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Vauxhall Motors - The Path To Power

Bono in football? Follow his path to power!
Started on 5 March 2013 by Justice
Latest Reply on 9 July 2022 by Justice
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Yay another promotion. You're story has inspired me to try LLM, whether I masks it into a story is a different matter. :)
2013-05-05 10:48#97788 Louis O. : Brilliant work, think you can stay on top for the rest of the season?
Well I have the advantage now and the rest of my games aren't unbelievably challenging, so I do fancy my chances. :)

2013-05-05 10:55#97795 Sonalexwild : He will stay at the top!
Nice month Justice :)
Thanks mate :)

2013-05-05 10:55#97796Khejan : Nice job, lets see if you can keep "motoring" forward ;) :P
Thanks Khejan, let's hope I do! :P

2013-05-05 11:58#97819 Toon : Promotion confirmed, then. Focus on preparing for League 1, you'll have to make some changes if you want a good finish in your first season there.
I will need to wait to see what kind of budget I will be getting for next season before I can plan on building a better squad. I will be getting rid of a lot of dead wood this summer, however.

Let's not get carried away just yet, there's still a lot to play for! :)

2013-05-05 14:40#97891 BFC_Michael : Yay another promotion. You're story has inspired me to try LLM, whether I masks it into a story is a different matter. :)
I'm honoured to have inspired somebody to try Lower League Management! It is, in my opinion, what defines a manager. It is all about determination, hard work, and patience. With these three things, you can accomplish anything! :) Also, good luck on your quest! :)

In The Driving Seat

"Last month was a fantastic month for us. We are now the league leaders and we have a great chance of winning the league title this season. There are still plenty more games to play this season but we have the ability, the belief, and the determination to carry on our form and to claim what will be my second league title in charge of this fantastic football club.

We have learned our lesson from season past, and we will not let our form drop this close to the end of the season. We will remain strong, and we will fight for every point. We will fight for the ball for ninety minutes, because that is how you win. It's all well and good to be the better footballers, but the winner is usually the team that wants it more. That is a lesson I learned when I was growing up. I never gave up with my music when I was a kid, and I would like to think that I had some success in the years that followed.

The players deserve to win the league this season. Forget about me, forget about the board, it is the players who train every day and play our matches. They are the people who put in maximum effort for our club to win. They deserve success. But first, they have a job to finish. We are in the driving seat now, and it is up to the players to keep us there!"

Yet another great update to a great story. Keep it up Justice!
Inspiring stuff, I'm certain you'll win the league :D
Nooooo! You overtook Bristol Rovers! :(

Congratulations on being top of the table.
2013-05-05 17:48#97945 PaukerJ : Yet another great update to a great story. Keep it up Justice!
Thanks mate, I'm hoping to keep progressing as quickly as I am with Vauxhall! :)

2013-05-05 17:48#97946 neal09 : Inspiring stuff, I'm certain you'll win the league :D
Thanks Neal, I hope we can avoid complacency for the final thirteen games this season :)

2013-05-05 17:51#97948 Gashead : Nooooo! You overtook Bristol Rovers! :(

Congratulations on being top of the table.
Bristol Rovers have the best squad in the league and I am very surprised that I managed to overtake them. Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying this :)

Season Five: February Update

It took us a long while, but we had finally climbed to the top of the league table. With a comfortable advantage heading in to February, we were looking to strengthen our hold on the title and to become champions of League Two. Could we earn out second league title in five seasons?


This was a very poor month for us. We lost our first two games very agonizingly. We were unable to kill the game when we scored and then they came back to beat us. I made sure that my players knew that their complacency was unacceptable. They learned their lesson, with a four goal battering of Barnet away to prove. My players then decided to prove me wrong, giving away a three goal lead to draw at home to Mansfield. This was very frustrating and I am very disappointed in my players that they let this happen.

Player of the Month

Obi Anoruo is my player of the month, for a third time this season. In a very frustrating month for the team, Obi continued his prolific form with three goals this month. He is quickly becoming a Vauxhall Motors legend and he deserves his plaudits.

NPower League Two

We still manage to stay on top, but only just. Bristol Rovers are just a point behind me and Rotherham are only two points behind them. I am hoping that we can stay above these two teams in what will be a hotly contested final two months.

March Fixtures

We have four games next month, with a nice long break between our third and fourth. I'm hoping that we can deliver next month and increase the gap between us and the teams below us.
A tough month mate but you gave Barnet a good thrashing, can't wait to see you in League 1!
random bump as requested :D
2013-05-06 18:46#98297 BFC_Michael : A tough month mate but you gave Barnet a good thrashing, can't wait to see you in League 1!
Thanks Mate :) I love getting those huge wins! :P

2013-05-06 18:51#98300 RandydeB : random bump as requested :D
Randy, you're only supposed to bump people's stories if they request it, not you! :P

Season Five: March Update

After a very poor month which we just escaped still on top of the league, we needed to improve our form if we wanted to win the league this season. Could we improve our form when it mattered?


We started this month off poorly, drawing against Dag & Red and losing toExeter. We then bounced back to win against Morecambe but then we drew against Shrewsbury. This is not the form of champions and we really do need to improve if we want to win. There were no stand-out players in a shocking month.

NPower League Two

We are miraculously leading the league, despite the last few months' poor form. Hopefully we can somehow manage to stay there, which will be very tough for us.

April Fixtures

We have just five games left this season, with the first one being against second placed Oxford. Hopefully we can do enough to win the league!

We Can Do It!

"This season has been an incredible season for us. We have progressed so much over the last year and we can progress even further. The club, as a whole, has been wonderful. Everyday feels like the best day ever, when you're at Vauxhall Motors. This club is special, and it deserves the world!

Our recent form hasn't been great at all. Old habits came back, and they hurt us. We were sloppy on the ball and unorganised in defence. We lacked the ability to finish our opponents and they came back to beat us all too easily. We got hurt badly, but we won't give up.

Since I joined Vauxhall Motors, the players have shown great commitment and brilliant passion. They always put in 110%, and nothing less. When the going gets tough, we get tougher. We will never give up, because that is when you have lost. Would you let your opponent claim the trophy just because you were scared of a challenge? No, you would fight for that trophy untill you can fight no more. That is what we will do, and we can do it!"

Another inspirational speech from Bono :P
2013-05-07 00:20#98390 neal09 : Another inspirational speech from Bono :P
Let's hope it will not be in vain! :P

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