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FM Weekly - 01/07/2018

A weekly digest of everything FM Scout

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FM Weekly - FM Weekly - 01/07/2018
Welcome back to the (hopefully) weekly edition of FM Weekly, where we discuss what has happened in the world of in the last week. We'll take a look at every side of the site, as we discuss news in the fronts of articles, guides, downloads and stories. Now, let's see what has happened!

FM18 Update 18.3.4 Patch Notes
SI recently released an update for FM18, and site founder Stam has explained the patch notes in this article. As the update itself was just a policy change, there were no actual game updates. Read more about it in this article. (NOTE: You cannot download the latest patch from this article. The latest update can be downloaded from Steam, as with all other updates.

[written by Justice]

Football Manager 2018 Summer Transfer Update (FMTU)
You want to play with your team with the latest Summer 2018 signings? Can't wait for FM19 to be released to do so? The n the recently released FMTU is for you. This data pack for FM18 contains the latest Summer 2018 signings for every club. It also allows users to submit accurate transfers from anywhere in the world. A transfer hasn't been updated for your club? Submit an edit for that particular player. What are you waiting for?

(NOTE: This is a community effort where everybody can submit updates to the databases. All changes are monitored. See article for more details. Project undertaken and overseen by pr0, with the help of Stam.)

[written by lewie100]

Writers Wanted: Team Guides (FM18)
Recently, there are lots of new people who buy FM and also want to play as a certain team. They may not be able to work a certain team to its strengths and weaknesses. Here's where you come in! You can submit a team guide by following the instructions on the forum topic. Also, it allows you to write all about your favourite team in FM, such as the budget, tactics, players, etc. Make sure to contribute as soon as possible!

[written by lewie100]

Liverpool FC - FM 2018 Guide
We already have a team guide written up by member Jopaaaa. It is a guide on the team he supports; Liverpool FC. It contains basic info for players who start a save as manager of Liverpool.

[written by lewie100]

FM18 Manager Stories
It has been a fairly quiet week in terms of stories on the site this week. However, a number have been created whilst others continue to thrive with updates.

We were able to welcome Jack back into the story writing world this week, as he began his 'Leeds United: That South American Look' story. He has been a familiar face on the site for a number of years and continues to produce a number of great stories; in which include 'Adam Chabukiani: Defying All Odds' and 'Uwe Rosler: Lost In A Foreign Land.' The story is based on Jack's supported team Leeds United, where former Lille manager Marcelo Bielsa has taken the reigns at the club. Jack's writing and use of graphics continue to excite and it'll definitely be one to watch in the coming weeks.

Other welcome additions to the forum include ImThatSybGuy's with 'Power to the people of Sapmi' and ScottT's 'Les Canaris: Foreign Fever.' The former documents Sybe Van der Putten's surprise appointment at Sapmi - where the club will only be signing players within the region. Whereas the latter focuses on a couple's, again, surprise appointment, but instead with Ligue 1 side FC Nantes. We look forward to what these two stories produce.

Where there have been a number of new stories, there has also been the continuation of several. JohnWarrington, JT, Andybooy, tenthreeleader and SeanTheGreatDyche have all contributed to this with their stories, this week.

Whilst I believe all the stories have been impressive for their own reasons; I am particularly impressed by JT's 'Redemption: The Story of the Nearly Men.' This is the writer's first story on the site and he has not disappointed with his lengthy write-ups, as he aims to take 17 different clubs, who lost in European finals, to the trophy. Currently with French side Stade de Reims, JT has impressed and continues to try and assert his side as one of the top sides in France. The story has the potential to succeed, as the updates continue to be made. Keep it up, JT.

Finally, if you are looking for detailed story writing; then look no further than tenthreeleader's story with Salford in the National North. Known for his precise writing ability, the American user has continued to show his abilities in 'Out Of His League.' The save is on FM17, however is still equally as compelling, as Salford look to gain promotion to the National League. The story focuses on Chance Morrison and details both his life off and on the touchline, as seen recently with Chance's relationship with a woman. As reliable as ever, we look forward to more from Chance and his creator.

And there we have it for this week in the Stories section of the site. Please be sure to go and read each and perhaps even look to contribute. There are a number of guides to help you do just this, as well as helpful members and Mods in the 'General Chat.'

[written by ScottT]

FM Genie Scout 18 Update
The ever-reliable Genie has updated Football Manager's most popular unofficial tool for the latest FM patch. It is now fully compatible for the latest patch. It has been a good year for the tool, having garnered over 183,000 downloads to date. Genie has been a true credit to the website and if you feel like donating to him as a thank you for his work, you can do so here.

[written by Justice]

FM Scope Facepack 2018 Update
Last Sunday, Stam has updated his popular FM Scope Facepack. The exclusive facepack in its incredible style contained 12,957 updated & new faces in the latest update. To download the update, you do not need to download the full pack. Just scroll down the download article page, and click on the June update. A fantastic update by the site's founder, bravo Stam!

[written by Justice]

European Super League for FM18 (Update)
ciprian111 has updated his popular fantasy database. The full change log can be found in the download article, as the author looks to fine tune this database. In short, it is a fantasy set of leagues which comprises of clubs from all around Europe in one big 'Super League'. Quite an interesting concept, and certainly different to what is normally played. Well done ciprian111!

[written by Justice]

FC'12 Kit Packs
Patres10 and his team of graphics creators have been very busy over the last week, uploading a number of kit packs for the famous, and unique, FC'12 collection. The above link is for a kit pack for the Swedish Allsvenskan, while the last week has also seen kit packs for a number of Norwegian leagues, as well as for Chile, uploaded. Patres10 & team, well done!

[written by Justice]

New FM18 Tactics
There have been a number of new FM18 tactics uploaded to here in the last week. They are all very different to one another. ACDavies73's LADam's Leverkusen 4-4-1-1 2DM, Footballfan97's 5-2-1-2 Erik Galore (82% win rate), modr69's Devastating 3-4-3 Counter and tlnnorda's Bag a Goal 4-1-2-3 Possession have all been uploaded and validated. Well done to all, and they have enjoyed quite a high amount of success so far. If anybody would like to upload their tactic for the public to view & download, you can do so here. We just ask you include screenshots of the tactic, its results, and you (at least) briefly describe the tactic.

[written by Justice]

That's the digest for this week. We had to whittle down what has happened to just ten pieces, so some things did miss out. Perhaps they will make in to next week's edition. Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you to lewie100 & ScottT for helping write this!

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