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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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Thanks for the amazing comments guys :) I think I will update after September because the four August games have felt like just one game.
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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August + September Update

Our season finally kicked off and I will admit that I was unsure if I could keep Vauxhall Motors out of the relegation spots. I was prepared to fight for the right to stay in this league.

Our results were much better than what I had expected them to be. I am very happy with our away form but we seem to be lacking that cutting edge at home. Michael Burns has been fantastic for us, scoring 5 goals and claiming 2 assists. Obi Anoruo has also been great, scoring 5 goals too. These two players are crucial for us in attack.

I am delighted with our FA Cup win as it earned us £4.5k which has aided our finances. The cup games will be important for us as we need all the financial benefits that we can claim from them.

We are doing very well in the league and we currently sit in 5th place. This i a play-off spot and to stay in this position come the end of the season would be awesome.

Here are our fixtures for October and November:

It would be a miracle to stay unbeaten in these two months but if I can, I will be delighted. I am hoping to win the FA Cup match away to Stafford. The money earned would be a huge plus. Harrogate will probably be my toughest opponent but if I can win aainst them, it will shake up the league.

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as long as you lose to harrogate ill be happy keep it up :P
Brilliant results though a bit too many draws. Keep it up Justice!
Thanks guys :)

@patrick1, now I have a better reason to beat them :)

@Glenn T, I think I'm doing ok considering I was expected to be relegated :)
A very good start to the story. Good combination of text and images. Keep that up for sure and well done on your positive start to the BSN season. Good luck for the remainder of it.
2013-03-07 17:54#83687 Jamesg237 : A very good start to the story. Good combination of text and images. Keep that up for sure and well done on your positive start to the BSN season. Good luck for the remainder of it.
Thanks James, it is an honour to get a great commment like this from one of the best story writers here, and an inspiration for me to start writing too! :)
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11 yearsEdited

October + November Update

Hi guys, I have another update to post. October and November were busy months and you will see why in a minute. First of all I would like to say that it was or.dabool's Boreham story which inspired me to do a LLM story. Also, Blue has been great help for me and I cannot thank him enough. Enough chit-chat, here is how the two months went:

For a top team, these results would be considered as inconsistent and mediocre. For a team like Vauxhall Motors, these are very good results. I am pleased with how far we got in the FA Cup and I am delighted with our progress in the FA Trophy. Our league results have been varied but we did well overall.

Obi Anoruo has been our start player over the last few games, scoring five in the last four.

We still sit in 5th which I am very happy with. Hopefully we can even challenge for top spot over the next few months.

Here are the fixtures for December:

Stockport and Bradford PA will be two very tough fixtures. Otherwise, I am hoping to stay unbeaten. I will definately be looking for wins against Boston, Glucester and Colwyn Bay. Let's hope I can do so!

New Signings

Justin Broomfield
Free Transfer
Wage: £5 p/w
Youth Contract

Stephen Edwards
Free Transfer
Wage: £80 p/w
Appearance Fee: £40
Part Time

Charlie Kasler
Free Transfer
Wage: £220 p/w
Appearance Fee: £110
Part Time

Ben Woodhead
Free Transfer
Wage: £40 p/w
Appearance Fee: £15
Part Time

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They all look like brilliant signings for the future. Are you sure you will be still sticking with them when you reach the League One or something, though? ;)
Great story, good signings
@Glenn, that's the plan :)

@Seni, thank you :) I hope you continue to read this :)
stay and take over the world :D
Justice's avatar Group Justice
11 yearsEdited

December Update

December is a festive month for families and friends. It is also a festive month for football as the matches are played with an intensity not seen in many adult films. This is how Vauxhall Motors dealt with this intensity:

I was delighted that we stayed unbeaten over the six games. Obi Onoruo has been scoring more than the entire cast of Geordie Shore at a strip club. I was delighted with our results against Bradford PA and Stockport as they are two tough teams to beat.

We sit nicely in first place and I can only dream that we would finish the season in that position. We are now half way through the season and I am delighted with our results so far. Hopefully there will be more progress made over the next half-year.

It was very nice to get this award as it shows that the world of football has been impressed by my managerial abilities. However, I am only concerned with the team's victories and not my personal victories.

Here are the January fixtures:

I am hoping to stay unbeaten for the month of January, which I know will be a challenge. Maybe the impossible can be done?

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Next Episode: Bono Delighted With Progress
Justice's avatar Group Justice
11 yearsEdited

Bono Delighted With Progress

"When I first took charge of Vauxhall Motors, I knew that it would be a challenge. I have never had any experience playing competitive football, let alone being a football manager. I was very nervous when I took charge but I have settled down very well now.

Vauxall Motors may not be the most prestigious club or the richest club but they more than make up for it in fighting spirit. The players might not be training full-time but they put in every ounce of effort possible in to every training session and it has become evident in our match results. The players fight for the win and that is what makes me happy.

I had a friend who passed away a few years ago, may peace be with him. He always told me that if you put in as much effort as you can, you will get what your efforts deserve. This man was one of the most lively people I have ever met. He was always happy and he was always involved in something. What ever he did, no matter who big or small a task it may be, he always tried his very best to complete it. Talking to him made every day seem like a 'Beautiful Day'."

Previous Episode: December Update
Next Episode: January Update
I have to say I thought having Bono as manager may have made this story a tad...weird. But it certainly hasn't, especially as you can include great songs like Beautiful Day. Reminds me of football highlights on ITV a few years ago.

Well done for getting to the top of the league. Really do hope you can stay there.

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