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Rochdale AFC: The Revolution Is Upon Us

The story of a young manager who unintentionally landed the managerial role at his favourite club...
Started on 26 October 2013 by NVDTahir
Latest Reply on 27 November 2014 by NVDTahir
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FA silent over Credible's criticism...

Following the 4-2 loss to Manchester United at the Reebok Stadium, Rochdale manager Justin Credible has slammed the FA officials for awarding a controversial penalty late in the game. The penalty was awarded after Justin Schmidt appeared to contact Welbeck's leg before the ball, but video evidence has shown that he clipped the ball before Welbeck's right leg. The decision was immediately awarded despite protests and Berardi tucked home the penalty. Justin Credible was fuming over the decision and publicly chose to criticise the match officials for making a wrong decision and was confident he would not be facing a ban from the FA.

November Update

We're doing okay in the league, but we really need to push on and guarantee a top-four finish again this season:



This month wasn't as good as I thought it would be but we played decently, and got a few points:

Rochdale 0-0 Newcastle (H)

Barclays Premier League

Adam Smith (Newcastle) -- 8.3

Match Review
This was a match we could have won if you looked at the amount of talent on our side, but Newcastle were the league leaders and were in blistering form so it was good to peg them back a little bit.

Celtic 2-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

UEFA Champions League Group A

Will Keane (5')
Teemu Pukki (33', 86')
Mehdi Yildirim (52')

Teemu Pukki (Celtic) -- 8.8

Match Review
We weren't good in this match and we should have edged them 2-1, but instead we conceded a later goal to snatch two points away from us.

Rochdale AFC 2-4 Manchester United (H)

Barclays Premier League

Domenico Berardi (2', pen 89')
Deilson Elias (52')
Javier Pastore (55')
Mehdi Yildirim (90')
Wayne Rooney (90+2')

Domenico Berardi (Manchester United) -- 9.1

Match Review
We played well in this match but we were very unlucky to concede a late penalty. The officials got it terribly wrong.

Rochdale AFC 2-2 Chelsea (H)

Barclays Premier League

Will Keane (3')
Cesc Fabregas (27')
Bojan (79', 90+5')

Bojan (Chelsea) -- 8.6

Match Review
Horrible, horrible defending from our side. We threw away two goals and essentially two points due to defensive errors.

Galatasaray 1-3 Rochdale AFC (A)

UEFA Champions League Group A

Boy Erdogan (30')
Gabor Hegedus (60')
Pable Gentiletti (74')
Mihael Panjkret (o.g 81')

Gabor Hegedus (Rochdale AFC) -- 9.0

Match Review
We played insanely well in this match, and we grabbed three points to secure qualification for the next round of the Champions League and we might just finish top of the group! Also, this was our first and only victory in the whole month.

Player of the Month

The PoTM award goes to Boy Erdogan, who has began to show us glimpses of his quality by slamming Gorupec off the team squad and securing the right-back position for himself. He also scored a goal in the Champions League against Galatasaray.

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

We had a crap month, but to be fair, it was pretty hard and we managed to get a point against Newcastle and Chelsea who were in awesome form. Things can only get better from now.
Not the best month, but nice signings...And look at Newcastle all the way at the top:P
Not a great month but nice signings :)
Also, glad to see you back on the site!
Not a very good month, but the signings are great, mate!
Great signings mate!
@Aaron: Loool not for long ;)

@pompeyblue: Thanks a lot Josh! :)

@Cosmin: thanks man! :)

@AAN: Thank you! :D

December Update

We're going great in the Premier League, in stark contrast to last month:

This month was brilliant, perhaps we've re-ignited any dreams of reaching the top 4 again this season:

Blackburn 1-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Mehdi Yildirim (24')
Luke Freeman (71')
Héctor Clide Quinteros (78')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 7.6

Match Review
The ball hit the crossbar so many times in this match, it's unbelievable and we could have won with a far bigger margin.

Everton 0-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Miralem Pjanic (81')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.2

Match Review
Last time we played Everton we lost terribly. It's definitely satisfying to gain three points against them at Goodison Park.

Rochdale AFC 5-0 Arsenal (H)

Barclays Premier League

Boy Erdogan (12')
Héctor Clide Quinteros (26', 35')
Mehdi Yildirim (44')
Cesc Fabregas (45+1')

Héctor Clide Quinteros (Rochdale AFC) -- 9.4

Match Review
This has to be the most entertaining match ever. Arsenal's manager had just been replaced by the Ipswich manager (my direct rival), and it's good to say that we thrashed his new team. Cesc Fabregas also returned against his former club and rounded off the victory with a cool header. At least their manager won't forget Justin Credible in his lifetime though.

Rochdale AFC 1-1 Barcelona (H)

UEFA Champions League Group A

Rafinha (6')
Héctor Clide Quinteros (44')

Ron-Robert Zieler (Barcelona) -- 8.2

Match Review
We STILL manage to hold Barcelona on, even though they were looking for revenge following the last match we played... we beat them 3-1 last time on their turf. However, they couldn't beat us this time and Quinteros yet again scored in this match, continuing his superb run of form.

Ipswich 0-3 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Mehdi Yildirim (37')
Deilson Elias (45', 83')

Deilson Elias (Rochdale AFC) -- 9.3

Match Review
If we had this squad last season, we could have relied on class instead of form and we could have finished runners up in the league, because this match was insane. The number of chances we created was extremely pleasing to see.

Crystal Palace 1-1 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Deilson Elias (2')
David Wheater (57')

David Wheater (Crystal Palace) -- 8.9

Match Review
We should have done better. We played fairly well in the first half with a lead of 1-0, but we took the foot off the pedal in the second half and it cost us two points.

