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Arsenal FC: The Pride of London

A story with the club I love so much, The Arsenal
Started on 3 September 2013 by Seni
Latest Reply on 13 October 2013 by Louis O.
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Just noticed I've gone past the 500 views mark, thanks to everyone who's given me support with yet another story, hope you're enjoying it :)
Nice writing, didn't expect the Oscar transfer but he seems marvellous so far, good luck
2013-09-05 12:11#133535 Mohamed : Nice writing, didn't expect the Oscar transfer but he seems marvellous so far, good luck

Cheers Mo :)

Board Meeting

Due to me giving the lads a day off from training, the board directors decided it would be a good time to hold a board meeting, which has just finished. There are various people on the board.

Meet the board

Summary of the meeting

Being my first ever board meeting as the Arsenal coach I must say I was quite nervous at first. I had a fair idea of the things we were going to talk about, for example.

*Job Evaluations

Also we would have a fans spokesperson come in to give all of us an update.

The first thing we ended up talking about was the finances of the club. The Chief Executive, Mr Ivan Gazidis, announced that our finances were very positive, so positive that the transfer revenue is currently 100%. This means any money that comes in from loans and transfers, it comes straight to the transfer budget and the wage budget and the board doesn't just hold it. In the past, the board has been criticized for doing that, so it was nice to hear that it would happen know more.

This season alone, despite it only just starting, we have made a profit of 28 million, which is an incredible amount as we try and erase our debts, caused by building the Emirates stadium. Our kit sponsorships are on the verge of ending. The board has confirmed that we will no longer be in partnership with Nike, hence why did not change our home kit for the season. A deal will be signed shortly with Puma.

The signing of Arsenal, Ozil, merchandise alone has brought in one million pounds, a stunning amount. This money will go towards the debts that need to be paid and erased.

In overall the board is pleased with the current finances as it is projected to improve in the near future.

Next up on our agenda was facilities. With our facilities already being state of the art, there was not too much to talk about. The main focus was on the Emirates although we did touch on some training ground aspects.

With regard to the Emirates, various protest groups are still unhappy with the ticket prices. They feel that the price is to expensive and that is why there are empty seats at the Emirates. They have suggested that we try our best to lower the prices or come up with special offers. They even went as far to compare us to teams such as Borussia Dortmund. According to them, there season tickets cost just under 100 pounds. The board have promised to try and find a way to reduce the ticket prices but insist that they will not do this until they find another way to bring in income.

I myself, proposed an idea to the board. The idea was that we should try and create more youth academies around the world, by doing this we can attract young superstars from all over the planet. Even though there's a huge fuss about homegrown players, creating academies all over the world will make sure we get as much talent into our youth system as possible.

The board seemed to like this idea but stated, before they could do that they would need the finances to improve further, which I totally understand.

The board asked me how I felt about my staff, I simply replied that due to his experience, I allowed Arséne to take care of hiring and sacking staff and he has done a good job so far.

The fans spokesperson, John Healey had just arrived at the Emirates and was invited to the room, I remained calm as I couldn't see any reason why the fans would be complaining, apart from the ticket prices. So far the fans don't have any concerns with any of the players, which is good to hear. They are happy that we managed to offload Nicklas Bendtner for a reasonable fee as they considered him deadwood. The same goes with Park Chu Young.

Concerning all our new signings, the fans have chosen to watch our new players play a few more games before making a judgement. This I was surprised to hear. I thought they would be ecstatic with Oscar Cardozo, considering how they were chanting his name against Southampton.

As expected, the fans were delighted with 5-0 victory over Southampton.

