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Leeds United story

Started on 9 November 2011 by psah
Latest Reply on 3 February 2012 by promitch
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#40128 Atreidas : Way to go mate! Those Regens look godlike! (The Defender looks really godlike, he is probably an utter wall) And that Midfielder would look to be a god at set pieces.
I'd reckon that 16 year old will we worth around 20M later on, i'd train him in the set pieces, Long shots, or passing/tackling.

And i think they are right ranking you the best team in europe, good going mate ;).

Yeah I hope the 16-year old will develop to a first-team player, if not, I'll atleast get a profit off him. I'm already training him in tackling and he is being tutored by Marcos Rios.
August 2022 results

It has been a very solid start to the season as we haven’t yet lost a game and even beat Arsenal(with a little bit of luck) in the Euro Super Cup. I think we were also a little bit lucky against West Bromwich, but we still came away with a very good result and we simply had too much quality for Tottenham.
We’re currently holding on to the pole position in the league, but I know it will be extremely hard to stay there.
We were drawn a pretty interesting group in the Champions League. There’s Atletico Madrid, who we beat in the euro cup final last season and Lazio who one of the best Italian teams at the moment. I don’t know anything about the last team, Steaua. I think we can qualify this season and I certainly don’t want to drop out again.
September and October results.

We have dropped down to 2nd place in the league and we still haven’t played current leaders Man Utd or Arsenal so it will be tough to hold a top 3 place.
I was hugely disappointed with our performance against Man City. I think we are the better team, but we just let them walk over us over and over again and I can’t find a working tactic. I think the result in the Chelsea and Liverpool matches could have gone either way so I think a draw is a fair result and I think we’ll come out victorious when we meet at Elland Road in the spring.

Champions league has been tighter than I expected, but we’re still comfortably in the qualification zone, holding a 4 point lead against 3rd placed Lazio with only 2 games left.
We’re in the quarter final in the League cup as was expected. We had 2 lucky draws and played against Chestefield and Wycombe and it provided a needed rest period for the first team players. Darren Ravenhill, who was born in Leeds and has come through the youth development program , scored his first ever senior goal for Leeds against Wycombe in the league cup. Myself and the fans expect great things from him and I hope he can make the step up to the first-team in the next few years.

Ravenhill scoring his first goal for Leeds from a delightful Matthew Evans through ball:
Is Ravenhill a product of your youth academy?
#40242 JI123 : Is Ravenhill a product of your youth academy?
Yes he is and I'm very proud of him. He's the first really promising player to come through.
Can you show me the attributes page of Jordan Spence, Carlos Fierro and Eric Toress. I bought Spence and he's playing well, I just want to know whether is mentality will improve, I'm planning to buy Fierro on free transfer once I get promoted, I can already offer him a contract alhtough his contract runs till 2014 but he's not intrested. I'm just Curious how Toress does because he never or develops very slowly in my games.
#40278 Ory1997 : Can you show me the attributes page of Jordan Spence, Carlos Fierro and Eric Toress. I bought Spence and he's playing well, I just want to know whether is mentality will improve, I'm planning to buy Fierro on free transfer once I get promoted, I can already offer him a contract alhtough his contract runs till 2014 but he's not intrested. I'm just Curious how Toress does because he never or develops very slowly in my games.
Dont expect Jordan Spence to develop much. When I first bought him I was expecting him to become one of the best defenders in the world, because that's what he was in FM11. He doesn't have great stats, but he is still one of the most consistent performers in the team and often finishes the season with the highest average rating.
November to January.

We’ve had some rather unlucky results and have dropped in to 3rd place. I can’t say I’m happy with it as I think we’re good enough for the title. The balance of power in the league has shifted a little bit though as Man Utd have been unbeatable so far and Arsenal are in 5th place.
We were also very disappointingly knocked out of the F.A cup once again, but this time by Liverpool with an appalling scoreline of 4-0. We are still in the league cup though and we’re going up against rivals Chelsea in the semi-final. It’s going to be very tight I’m sure and at the moment I would make Chelsea the favourites, but I hope we can bring the trophy home.

Even though league is not going according to plan, the Champions League is and we qualified with a comfortable margin in the end and now we face PSV in the first knockout stage. We stand a good chance of going forward in the competition.
End of Season 2022/2023

It was a frustrating season with many ups and downs and moments of great success and horrible disappointment. We had to settle for 3rd place in the league, but I think things could have been worse, much worse. There were times when morale couldn’t have been any lower and times when it couldn’t have been higher. I could go from praising the players in one game to yelling my heart our at them in the second.

Manchester United had their best season in a long time and Arsenal had to settle for a 2nd place. We had the exact same number of wins, draws and loses with Arsenal but lost to them by a 3 goal difference. Manchester City only collected 73 points, 10 points less than Leeds and Arsenal.
We fought our way in to the final of the league cup once again and despite putting on an encouraging performance, we lost to in-form Man Utd 1-0.
Champions League went extremely well. We faced PSG in the quarter final and also put in one of the most unprofessional performances I’ve ever seen from the team. After winning the away leg 5-1, we lost 3-0 at home and nearly gave away our place in the semi-final.

Then we had to face rivals Man Utd in the Champions League semi-final and I it was encouraging that we played very well against them in the league picking up an impressive 1-0 win. When the time came for us to meet again in the Champions League, the team was brimming with confidence and we shocked the league leaders with a 7-0 aggregate win.

I was beginning to hope that we could win the whole competition, but Arsenal also won their way to the final and I think I would’ve rather faced FC Barcelona. We put up a good fight but eventually lost 2-1 in the final.

