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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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2013-03-11 07:52#84219 Glenn T : VAUXHALL MOTORS FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE
Maybe a bit too early yet ;)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
11 yearsEdited

Anoruo In Form Of Life Time

Twenty-one year old English striker Obi Anoruo has been Vauxhall Motors FC's shining light this season. The rapidly improving marksman has delighted supporters and critics a like with his dazzling performances and his heart stopping goals. He has been on target for Vauxhall Motors twenty-two times in a mere twenty-seven performances.

The explosive striker had this to say in an interview:
"My time here so far has been amazing. I was here a couple of years ago on loan and I loved life here at Rivacre Park. When I had the opportunity to play for Vauxhall on a permanent basis, I took it without thinking twice.

The new gaffer, Mr. Hewson as he likes to be called, has been a true inspiration for all of us players. He had never played a single football match before but his passion for the game and his determination to succeed has helped shine a new light on Vauxhall. He is a great motivator, a great friend and a wonderful manager. His tactical system is second to none in this league and he can lead the club to glory.

I am very happy to have recentl signed a part-time contract with the club. The gaffer felt that I deserved it for my form. I am very happy with my performances this season. I have over twenty goals now and for any striker in any league, that is the milestone that we all strive to reach each season. I would have to say that I am in the form of my life, so far. Hopefully I can improve even more and help this wonderful club even more."

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Loving this story!!
Story of the Month contender for me
Awesome update Justice, keep it up :)
2013-03-11 18:11#84266 jamo86 : Loving this story!!
Story of the Month contender for me
As much as I would love to think that, I do not consider my story to be anywhere near the quality of the greats like Blue's or JamesG's but I am very happy that you are enjoying it :)

I wrote this story for enjoyment and if people were to enjoy it too, that would be a huge bonus! My primary objective is to not give this up until the story has truely come to an end :)
2013-03-11 18:15#84268 Blue : Awesome update Justice, keep it up :)
There is plenty more drama on its way! :)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
11 yearsEdited

March Update

The penultimate month in the league season as upon us. With Vauxhall now having a firm grip on the league title, it all seemed so easy. Was it though?

This was from being any where near our best month. We were too inconsistent and we made too many mistakes. After seeing these results, I know you are asking yourself this question: "Were they enough to keep Vauxhall on top?"

Here is your answer:

The answer was no. With five games to go, we will need to pull everything together and keep on attacking until the final whistle of the final game has been blown. There are our five final games:

I kno that only five wins from five will be enough. I will not give up and I will try my best to win these five games. The rest comes down to faith.

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This could be an exciting ending! Keep it up Justice!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
11 yearsEdited

The Rally Cry

"I had a meeting with the squad today and they were all devestated that our lead has slipped. This shows that they care. I won't lie, I criticised them as much as possible. The response I got back tells the whole story. They want to win the league and they voiced that. They have the passion, the spirit and the drive to accomplish anything. We will not give up. All fans of Vauxhall Motors, I ask you to support your team to the bitter end! It is now that we need you the most!"


(excerpt from team meeting)

Paul Hewson (PH)
Colin Cryan (CC)
Obi Anoruo (OA)
Andrew Nicholas (AN)
Zak Jones (ZJ)

PH: "Lads, I know our form has dropped recently but we can still win the league. We aren't the most skillful team or the fastest team but we make up for that in spirit. We fight for our wins. No matter how hard a game may seem, we will fight for every single second to get the win! We are Vauxhall Motors and we will win!"

CC: "He's right lads. We can do anything when we put our minds to it. We haven't come this far to give up at the last minute. Let's win the league!"

AO: "Guys, we have been sensational this season and I don't want to see us not get any rewards for it. I will do my best to score for the team, but I need you guys to help me! Are you in?"

AN: "A year ago I would never have thought that Bono would ever manage us or that we would be battling for silverware but here we are. This is the grand finale for us, let's do it for the team!"

ZJ: "Have a look around guys. I know that I am nowhere near being the most experienced player but we have all experienced so much this season. This club means more to me than anything else. This is for Vauxhall!"

PH: "That's the spirit! Let's do this!"

(A personal favourite of mine)

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Great update Justice :)
2013-03-11 19:40#84291 Blue : Great update Justice :)
Thanks Blue :) This is going to be some finale!
Justice's avatar Group Justice
11 yearsEdited

April Update

Coming in to the final month of the league season, we were trailing the leaders, Altrincham, by a single point. With just five games to turn around the title chase, could Paul Hewson's Vauxhall Motors beat the odds?

We did it! We were crowned the champions of the Blue Square Bet North! They way we did it was quite remarkable too. Our defeat against Droylsden meant that the task looked even more daunting but two wins against Gloucester and Histon set us up for a face-off with second placed (we were first at the time) Gainsborough at their own ground. We were a mere one point ahead of them and Altrincham were just one point behind them. We were 1-0 down at half time but Ashley Stott and Tom Rutter rescued the win for us and gauranteed that we only needed a draw from our final game to win the league. The players played their hearts out against a tough Harrogate side to win the league in front of our own supporters!

Here is the league ended up:

The three relegated teams were Boston Utd, Colwyn Bay and Hinckley. We had by far the best defensive record in the league and the fourth best goalscoring record.

I also won the Manager of the Month Award:

That is that for now. I will update again with a End of Season Report and my reactions after a thrilling season.

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yay you're champion awesome season :)
Jano is right to be honest! Definitely an SotM contender!

Holy shit. Brilliant finish Justice.

Thanks for the support guys :) I will be updating in an hour or so :)

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