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[FM13] Roma - Conquering Europe Once Again

My attempt to bring European success to AS Roma
Started on 21 July 2013 by Nathaniel
Latest Reply on 6 June 2014 by Jer
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2013-07-25 22:16#122917 Justice : Great writing, very enjoyable to read :)

Thanks Niko! Means a lot!
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

Roma - The Crisis Continues

As has been aforementioned. Roma are a club in crisis. Not on the pitch, off it. There have been fights, disagreements, squabbles and backstabbing. But Matteo Brighi has taken it to a whole new level. The right back has gone beyond the known barriers of lunacy and madness. He has made the most ludicrous decision of his life. What was it he did you ask?

He made the unbelievably stupid decision to smash up Fabio Cannavaro's car!

Yes you read right. The Roma right back of 7 years decided he would make the almost comical decision to wreck Fabio's car. What a clever guy!

He would have got away with it as well, had an anonymous phone call not been made to Fabio, who was working late, telling him that somebody was outside the ground smashing up his car.
Fabio then phoned the police and they dealt with Matteo, throwing him into the back of their car and taking him down to the station. It is unlikely he will serve any prison sentence though.

Matteo made the following statement about the Event :

"As I spray painted on the car, 'Rome Must Remain Pure'! I have been a custodian of this club for 7 years and when the chairman brings in a former Juventus player do you expect me to be happy? He should be sacked, he is not worthy to manage the mighty AS Roma."

Fabio responded, through his recently re-activated Twitter account with the words, "Matteo For Manager? #idiot #ludicrous #decision #owesmeanewcar."

Matteo has certainly got his point across albeit in a very un-eloquent way. The idiotic right back will have to be transfer listed and if nobody buys him, which is increasingly likely, his contract will have to be terminated.

This whole scenario adds to the already well known fact that currently Rome is the epicentre of everything wrong and murky in the football world. It is the epitome of a crisis. A Nuclear Meltdown personified.

Fabio Cannavaro will do his best to steady the ship whilst avoiding clashes with the media and fans but he can't do this forever and the radicalist's will most likely follow in the footsteps of Matteo and deface property of Cannavaros and maybe even threaten his family.

Rome is like an old fashioned time bomb. All it needs is a spark and it could blow sky high.

By Antonio Di Pirnesta, Chief Sports Writer

(NOTE : Just to clarify, Matteo's statment about his reason to Smash the car isn't inconsistent with the rest of the story as if you remember, The "Bad Guy" so to speak threatened his families life's if he breathed a word about him :) )

Next Update : Clear-Out As Fabio Throws Out 9
2013-07-26 00:37#122949 Nathaniel :
Fabio responded, through his recently re-activated Twitter account with the words, "Matteo For Manager? #idiot #ludicrous #decision #owesmeanewcar #YOLO #Swag #Dench #ForzaJuve #WhyAmIHashtagging #Hashtagfag #THUGLIFE #innitbruv #nameourbaby."

Well....that was unexpected O.o
Poor Brighi :(
Pretty unexpected this, weird, but fun to read! Go on! And update more often :P
2013-07-26 01:11#122957 Mohamed : Pretty unexpected this, weird, but fun to read! Go on! And update more often :P

Hahah, thanks Mo! But no, I think I am updating enough as it leaves a degree of suspense :P
Very interesting...Sell that scumbag! :P
Just caught up with this haha a great read, feels like its out of a book! Keep it up! Can't wait to see what happens when the season actually starts
2013-07-26 19:24#123164 k1rups : Just caught up with this haha a great read, feels like its out of a book! Keep it up! Can't wait to see what happens when the season actually starts

Hahah, thank krupesh! Glad you are enjoying it!
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

Clear-Out as Fabio Throws Out Nine

Fabio Cannavaro has shocked Roma and football fans alike by offloading 9 Roma players, some of whom have been club stalwarts. Some Roma die hards have took to the streets in protest of Cannavaro's decision but many football fans feel he has made the right decision.

The first of the players offloaded is 25 year old centre back Leandro Castan to Inter for £3.2 million. This one has caused controversy as Roma and Inter very rarely do business together and some of the AS Roma Loyal feel aggrieved at this "stupid" decision by Fabio.

Also out is bad boy right back Matteo Brighi to Cagliari. This departure doesn't shock anyone after Matteo smashed up his own manager Fabio Cannavaros car, and then declared his reason why as "Keep Rome Pure." Some radical Roma fans jumped on the "Brighi Bandwagon" and Fabio has had the slogan "Keep Rome Pure" spray painted on his house.

His Window Cleaner has been working overtime.

Another player who has been thrown out is giant striker Pablo Osvaldo. The huge Italian was transfer listed after he punched Erik Lamela in training and Borrussia Dortmund swooped to sign the temperamental striker for a huge £17.5 million fee.

Also having left the club is aging Argentinean centre back, Nicolas Burdisso. Burdisso, 31 was deemed surplus to requirements by Fabio, having only joined last year. Due to the signings of Astori and Benattia, Burdisso no longer had a place in the first team and Fabio thought it was in the interest of everyone that he moved on.