Here are our results:
Dirk Thoma, a striker a signed as an 18-year old for 1,8million in 2017 was voted as the English Player’s Player of the year and also Fan’s player of the year. At his young age, he has already made 151 league appearances and scored 65 goals for Leeds.
He’s not the only young player to have been impressing, but a lot of the youngsters I’ve signed are getting more and more first team appearances and I can only hope they can match the success that Dirk has brought to the club.

Here is the best team of the season:
Davide Violini was selected to become part of the Leeds’ overall best eleven:
And Leeds’ Icon Daniel Sturridge has retired from football as a player and now works as an assistant manager:
Preview of the transfer window:

I don’t have any particular targets in mind. I think our weakest position in the team is currently Right-back as Jordan Spence is getting old, but I think he still has one or two more seasons in him. I’ll probably be given something around 30-40 million and I will be looking to spend it on one or two very good players. If I can’t find real upgrades to a position I probably won’t be buying anyone.

One thing I need is a new backup goalkeeper. I’ll try to find one that will accept a backup role and is still good enough to play a game here and there. And of course I’ll keep an eye out for new young prospects.
Season 2023/2024 transfers and pre-season results.

Here is a summary of the transfer activity:
I sold Carlos Fierro to Atletico Madrid, because he’s already quite old and I could still make a profit off him. Erick Torres was sold to Malaga because he is already 30 years old and declining as a footballer. It’s time to give the younger players a chance.

Here is the big 30million signing I made. A new central defender from Roma and I think he will magnificent beside Pride Chunga.
I also signed a very promising attacking midfielder for what I think is a very cheap price of 3,8 million.
And then my new backupgoalkeeper. I had to spend 5million to get him from Zurich, but he’s good enough to actually play in the first team, unlike Crepel.
And then finally a 16-year old defender from Schalke who looks absolutely magnificent already.
We had a decent pre-season, but our first games of the season are very difficult with games against Arsenal, Manu and Chelsea early on. I think we have a good chance of beating Manu and Chelsea, but Arsenal could prove too hard for us.
Hello again and thanks for the SS about Kyriakos!
Your singings are looking that they have the quality to cope your team's expectations.
Keep it up! :D
Half way through the season.

I didn’t have time to update before now. After a bit of a slow start to the season we have found our best form and have only lost one league game(Arsenal of course) and sit at the top of the table.
I was very annoyed after losing to Arsenal to draw against Sunderland, but the players picked themselves up after that and we crushed ManU 5-1. Chelsea is never an easy opponent and we had to settle for a draw at Stamford Bridge this time. Since that, we have won all of our league games and drawed only one Champions League game.

I’ve been switching around with 4-3-1-2, 4-5-1 and 4-2-3-1. I’ve found the tactics with wingers pretty effective, but I only have a few players that can play those positions so I can’t use them all the time. I might buy one or two players for those positions in the January window.
We qualified from our Champion’s League group with 2 games in hand. It was the easiest group we’ve been in so far and we did what was expected of us.
We are also through to the league cup semi-final where we will surprisingly meet Plymouth.
We’re currently leading the race for the title and I have no doubt in my mind that if we keep up this level of performance then no one can stop us.
Who did Sturridge get a job with? Or is he unemployed at the moment? Can i see his Staff attributes?

Cheers mate!
#40552 promitch : Who did Sturridge get a job with? Or is he unemployed at the moment? Can i see his Staff attributes?

Cheers mate!

He's unemployed and for a reason. I would've hired him myself if he wasn't this bad.
Summary of the 2023/2024 season.

Well I can’t quite believe yet how well this season went. To be honest I am shocked. We held the top position until the very end. It was a very tight race for the title with Arsenal, but finally we managed to hold on to our best form for the entire season.
But league wasn’t the only thing we won. We beat Chelsea in the league cup final.

And then we beat Arsenal in the F.A cup semi-final with a delightful score of 4-0 and went on to the final against Sunderland and beat them 3-1.

And we were also through to the final against Man City in the Champions League after beating OM, Bayern München and Juventus. This is what happened:
A quadruple… this is something I wasn’t expecting to happen in a very long time. I’ve had problems with keeping the team’s morale high and the results consistent and now that it happened we just won everything there was to win.

This is the best XI of the season:
This year’s English footballer of the year was a contest between three Leeds players:
The winner, Artem Ukraintsev. He scores a lot of free kicks from 40 yards. Amazing player.
Dirk Thoma played most of his games on the left wing so 25 goals in 31 apps is a magnificent achievement.
Frank Bong has turned out to be a very important signing. I bought him for only 3,8 million and I believe he is currently one of the best attacking midfielders in the world.

We have retained our top spot in the European Coefficients ranking.
Also by reputation we are now the 5th biggest team in Europe.
I’ve personally gotten myself in to the English hall of fame and am now considered a Leeds United Icon
Our youth academy has produced another fine young player. I’m very excited about him.
The Leeds under 18’s team have won their 3rd consecutive league title. Darren Ravenhill scores more goals than plays games. He is now 19 years old so I’ll have to start thinking about his future at Leeds United. His progress was stalled for 8 months due to having a very serious injury, but I remain positive.
Also the 16-year old defensive midfielder I signed a whole ago has been progressing very well. He has already won his first senior cap for Holland and has played quite a few games for the Leeds first team aswell.
So that’s it for the 2023/2024 season. I’m actually a little bit disappointed that we won everything because It doesn’t leave much room for improvement. I am thinking about starting another game, but I do love this Leeds team so nothing is certain yet. Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

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