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Rochdale AFC: The Revolution Is Upon Us

The story of a young manager who unintentionally landed the managerial role at his favourite club...
Started on 26 October 2013 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 27 November 2014 by NVDTahir
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@jasonvilla4ever: IKR man :/ Oh well, I'll try my best and hopefully we can finish second or third if we're lucky

@BayernAmerica: thanks a lot man, I sure hope we finish second :)

@Nick: I agree, and yeah as a coach :P

@TK69: :/ Haha I'll try, we can do this

@qwertyman: Lol, we'll do our best :D

@pompeyblue: Yup, I'm hopefully aiming for second or third :) I'm confident we can beat Celtic in both matches though xD

September Update

This month has been superb, we hit the ground running and this'll make it easier to maintain this over the course of the year:

What a month, we played our first game in Europe a few weeks ago and that just added to the form that we were in, it was crazy:

Rochdale AFC 1-0 West Brom (H)

Barclays Premier League

Will Keane (19')

Justin Schmidt (Rochdale AFC) -- 7.9

Match Review
A great start to the month, three points helped us on our rise in the league table.

Fulham 1-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Deilson Elias (15')
Cauley Woodrow (pen 48')

Cesc Fabregas (Rochdale AFC) -- 7.8

Match Review
Although we were the underdogs, we should have easily won this game and we've won them before too. However, it was not to be as they equalised through a penalty and snatched the two points away from us and we had to settle for a draw.

Rochdale AFC 2-1 Galatasaray (H)

UEFA Champions League Group A

Justin Schmidt (22')
Felipe Melo (53')
Will Keane (57')

Felipe Melo (Galatasaray) -- 8.4

Match Review
This was our first official match in Europe and oh my, did we produce a perfect result. I don't think I've ever been this happy because of a match before, and it was a result we fully deserved too.

Tottenham Hotspur 0-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Pablo Gentiletti (37')
Justin Schmidt (pen 56')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.3

Match Review
We succesfully carried on our form into this tough away fixture and we proved many people wrong in winning this match. Totally surprising, but it's a result I'll take above anything else as they were league leaders and had won all their matches this season apart from this one.

Swansea 1-2e Rochdale AFC (A)

Capital One Cup 3rd Round

Miralem Pjanic (40')
Andrew O'Hanlon (88')
Cesc Fabregas (94')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 7.8

Match Review
This was a good match to watch. Pjanic scored his first goal for the club and Fabregas scored the winner in extra time, sending us through into the next round.

Rochdale AFC 2-1 Liverpool (H)

Barclays Premier League

Siyanda Xulu (10')
Mehdi Yildrim (31', 38')

Mehdi Yildrim (Rochdale AFC) -- 9.1

Match Review
We once again proved to everyone that we cannot be taken lightly and that our youngsters are enough to destroy a big club, which is exactly what happened in this match. They took their foot off the gas pedal and we took advantage of that fact.

Player of the Month

The PoTM award goes to Pablo Gentiletti, who has notched up a goal and two Man of The Match perfomances this month. He is a fine acquisition and from here, he can only get better.

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

We had a great, unbeaten month and we can surely carry this on in all the competitions we're in.
Great month going unbeaten! Keep it up!
Good luck against UEFAlona!
Great month! Good luck against Barca!
Good month and great win against Galata!
@AaronHJFT96: thanks mate!

@TK69: hahaha :P thanks

@pompeyblue: Cheers pal!

@AAN: Thanks a lot bro :)

October Update

We're slowly rising up the league table, our current position isn't too bad but I think with the squad we have right now, we can definitely do better:



This month was crazy first of all, but other than that the results were pretty mixed and we could have done better:

Barcelona 1-3 Rochdale AFC (A)

UEFA Champions League Group A

Nicholas Ioannou (6')
Mehdi Yildrim (8')
Douglas Costa (10')
Marc-André Ter Stegen (o.g. 40')

Nicholas Ioannou (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.3

Match Review
Well... what can I say? We totally fucked them up at the Camp Nou, it was insane! We scored two early goals by counter-attacking and by then the game was already over pretty much as they were 2-0 down in less than 10 minutes. They played very poorly and we played extremely well to pull off this crazy result.

Rochdale AFC 3-3 Norwich (H)

Barclays Premier League

Deilson Elias (14')
David Davis (44')
Miroslav Stevanovic (60')
Johnny Russell (78')
Scott Hogan (88')
Miralem Pjanic (90+1')

Damir Zlomislic (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.0

Match Review
We should have easily won this game as we had beaten Barcelona before this game, so this draw is inexcusable. The two late substitutes (Hogan and Pjanic) combined to score a goal each and assist each other to rescue a much-needed point for us, when Norwich had caught us off our guard with their good performance.

Cardiff 0-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Deilson Elias (26')
Mehdi Yildirim (90+5')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 7.8

Match Review
A good, solid result against Cardiff with the goals coming from two of our best rising talents at the club.

Rochdale AFC 3-0 Celtic (H)

UEFA Champions League Group A

Scott Hogan (63', 70')
Virgil Van Dijk (o.g. 79')

Scott Hogan (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.7

Match Review
Played three in the Champions League... won ALL three. What on earth is going to happen next? Are we going to win this thing?!.

Stoke 4-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Ryan Shawcross (17')
Miralem Pjanic (48')
Steven Ellis (pen 73', 90')
Ivan Perisic (81')
Pablo Gentiletti (86')

Ivan Perisic (Stoke) -- 9.1

Match Review
Our away form is on a slight dip, and it led to us losing this encounter versus Stoke City which should have been a fairly easy match for us. We played really poorly and it meant losing out on three points.

Everton 2-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Capital One Cup 4th Round

Carlos Fierro (15')
Mario Matos (45+1')
Mihael Panjkret (52')

Mario Matos (Everton) -- 7.9

Match Review
I don't really know what happened in this match, this loss meant that we're out of a cup competition that we wanted to win this season. It's very disappointing, but hopefully we can do it next season.

Player of the Month

The PoTM award goes to Scott Hogan, who has scored three goals this month when he came on as a sub. He single handedly turned around the game in our favour versus Celtic which meant that he totally deserves this award.

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

We're doing extremely well in Europe, but we're out of the league cup which is a total shame to be honest. But, the FA Cup is still there to go for.
Some great results, shame about Everton & Stoke
What a result against Barca!
Great great great result against Barca.Congrats!
Incredible result against Barca!
Well done :)
Thanks for the comments guys, but this story has to be placed on a temporary HALT due to other priorities, but I will be back pretty soon! Sorry! :)
Can't wait to see you back active on the site Naveed but understand that you have other more important priorities. Will eagerly awaiting your return :)

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