Rochdale AFC 2-1 Southampton (H)

Barclays Premier League

Emmanuel Mayuka (43')
Héctor Clide Quinteros (55')
Cesc Fabregas (81')

Gabor Hegedus (Rochdale AFC) -- 7.6

Match Review
We were poor in the first half but we managed to turn it around and grab the three points late into the match, a pleasing result.

Rochdale AFC 4-3 Derby (H)

Barclays Premier League

Héctor Clide Quinteros (12', 68')
Christophe Berra (36')
Mason Bennett (44', 80')
Scott Hogan (69')
Yacouba Sylla (o.g. 87')

Mason Bennett (Derby) -- 8.8

Match Review
What a thriller. I'm not pleased with the way we played but we had 9-men due to minor injuries and we battled on until the end.

Player of the Month

The PoTM award goes to Héctor Clide Quinteros, who has scored a total of 7 goals in around 8 appearances this month, a superb run of form for him and what a player he will be in the future!

Also, Mehdi Yildrim won the European Golden Boy award for 2017, it makes me really proud that a Rochdale player has achieved this acccomplishment and may it continue for a long time!

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

We had an awesome month, what a change from last month especially the 5-0 victory over Arsenal. Let's hope we carry this form on throughout the year!
You're doing great in the Premier League and result against Barcelona is also stunning ;) Keep it up!
Amazing month!
Great results against Barca and Arsenal!
Looks like you have some really good youngsters as well :)
Kubik: thanks man!

Pompeyblue: Haha thanks Josh, I agree! :)

January Update

We've had a great run of results, and that reflects our league position... we are currently third, if things go our way we could actually win the league this year, and if that happens it'll be fucking phenomenal:



In a surprising turn of events in the window, a few players left the team for good. Reading poached Riccardo Improta and Will Keane for £300k and an initial £1.1m respectively. I know I should have done more to get a larger transfer fee for Will Keane but he was only a fringe player at Rochdale and he hadn't made an appearance for the club for a long time, it was best to let him go to Reading. McLoughlin was set to move to Manchester City but Newcastle snatched him from City and off he went, Rafael Dias was also surplus to requirements and amidst a lot of speculation that Schmidt would leave Rochdale for Manchester United or PSG for at least £43m, it was his counterpart Pierre Comeau that left on loan to gain more experience.

We're on course for an amazing season here in the Premier League, and the league title could eventually be in our hands come the end of the season... who knows?

Rochdale AFC 2-0 Nottingham Forest (H)

Barclays Premier League

Stevan Jovetic (2')
Justin Schmidt (pen 60')

Gabor Hegedus (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.5

Match Review
A good, solid victory carried on our winning streak into the New Year with Jovetic scoring his first goal for the club in a quick and fluent fashion.

Peterborough 1-4 Rochdale AFC (A)

FA Cup 3rd Round

Toni Gorupec (7')
Steven Poole (35')
Robin Shroot (77')
Gabor Hegedus (78')
Deilson Elias (87')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.4

Match Review
Before this match, we had never beaten Peterborough before but this time we thumped them, with reserve players coming and and scoring goals.

West Brom 0-4 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Héctor Clide Quinteros (3')
Ignacio (45+1', 90')
Mehdi Yildirim (51')

Ignacio (Rochdale AFC) -- 9.3

Match Review
This was the second time we've beaten West Brom 4-0, and it shows the quality the team has right now up front and in defence. Ignacio, a striker who I never gave a chance to in the first team before and had loaned him out to several different clubs, scored a brace in his debut and he is only 19 years of age. I think this was the quality we were lacking in attack and it clearly shows through our result.

Rochdale AFC 4-0 Fulham (H)

Barclays Premier League

Boy Erdogan (30')
Stevan Jovetic (55')
Mihael Panjkret (68')
Jack Grimmer (o.g 83')

Stevan Jovetic (Rochdale AFC) -- 9.1

Match Review
Yet ANOTHER 4-0 victory in the Premier League, this time it was Fulham who were unfortunate enough to receive this beating from Rochdale... this match increased our goal difference and I think ours is one of the best in the league.

West Brom 0-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Stevan Jovetic (49')
Ignacio (75')

Pablo Gentiletti (Rochdale AFC) -- 8.0

Match Review
West Brom once again lost to us in the same ground as last time but only a different competition. This ensured we march onwards in the FA Cup and I hope this time we can win it!

Liverpool 2-2 Rochdale AFC (A)

Barclays Premier League

Stevan Jovetic (12')
Coutinho (18')
Cesc Fabregas (80')
Alvaro Negredo (90')

Coutinho (Liverpool) -- 8.3

Match Review
Even though we went in front twice in the match, not every team can travel to Anfield whilst Liverpool are in form and gain a point so I'm proud we managed to hold them off.

Player of the Month

The PoTM award goes to Pablo Gentiletti who is by far the most consistent player in our team as he is a boulder in our defence this season. He had a shaky start at the club, but right now he is one of the most sought-after talents in the world and he has recently put pen to paper on a new, 5-year deal so he won't be leaving on the cheap!

Here are the fixtures for next month:

Author's Notes

Our first match against Napoli is right around the corner and to be honest, I think we can manage to hold them off due to the quality we have up front... but, only time can tell.
Great work mate! keep this up and the title may well be yours!
Great story! I can't believe the Barcelona results! I hope that you manage to mount a serious challenge on all fronts! And Jovetic looks an amazing signing and on a free too! Good luck man
Few hard games coming up, Napoli being very very important, hopefully you get the win :)

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