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Manchester United - Post-Ferguson

Started on 28 October 2013 by TCO
Latest Reply on 27 January 2014 by kdavva
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Manchester United. Post-Ferguson

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    The Reign Ends

    I sit here, crying my eyes out. He's gone. The greatest manager that ever lived, the manager of the greatest club that had ever competed, has gone. Having tears rolling down my face is something a man of 25 years of age should never experience, but with David Moyes as our future, I had a valid reason. After cleaning up the stream of tears tumbling down my cheeks, I decided to go back to the main focal point in my life, job hunting. The most stressful part of anybody's life, unless you're a West Ham United player, then watching Stewart Downing attempt to play football, is probably just as stressful. However even after searching for months and months I just couldn't seem to get the job I needed. Obviously, a man my age doesn't just cry because my clubs manager is leaving, he is my idol. I want to be him, I need to be him and I will be him. The next greatest manager, ever...

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    Good Luck, should be interesting :)
    2013-10-28 20:18#140037 Liverpool5983 : Good Luck, should be interesting :)

    Cheers bud ;D
    Great start. Good luck :D
    Great start! got my attention :-)
    ^^Thank you lads. ;D
    Great start to the story!
    A good start! Lets hope you do better than his real life predecessor is doing right now...
    Thank you both, and yes! So do I.
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    The Call

    Monday 1st July 2013, 11:54am

    Two months gone, still no job. It's a piss take. I have the opportunity to work in my local pub, but where's that getting me? I have applied for every position possible in a football club, at every football club I could find, but no, nothings happening. I've finally managed to get £160 together for my Level 1 Coaching Badge, but I won't have that for a while. On top of all this, my landlords thinking of selling the house I currently rent, no home, no job, nothing. I could go over to France to see my family, they moved there because of job opportunities, which leaves, well nothing. Not once did I think things would come to this, I go switch on the TV, only to find Moyes planning to hold talks with Rooney, I couldn't be bothered listening to it all so immediately turned it off. Whilst I still had a roof over my head, I decided to phone up a friend to sort out a place for me to stay when I'm kicked out, I scrolled through my contacts until a couple off the bottom, I then tapped what I thought was his name, but because life loves to annoy me, it selected the one above him, in frustration I threw my phone onto the other chair, shortly realizing I actually needed the phone, I reached over to grab it, once I had it, I looked straight at the phone, and also, what I thought was straight into my future, what can it be about? How did I forget about this? Is this it?...

    Nice update!
    2013-10-30 14:22#140345 pompeyblue : Nice update!
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    Richard Arnold; My Way Out

    Monday 1st July 2013, 11:58am

    It took me a while for my eyes to realize what was going on, Richard Arnold, one of the members of the board of my beloved football team, United, was calling me. I had picked up his number after an incident a while back. I used to be what would be referred to as an 'errand boy' me and a few others shared the days doing the small things for a wealthy business man, it just so happened on that day that Richard himself had come to talk to him about a sponsorship deal. That same day i was working the afternoon shift, and my boss requested I go downstairs to the local cafe and get both Mr.Arnold and himself a coffee each. Now as I am working for, not the most lenient of bosses, I quickly hurried off as fast as I could, and eventually, in no time at all, made it to the cafe, and after picking up the coffee's carried on back up. As I walked around the corner, it had turned out that the stairs had been closed of due to a spillage, so then I went back across myself, and turned the other way towards the lift. Which, not to my surprise, was jam packed. it took several minutes until I managed to squeeze myself in, but soon enough I was once again on my bosses floor.

    Soon realizing I had wasted a lot of time, I sped down the corridor, narrowly missing people in some of the most expensive suits ever made, and round the corner, as I stuck out my left foot to turn, another foot greeted it, a man was backing out of the door after asking for directions, this man, was, Richard Arnold, who then carried on backing out enough to launch me off my feet, and on to the ground, and, my greatest achievement still as of today, I managed to keep both coffees upright. Richard had then soon realized his mistakes, and quickly dropped his briefcase in an attempt to pick me up. After doing so, he said he needed to be off, and walked off down the corridor, obviously to my bosses office, I slowly followed limping. As I reached the door of my boss, I looked through the long thing glass pane that was in the middle of it, only to see my boss thanking another 'errand boy' for the coffee, and then handing it to both Richard and himself. In frustration I hurled both cups of coffee along the corridor, and slouched down against the wall.

    Eventually my shift had ended, and I push open the glass door and then guide it back to it set position only for it to be then opened by, Mr.Arnold. He had caught up with me and apologized for before, he then asked if there was anything he could do? I simply replied with a 'Urrm, I don't think so' but instead of accepting that, he chose to give me his number, and told me to call if I ever needed something.

    So, here I am now, in need of something, with him on the other end. Does he still remember he owes me something...?
    Good update.

    At the bottom, even if you have the demo, you can make the save and export it into the full version once you get it
    2013-10-31 00:15#140422 FM-LD : Good update.

    At the bottom, even if you have the demo, you can make the save and export it into the full version once you get it
    Thanks mate, and yes I know, but with the demo I can only go up to January, by which time I may not have the full game, but hopefully I should:')

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