Next up and finally was the job evaluation part. So often managers believe they've done nothing wrong but then find themselves unemployed. Thankfully, the board stated that they are satisfied with my management so far and they hope to see success while I'm here...and that was it, the end of my first ever board meeting as the first team manager of Arsenal Football Club.
Good work mate, should be really interesting to see if you can challenge for the title? Have you set yourself any targets for this season and beyond?
Nice detail in the updates & stuff. Keep it up. :)
Great update :D
Great results and great signing in Inigo Martinez! :D
Once again, thanks for all the kind comments :)

I hope to get in the top 3 at least for this season :p
Great update yet again Seni, this story is off to a flying start :D
2013-09-05 20:28#133692 Walter : Great update yet again Seni, this story is off to a flying start :D

Cheers Walter :D

New year, same old things

17 years, what a great thing to do! Yesterday we qualified for the Uefa Champions League, the most prestigious tournament in Europe for the 17th year in a row. Not only did we do that, but we defeated a team that are said to have one of the best youth setups in the world, Ajax. It wasn't a lucky win, or a convincing win, it was a thrashing. The final aggregate score, 6-2.

Here at Arsenal football club, playing in the champions league means a lot. Playing in the tournament brings in extra income, it gives the players a chance to play against other top European sides in the world. In previous years the club hasn't done too well in the competition. The stage that always seems to cause trouble is the round of 16/the quarter finals. I believe in the last few years that is were we have been knocked out. However, on two occasions, we have nearly made miraculous comebacks, that gives us hope.

Last year, the side defeat Bayern Munich 2-0 at the Allianz Arena. That season we were the only team to beat them there. They went on to win the tournament. A few years before, we were the only team to defeat Barcelona in the competition. These are glimpses of future success in the champions league, but it will take hard work. We have brought in some quality players, hopefully in the January transfer market, we will be able to bring in more. It is possible to win the tournament.

Concerning our fixtures vs Ajax, I felt we totally outplayed them. The first leg, and the away leg, was the tougher leg. We really should have defeated them but if I am honest with you, I put a team out to get a draw and a crucial away goal. Laurent scored an own goal, not something Arsenal fans aren't knew to, but Alex picked up the all important goal.

The second leg is when we went all out to destroy Ajax. Laurent, Mikel, Oscar, Nacho and Jack got the goals. Mikel picked up an injury, he will be going for some scans today. A fantastic win in front of the fans once again. We will be eagerly waiting for the champions league draw, we hope for a fairly easy group, but that's unlikely.

Uefa Champions League Draw

Any manager of a team playing in the champions league will dread the group stages draw. Before it you have thousands of fans calculating which team could be drawn with another, what's the chance of a team getting a tough group and then you have the group of "death". That group is the group nobody wants to be in. In the past Manchester City have been in it and the champions ended up in the Europa League.

The draw should be starting any minute now, the players and I are on the team bus on the way to Hull as we face Hull City. Luckily Sky Sports News is tuned in and there are various TV's on the coach. Earlier today the chief executive Ivan Gazidis and Arséne flew out to Monaco to represent the club, each club must have representatives.

Luckily, our name is in pot 1. Some may say and have said we don't deserve to be in pot 1 as we failed to qualify for the tournament through the league, but the truth is, no matter what they say it will not make a difference. The 7 other names in pot 1 are:

Real Madrid
Man United

There is no way we will face any of these teams in the group stages, also due to the rules we cannot face Manchester City as we're from the same nation. Anyway the draw is starting now and the coach is silent. We have been in drawn in group D but nobody really cares about what group we're drawn in, its who we get.

The second team in group C has been drawn, meaning next is us and the second team is.....Napoli. Immediately there is a collective groan on the coach. Napoli are a very good side, they strengthened very well during the summer and will pose a threat.

Right now, everyone on the coach is praying that the third team to be drawn into group D is no a tough team, as the balls are being mixed the third team is....Schalke. This is turning out to be a group of death. In the past we have struggled against the German side and now they have a special Kevin-Prince Boateng in their lineup, another very tough side.

Now, the last team to be drawn can't be a tough team, its literally impossible. However we could get a team capable of causing an upset...and the last team is...Legia Warzawa.

"Yes, a team from Poland! Don't worry boss, we'll smash them!"

"I hope so Wojciech, I hope so! Now lads, you've seen we've gotten a tough group once again in the champions league. It will take a lot of hard work to qualify, and we want to qualify as 1st place not 2nd."

Our champions league group

You should be able to get out of the group but it is still tough so do not underestimate them :D
2013-09-06 19:47#133811 wellsy1498 : You should be able to get out of the group but it is still tough so do not underestimate them :D

hopefully I smash them!

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