Next Greek right back Vasillis Torosidis was moved on after the signings of Sime Vrsasljko and Sebastian Corchia, along with Maicon who was already at the club. Vasillis was sold to LAZIO for £3.5 million and this deal has angered the Roma fans. They were out in force the night he left, egging his car and screaming abuse at him. Police managed to contain the damage but did nothing to prevent them targeting him..

In addition to this Italian Left Back Federico Balzaretti also departed the club, joining Leverkusen in a deal thought to be worth £8 million. The Left back joined under the regime of the previous manager, Rudi Garcia, and was evidently not a part of Cannavaro's plans, so was moved on.

Also another aging player in Alberto Gillardino was moved on for a fee of £4.1 million to Torino having also joined under the regime of Rudi Garcia just a few weeks ago. Like Balzaretti, Gillardino was deemed as not needed and was moved on to mid table Torino.

Finally utility player, Marquinho was moved on to Torino also for a fee of £3.6 million. The versatile player, who joined from Fluminese, also under the Garcia reign, was again not seen as a viable first team option for Fabio Cannavaro so was sold.

All of these players were either not needed or were too much of a nuisance to be regarded as a player for the club. Despite this we hope every single one of them the best at their new respective clubs.

Except Matteo Brighi, we don't really care what happens to him.

By Paolo Malderossi, Sports Writer.

Next Update : Battle of Bologna
Really nice story mate, keep it up :)
2013-07-26 20:30#123181 Blue : Really nice story mate, keep it up :)

Thanks Blue! :D
Hopefully selling nearly a team wort of players wont bite you on the bum (dodgy expression i know)
Nathaniel's avatar Group Nathaniel
10 yearsEdited

Battle of Bologna

Fabio was pumped as he walked down to the changing rooms in the away end at the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara. He was about to make his managerial debut and he couldn't wait. He had done all the press conference crap and was now into the last hour before kick-off. Pre-match nerves? Non-existent in Fabio's mind. All he felt was excitement and a real desire to win. He walked into the changing room. He saw the players looking back at him and he mentally prepared to deliver a perfectly executed thoroughly drilled team talk.

"I have faith in you guys. I know you guys can win this game easily. I also know that you can restore pride to Rome despite all the crap that's been happening. We have lost players but yet we remain strong. Wear your shirt with pride and do Roma justice! I know you guys can do it so prove me right! Thump this Bologna lot.

Fabio looked around expecting his players to be pumped and up for it. They weren't. Seb Corchia looked dis-interested whilst many seemed not to listen to Fabio's team talk. Only Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi seemed to have a bit of fire in them, both looking to be motivated by Fabio's passionate plea for victory.

109 minutes later....

Fabio sat in the dressing room mulling over what had just unfolded. It left a sickening taste in his mouth. He felt mentally and emotionally drained. Seeds of doubt that had been planted in his head by the media, as to whether he was the right man for the job began to sprout and spread. He was absolutely gutted with the result. His team had been woeful.

It had started off so well to, they had had 90 % of the possession in the first 7 minutes with one clear cut chance that Miralem Pjanic had squandered. Then all their hard work had been undone as Bologna had hit on the break and scored via the head of Panagiotis Kone. A bullet header, it was a superb goal, at the end of a breathtakingly good move. Then it very nearly got worse as Davide Astori, normally the epitome of security and consistency, completely mis-kicked from a corner and the ball would have rolled into the goal, save for the lightning quick reflexes of Rui Patricio. Still Bologna came, relentless in their pursuit of a killer 2nd goal. Diamanti had a shot from 35 yards well saved by Patricio and Gabbiadini missed a sitter on the 70th minute.

Then came the Hammer Blow.

After what had been a good spell from Roma with Erik Lamela and substitute Neal Maupay both coming close, Bologna again hit on the counter. They played the ball up the pitch effortlessly and the move was of such a high calibre, Barcelona could've learned a thing or two. The fantastic move ended in a killer through ball from Moscardelli which was smashed home by substitute Saphir Taider. If you wanted to concede a goal, this was the kind of move you wanted to concede to. However this was sparse consolation to Fabio, as was Miralem Pjanics goal in the 3rd minute of stoppage time. By this time the match was a foregone conclusion. It had been decided. Simply put Bologna had just been better in every aspect, defending, passing, shooting, everything.

So now Fabio had the hard decision of Be Nice or Be Nasty. He chose Nasty.

"What the heck was that?! That was the single most woeful performance I have ever been a part of. When I played we never had any performances as bad as that and we always fought to the last. You didn't fight, you barely whimpered. I am disappointed in all of you."

This made the players sit up. Erik Lamela and Gabriel Torje amongst others looked rejuvenated. They were beginning to show some fight! De Rossi and Totti were dejected at the loss but yet they seemed to be fired up for the next match, desperate to prove to Fabio that they still had it in them to play football at the highest level. Fabio was pleased and delighted with how his team seemed. The delight soon evaporated when he thought of two components that could ruin everything.

The Fans and....The Media

Next Update : The Shade
Nice one Bologna ;)
Don't worry about it, I lose my first game in charge with EVERY team I manage, you'll recover well :P

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