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Rise Until Lambs Become Lions

What will PNE's future hold?...
Started on 13 October 2013 by The-forgotten-one
Latest Reply on 9 January 2014 by The-forgotten-one
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Welcome All!,

My name is Ben (The-forgotten-one)

I just wanted to start by saying this will be my first story and any feedback will be much much appreciated..

I've read through many a story on this forum and have grown to love a lot of the story's done.. so as the new FM14 is coming out I want to mark it with my debut manager story via leading my home team 'Preston North End' back to their glory days.

Again I welcome any comments and hope you enjoy my managerial roller-coaster...

Contents Listing

Full Name: Preston North End
Nickname: PNE, The Lillywhites, The Whites, "The Invincibles"
Founded: 1863
Ground: Deepdale, Preston
Capacity: 23,408
Owner: Trevor Hemmings
Chairman: Peter Ridsdale
League: League One


Good luck!! Ill be following

League One: Preston Part Ways With Grayson!.
Simon Grayson: Unstable reign at Preston

Preston North End are supposedly on the search for a new manager after a fallout behind closed doors causes PNE’s owner Trevor Hemmings to step in and take action.

Sky sports have been let to believe that Simon Grayson has permanently left PNE after a breakdown in talks & different opinions during a meeting at Deepdale stadium.

The club confirmed on Sunday evening that they had "parted company" with Grayson but it is understood that consecutive losses during a short pre-season tour, which saw the fierce scot hurdle abuse at match officials & fuel arguments with senior players, which lead to the subsequent meeting which lead to forcing Hemmings to act.

PNE released a statement on the club's official website: "Preston North End FC can finally confirm that they have cancelled head coach, Simon Grayson’s contract with immediate effect.

When Peter Ridsdale was question on the matter he responsed with:
"We will be now looking for our 5th Manager in as many years, John Dryer will once again take charge of the squads pre-season ahead of the season opener and an announcement will be made in due course regarding a permanent successor."

The former Huddersfield boss succeeded footballs worst enemy Graham Westley after he was sacked for an atrocious run of form at the back end of last season Preston scraped to unsatisfactory 15th last season, however with the appointment of Grayson the Preston faithful where filled with hope for what was a short lived time plunging them back into their downward spiral of uncertainty.

A number of names are being batted around Deepdale, Club heroes like – Paul, Mckenna, David Beckham, Sean Gregan & Fleetwood Boss Graham Alexander.

More To Follow....
2013-10-13 15:34#137813 BayernAmerica : Good luck!! Ill be following

Thank you!... :)

09th July 2013

Dear Sir,

Preston north end would formally like to invite you to our offices at deepdale for a formal interveiw regarding our current available managergerial position. We are excited about the current potential of our club and are eager to find the correct candidate for the job.

We have shortlist yourself as a charactor who we believe holds the correct attribues to fill our postition, During this interview we would love to talk over your views and current thoughts about our club.

The interview will be scheduled for the 11.07.13 at 9am. If you have any problems or wish to move this date or time please contact ourselves.

We look forward to your response,

Kind Regards
Preston North End, Deepdale, Preston.

Day Of The Interview

I walk into the main office and streight upto the reception.

"Good morning sir, How can I help?" The lady says, whilst smiling at me.

"Hi, Yes i have a interview with peter, he should be expecting me?" I respond to her quickly.

"Yes, Please go straight through Peter will see you now....... & Good luck." I quickly turn about and stride through the solid oak double doors adjacent to me. As I push the door open I see Peter & Trevor hemming sat behind a desk sipping coffee and quietly muttering between themselves. I walk up to the desk and outstretch my hand.

"Ahhh.. Nice to see you again, Glad you could make it" Peter eagerly says whilst returning my offer of a hand shake.

I sit down at the available chair.

"So.. Shall we get started" said Trevor."Obviously we have been interviewing a few people on our short-list however Peter and myself do not feel there passion burning through for our vacancy and basically we don't believe they are now suitable managerial candidates."

I nodded in agreeance, nervously sipping my glass if water.

"We want someone who the fans can get behind, who they know & love!... We want you Graham!.. You made over 400 appearances for us, Was club captain for many years & your current work with fleetwood has impressed us."

I sat bolt upright as both men addressed me.

"I'm extremely moved that I would get the chance to manage a club so close to my heart.. But are you sure am your man?" I spluttered out in shock.

"Graham you were top of our list!" Trevor said sternly."We have spoken to Fleetwood and negotiated a package for them for your services and would like to offer you a two-year contract, and then we can build from there. What do you think?.."

I sat there in silence I could only reply with "I'm in."

Both men looked overjoyed with my reply, and paperwork was swiftly brought to my attention "Graham... Just sign here and the teams yours, you will have my full backing" Trevor said excitedly.

I raised the pen up and moved it to the dotted line that was being pointed out to me
"When do we start!" I announced as my signature was scribbled onto the official paperwork.
Really well detailed. Good start.

The Appointment - Press Release

Current media coverage of Graham Alexander's Appointment

Ah Preston, the club of the first Australian to win the FA cup. Good luck with this.
Ah Preston, the club of the first Australian to win the FA cup. Good luck with this.

ha-ha! I did not know that fact! :) thank you for the comment and view!
A good start for a new writer keep it up :D

13 July 2013... First day

*Alarm Clock Bleeping*

I open my eyes and wearly look over at the bleeping clock showing 6:30 !... Before pressing the snooze button and rolling over....

10 Minutes Later!.
I sit up suddenly realizing today was the day of my return.. whilst jumping out of bed I have a look at my phone:

Great update, and good looking story so far... even if it is Preston :P
A good start for a new writer keep it up :D

Thanks for the positive feed back!

Great update, and good looking story so far... even if it is Preston :P

Why thank you.. and well.. we cant all be mentally sane! :P... COYW... whats your latest story?...

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