get stronger as time goes by. We must remain focused and work hard on and off the pitch. Next month we play some important fixtures.

How dare you beat Everton without my permission? :P
2013-09-12 20:07#134667 The 510 Series : How dare you beat Everton without my permission? :P

Not once but twice :D
Hey guys, thanks for all the support I've gotten with this story! :D This story may not be updated as often as usual due to me being extra busy, hence me creating the bale story which I wouldn't need to update as often since its a player story. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE STORY IS OVER! There will be updates not just as often .

I want to score against Arsenal

Napoli number 9, Gonzalo Higuain, has told Sky Italia that he wants to score against Arsenal as the two clubs face each other in a upcoming champions league fixture. Throughout the summer the Higuain had been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal and at one point, the deal seemed to be done but that wouldn't be the case as he joined Napoli.

Speaking to Sky Italia Gonzalo said:

"We've got a tough fixture coming up against Arsenal in the champions league, it will not be an easy one. We played them in the Emirates cup and so we know what they're capable of. Personally I want to score vs Arsenal to keep the Arsenal fans quiet. As you know they were booing me at the Emirates cup, which I don't understand. "

Higuain could play against his old teammate, Mesut Ozil who we expect to be in Arsenal's starting line up. The Argentine spoke about the prospect of facing Mesut:

"We are good friends. I was shocked when I heard he had signed for Arsenal because I never expected Madrid to sell him, but with Bale coming in, I knew someone would have to go. I look forward to playing him, he is a world class player."

Is this upcoming match between Arsenal vs Napoli just a champions league fixture or is it turning into a grudge match?
Napoli to win and...

2013-09-11 19:53#134557 Seni :

Getting some anal there.
Napoli to win and...

2013-09-11 19:53#134557 Seni :

Getting some anal there.
2013-09-14 15:58#134889 Pauker : Napoli to win and...

2013-09-11 19:53#134557 Seni :

Getting some anal there.

I knew someone would pick that out :D
Been really nice to read so far.

I will keep Higuain in my pocket

Following Gonazalo Higuain publicly stating his intentions of scoring vs Arsenal. French international and Arsenal defender, Laurent Koscienly has told Sky Sports that he will personally do anything to stop Higuain from scoring against Arsenal, just like he did in the Emirates cup. The French defender has been in good form since the latter stages of last season and will be hoping his good form can improve.

Speaking to sky sports, Laurent said:

" We have started the season very well and we've played some good football. Both defensively and attacking we have been very good and that is why we have won games. In our last game we were all tired following a cup match that we played for 120 minutes but Sunderland were the better team.

We have an important and tricky champions league fixture coming up vs Napoli which we want to win. Hopefully on the day, we will perform and get the three points. The new players have been very good so far and have added quality and firepower to the squad."

When Laurent was asked if he heard about Gonzalo Higuain's attempts to score against Arsenal he cheekily replied:

"We're not afraid of Higuain, and I personally will have him in my pocket. Its a defenders job to stop the opposition from scoring and that's what I will do. I am looking forward to the game. He may be on the end of some harsh yet fair tackles, that's my job. Maybe we will go a step further from the Emirates cup and defeat them."

Looking at the words from both Laurent Koscienly and Gonzalo Higuain, we can expect the champions league fixture which takes place tomorrow, to be a heated one. Who will win, will it be Napoli or Arsenal who pick up the three points and bragging rights? We'll just have to wait and find out.

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