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Revenge: The Story of the Shadow

Started on 5 August 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 22 October 2013 by TVDLC123
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brilliant writing

@Akash Haha, thanks a lot!
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
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Breaking News!
Porto FC has confirmed the appointment of Arthur Anderson as their manager for the coming season. The club has refused to comment on the length of the contract or the wages that he will receive, but sources within the club have told us that the contract is expected to last for a year with several other clauses included.

The appointment of an unknown man as their Head Coach has made the fans very angry. A protest occurred a few hours after the decision was made public outside Porto's training ground. The board has yet to talk about the decision as two out of the five head members were met with an unfortunate car accident and are in hospital. The decision was taken by the remaining three members who reportedly voted unanimously in favour of Mr.Anderson.

Some fans took to social media to display their anger.

Are you kidding me? Sheesh, what are the board smoking? #WTF
Great job in losing our title, idiots. #ANDERSON OUT
Just heard the news about Porto's manager. I think I want to go kill myself. #Ihatelife
Don't expect much from my club after this decision. Will not get a season ticket for the first time in 45 years. #Disappointed
Whaut thr fuzj ate tjey tgibking? #chelsea weak?
Heard the news, as a Benfica fan I know we have got the title in the bag. Haha! #U Mad Bro?
2013-08-18 08:32#128959 TVDLC123 :
Whaut thr fuzj ate tjey tgibking? #chelsea weak?

Chelsea weak??? is The Best Thread In FMScout History :P
2013-08-18 14:07#128960 Louis O. : Chelsea weak??? is The Best Thread In FMScout History :P

This. ^
Absolutely fantastic story! Unique and gripping, keep it up! You've definitely got a new follower!
@Louis O. Haha, more like the best story ever! Forget about Harry Potter, chelsea weak is where it's at!

@Blue I am so glad you are enjoying it! I will do my best to keep it up!
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Behind the Scenes...

Me- Hello? It's Arthur Anderson.

Mafia Leader- Ah, Arthur, I've been expecting you.

Me- How did you do it? I just got a call from Mr.Pinto da Costa, the chairman of Porto FC, saying that he wants to talk to me urgently.

Mafia Leader- I have my ways. That is not important. Do you remember the terms of our agreement?

Me- Yeah, relax, I know what I have to do.

Mafia Leader- Just remember this, I gave you this chance, I can just as easily take it away.

Me- I understand.

Mafia Leader- Good. Call me after the meeting.

The call ended abruptly as I was left speechless. This was my big chance. I could not mess it up otherwise 5 years of planning, lying and deceiving would have gone to waste. There was no room for error.

I exited the shabby phone booth and glanced up at the magnificent stadium that stood proudly in front of me. Decades of history, all in this very building. I opened the front door, trying to remain calm, and made my way over to the reception located near the entrance. I was greeted by a small, plump lady who wore a name tag reading Maggie. I greeted her and told her the purpose of my visit. She gave me a secretive smile and ushered me into a door to her left. I thanked her and slowly walked towards it.

Trying to calm my mind I tried to focus on my goal, the reason I was here. I pictured my parents standing in the audience of my school play and my little brother jumping up and down, excited about something or another. With this thought in mind, I gently knocked on the door, as if not to disturb them, and was greeted by a tall, slender man, who introduced himself as Pinto da Costa, the Porto chairman. More importantly, the man who would either make or break my dreams.

He reluctantly showed me in and presented me with a thin piece of paper. I glanced down on it and saw that it was a contract. As I skimmed through it I saw the words manager several times.

Chairman- Welcome, Mr.Anderson. I hope these talks will be brief as I have several other... matters to deal with today. Basically, the board would like to appoint you as the manager of Porto FC for the coming season. The wages are quite handsome, as you will see in the contract, and the team is of a very high pedigree. Our expectations are that you challenge for the league and win one domestic cup. European wise, we don't expect to much. We hope that the team can learn from the experience and next season qualify for the knockout rounds. We also hope that you are willing to give chances to youth during the season. We feel that these are reasonable requests. Do you accept?

I looked stunned at the man, trying to take in what he had just said. The league looked easy enough and the youth team was quite impressive. I took a deep breath before uttering my answer.

Me- Mr. Chairman, it would be my pleasure.
Another nice update mate, keep it up :)
@Thanks mate!
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited

Live from Estádio do Dragão!

Chairman- Welcome, esteemed journalists, to a very important press conference. Today, you will have the chance to question Mr.Anderson, the new manager of our beloved football club. So, without further ado, here is the man himself, Arthur please introduce yourself.

I stood up, my body shaking, nervously twitching my fingers. I forced myself to look up, and saw about 60 people staring right into my eyes. I gave them a nervous smile and greeted them.

Me- Good morning. My name is Arthur Anderson, and I will be the Porto manager for the coming season. I welcome any questions.

A thin man with a harsh expression was the first to speak.

Journalist- Welcome. What are your aims for the season?

Me- Well, I certainly expect us to mount a serious challenge on the league title, definitely finish in the top two. We should be able to at least reach the final of a cup, but that is not a priority. In Europe I hope we can get 3rd place in our group and qualify for the Europa League, where I expect us to do well.

Journalist- What are your plans for the transfer market?

Me- Well, I have just signed my contract so I haven't had time to analyse the squad, but I definitely hope we can get in an experienced striker,as well as a cover option for the full back positions. Other than this I will only spend on youth, and I don't plan to use up much of the large budget gifted to me, as I feel the players we have are great.

Journalist- Who do you feel will be your key player this season?

Me- Jackson Martinez is definitely the man I will look to as our main target man up front, hopefully he can lead the way.

Journalist- Do you feel you need to reshape the club to fit your vision?

Me- No, I feel that me and the chairman are on the same wave length about this club. You shouldn't expect any major changes, player wise or even facilities wise.

Journalist- Do you feel that there is massive pressure on you, this being your first job and all?

Me- Not at all, I actually feel privileged to have this opportunity, and hope to thrive at this club for many years to come. Thank you.

I rushed out of the conference, thinking back on everything I had said, making sure I had stuck to the script. I allowed myself a smile when I thought about the last question. Did I feel pressured? Hell yeah! But that was what is driving me to become the best manager ever to have lived. Toby, I am avenging you.
And so the first step towards bringing down football has been completed... I wish Arthur good luck in his mission!
Just read through this and it is really good. The quality of writing is great :D
@Arvind Yeah:) Nice to know that you are following!
@wellsy Nice to know you are enjoying it, will do my best to keep it up!
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The Thoughts of a Legend- Blog 1

Hello everyone, my name is Fernando Gomes, legendary Porto FC striker, most goals ever for my club, 2 European Golden Boots, anyway you get the gist. Welcome to Thoughts of a Legend, my weekly blog. Today, some massive news was released regarding my favourite club, Porto FC. Mr. Arthur Anderson was revealed by the chairman as our new manager for the coming season. The decision was met with some... resistance by the fans.

What do I think of the decision? Well, frankly I smell some fishy business going on. Firstly, two main board members met with a car 'accident', our manager was found dead on a golf course, the man who discovered his body was appointed manager, and then, most recently some small news came up that Porto FC was sponsoring a company called Executive Cleaners Lmt. Well, you see, I did my research about this business and turns out it doesn't exist. Hmm.

I mean, I hope that I am just looking at things the wrong way, but I know that can't be true. Something is going on, and I will get to the bottom of it. Until next time, this is Fernando Gomes, signing off.

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