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Rochdale AFC: The Revolution Is Upon Us

The story of a young manager who unintentionally landed the managerial role at his favourite club...
Started on 26 October 2013 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 27 November 2014 by NVDTahir
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Great season so far. You have some very tough matches in April but I think you can handle it :) Good luck .
PompeyBlue: Yeah you're right bro :D thanks!

Nick: I certainly hope so mate! :)

Lucas: Hahaha, wait and see my friend ;) and thanks bro

qwertyman: thanks buddy!

kubik: Thanks for the support man! :)

Sabella out...

In a fiery version of events, Alejandro Sabella has resigned from his post as Argentina manager citing reasons of high expectations. The Argentine enjoyed an illustrious playing career and a managing career to match, but felt the country's FA are expecting too much of him. Young Rochdale manager Justin Credible is linked to the post, although sources from both parties have denied these rumours and insisted that there have been no talks between the two. It was understood that Justin Credible had applied for the vacant England managerial post last week but was unsuccessful in his application. With the 2018 FIFA World Cup just weeks away, Argentina is one of the three countries whose managers have either left or have been sacked: the other two countries being Spain and England. The Argentine FA expect the team to reach the semi-finals of this year's World Cup, a task which has arguably been made even harder following the resignation of Sabella. If there is anyone on this planet to meet or even exceed those expectations at this stage of the year, it is definitely Justin Credible.
Some really good regens there, should be amazing in the future!

The Argentina job would be pretty cool, too :)
Some great results there tough luck against Napoli but you have some incredible regens coming through! Argentina would be a nice side project :P
Neal: Thanks for the comment man, I totally agree with you! :)

K1rups: cheers bro! :) You're right :P
NVDTahir's avatar Group NVDTahir
9 yearsEdited

April-May Update

Whoever wrote us off, please jump off a cliff... WE'VE DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE! Okay, it wasn't impossible because I think we had the strongest attack in the country by far, but yeah, WE'VE DONE IT!!:

We also managed to get into the FA Cup final but things didn't go quite as expected... here's what happened:

Well there you have it, we've done it at last... :

Rochdale AFC 3-1 Everton (H)

Barclays Premier League

Mark Evans (17')
Deilson Elias (43')
Ignacio (58')
Carlos Fierro (83')

Mark Evans (Rochdale) -- 8.5

Match Review
Vital three points to move us even clear off United, Evans made his debut and became the youngest Rochdale and Premier League goalscorer at the age of 15... what a gem he will be.

Chelsea 2-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Oscar (57')
Gabor Hegedus (o.g. 65')
Steven Jovetic (66')
Mehdi Yildirim (87')

Oscar (Chelsea) -- 8.3

Match Review
A two-goal comeback... we managed to get a point as we caught up to Chelsea and denied them the win.

Arsenal 1-4 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Ignacio (12', 78')
Mesut Ozil (45+1')
Stevan Jovetic (56', 73')

Stevan Jovetic (Rochdale) -- 8.8

Match Review
After Wenger, Arsenal are well and truly finished and cannot compete for anything anymore. It is unfortunate and sad to see them this way, but a win is a win and I'll take it.

Rochdale AFC 6-1 Leeds (N)

FA Cup Semi Final

Ignacio (4', 12', 26')
Scott Hogan (9')
Shane Long (22')
Deilson Elias (29')
Mihael Panjkret (64')

Ignacio (Rochdale) -- 9.6

Match Review
Ignacio was simply stunning in this match, there are no words to describe this wonderkid. He played perfectly and this allowed us a place in the FA Cup Final, we demolished Leeds.

Manchester United 1-0 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Danny Welbeck (1')

Javier Pastore (Manchester United) -- 8.2

Match Review
Well, we lost the three points... this hindered our progress in the league and we were pegged back by a narrow scoreline that could have been different on another day.

Rochdale AFC 5-4 Ipswich (H)

Barclays Premier League

Héctor Clide Quinteros (21')
Ignacio (30')
Cesc Fabregas (31')
Stevan Jovetic (39')
Adam Forshaw (45+3')
Staurt Nelson (48')
Danny Ings (70')
Samson Godwin (72')
Deilson Elias (87')

Ilyas Berradi (Rochdale) -- 9.0

Match Review
The scoreline says it all... 5-4... fucking hell.

Southampton 0-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Stevan Jovetic (45+1')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale) -- 7.6

Match Review
We edged the three points in this game but we could have played better, even though Yildirim and Ignacio were out with minor injuries for this match.

Derby 1-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Mehdi Yildirim (28')
Justin Schmidt (pen 51')
Mason Bennett (86')

Louis Lingard (Rochdale) -- 7.6

Match Review
This was the match which won us the league... I was so happy at this point!

Rochdale AFC 1-0 Crystal Palace (H)

Barclays Premier League

Deilson Elias (31')

Pontus Wernbloom (Crystal Palace) -- 7.5

Match Review
Three points in the final game of the season ensured we went out on a high :D

Manchester City 0-1e Rochdale AFC (N)

Barclays Premier League

Pablo Gentiletti (99')

Francisco Bardi (Rochdale) -- 9.1

Match Review
First win over Manchester City, first FA Cup, first double. Bye-bye.

Player of the Month

The PoTM award goes to Justin Schmidt due to his sheer approach to the game as a professional individual and I hope he stays with us if we manage to fend off the interest from Manchester United!

The Awards

Winners of Other Competitions

Also, I have taken over a country just before the 2018 World Cup... that country is ARGENTINA!

We're expected to reach the semi-finals of this competition, but I think we can win it. With Sergio Aguero, Quinteros, Gentiletti and Messi, we may just have the squad needed to win this thing. LET'S DO THIS!

But before that, we have some friendly fixtures to play...


Congrats on the league title :)
you are championssssssssssss. Vitesse surprised me in winning the dutch title
Awesome update, Naveed. Fantastic achievement to win the title and it's always sweeter to do so against the odds. Now to take the World Cup back to Argentina :D
Well done man! When I started reading, only a few days back (I spent one evening reading every update because I'm sad!), I hoped that you'd manage the league title but I didn't expect it by 5 points! Great achievement and now lets hope that you can get the World Cup :)
Awesome update and incredible achievement Naveed!
This truly is a fantastic story and save!
Now go and win the World Cup :D
Congrats for the league title mate!
CHAMPIONS! Now go and get that world cup!
Great win against City with kids and congrats on the title! Now it has to be World Cup and Champions League!

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