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SC Braga: A Hero's Return

Started on 14 April 2014 by Jack
Latest Reply on 17 September 2014 by Jack
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6 yearsEdited

I grew up watching Braga, my team. We've always been solid as a club, stable finances, you know. But as well as we have been performing over the past few years we can't just keep on feeling great for finishing 3rd or 4th every season, we need to be challenging for the very top. No not just in Portuguese football, in European football.

Every season its 3rd or 4th, maybe 5th. Many fans would be happy with that but we've been hanging round those places for years now. It's always the big boys, SL Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting Lisbon, you know, the usual suspects. Then there's little old Braga. The team everyone forgets about. When foreign football fans hear Portugal, they think Cristiano Ronaldo, Lisbon, SL Benfica, Porto, but never Braga. Yes we qualify for European tournaments almost every year but have we ever made an impact? No, we've never won anything in a European competition, we've never won the Primeira Liga for God sake!

We're only really known around Europe for the quarry, Monte Castro that hangs over our stadium and city. Now, I was born in 1979, I've barely seen any domestic success, never mind European. When I was young I used to play on the streets of Braga with my friends. Everyone here wanted to play for Braga some day, it never happened for me though. As much as I tried to get spotted, no one ever saw me, at least nobody from Braga. I've admitted defeat though, I did that a while back. As soon as I hit 20 and I was still playing for my local team I knew it was never going to happen, so I gave up. I want to help my team out in some way though. I've been going to Braga games ever since I was 13 and my dad had started taking me, that's the only input I've ever had to getting Braga to success.

I want to manage Braga. The thing it has been missing is someone with passion and pride for this club. The fans need a fan in charge. That way we'll reach glory. I'm just waiting for that phone call...
Hope you do well, everything you said about Braga it s true, i m portuguese, i prefer Braga to Sporting, good luck
Good luck with this!
3:43 AM

Me: Hello? Who is this?

Unknown: Hi, this is António Salvador. Is this Armando Azevedo?

Me: Yes, You're the chairman of my team, aren't you? Why are you ringing me at this time? Why are you ringing me anyway?

Salvador: Yes, I am the chairman of S.C. Braga. I met you a few nights ago in the club bar, we got talking, remember?

Me: Umm, yeah I think so... Why?

Salvador: Well, you said the fans need a fan in charge and the club wasn't going anywhere yes?

Me: Yes, yes I did...

Salvador: Well you're a fan aren't you?

Me: I am, definitely.

Salvador: Well, do you want to meet me at my office today at, umm... 1 O'clock in the afternoon?

Me: Why?

Salvador: Just be there yes?

Me: Ok Mr. Salvador.

Salvador: Good, 1 o'clock today. On the dot please.

Me: Yeah, sure...

7:00 AM

After that call from Salvador I couldn't get a wink of sleep. I'd been up all night trying to find the smartest suit in my wardrobe. Ah the black one with the dark grey pinstripes, I wore that to my local team's presentation evening last time. Jesus, that was almost 14 years ago...

I'd been practicing how I would walk in and how I would greet him. After a while I perfected it and I looked very professional if I may say so myself. Six hours until the meeting, I needed to have my breakfast

9:30 AM

Right, I'd had a load of breakfast, the sun was shining so I had bought myself some very smart sunglasses from the shop just down the road from me. Only a few hours now. I looked outside and saw my Fiat 500. Tell you what, if the meeting is what I think it's about I'll be getting and upgrade on that.

Wait, what if it isn't about the managers job? Doubts were showering over me now... I logged onto the computer and saw the most recent S.C. Braga news. Nothing too mu-

Wait... I saw one of the headlines from earlier this morning:

06:14: Jorge Paixao sacked by chairman Salvador Correio da Manhã

Oh. My. God.

This is my chance! WOO!

2:42 PM

14:43: Unknown manager Armando Azevedo takes Braga reins! Correio da Manhã
oooh exciting! interesting way to do it looking forward to it
Very nice start mate! Looking forward to this one!
I m enjoying every line you wrote, keep up the good work
Thanks for all the positive comments so far on this story :) Means a lot!
Love the start! Looking forward to this.
The way you write is gripping! Keep it up!

Team Meeting

I once went on a tour around Braga's stadium when I was about 18 maybe? I'm back here 15 years later managing in this room.

I had called all the players in for a team meeting. I'd seen them play before but I've never met them. Hopefully I can make a good first impression! Here they are now...

"Hello..." I said nervously, the players looked at me in a strange way
"I'm Armando Azevedo, as many of you will know I'm your new manager. I'm here to change things. I'm here to make us champions!" The players started to show a real passion now. They were already starting to like me, I could tell.
"Now, many of you were here last season and we came 4th. That's not good enough." They looked at me, confused.
"Now, my ambition is to make our club great. To take it to the top. Be the masters! Yeah, everyone talks about all this 'big three' shit, you know Benfica, Porto, Sporting. I'm here to change that to the 'big one' the one team who dominates Portuguese football!" Many cheered in agreement to what I just said
"I watched you all last season, I was a fan sat up there with a season ticket in his pocket, following you home, away, in Europe. Just about everywhere. Don't get me wrong, you were good. But compared to the 'big three' we were nothing."

"The mans right, we need to improve not just for ourselves, but those who pay our wages, those who have supported this team all their life like Armando here. Come on boys, step it up a notch this season. We can win the league. We can dominate. We can make these fans proud!" Said Éder the striker.

Afterwards, the assistant manager, Fernando Couto came up to me and said "They like you." Then walked out. I smiled.
I want more updates today plz, i m enjoying to read this very much
Braga are dependent on loans from the 'big three'.. are you going to change that?
Jonaldinho: Thanks :)

Tallery: Thanks, I'll try keep it like this :)

AtomicVersion: Haha, I'll try get as many updates as I can today, thanks for the positive reviews :)

Pauker: We don't currently have any loans from those teams but I'll be trying to keep the loan system more limited yes

Press Conference

Armando Azevedo

So Armando, welcome to S.C. Braga, how do you feel about taking the job at the Estádio AXA?
You know, I've chased a dream since I was a young boy. It was to play for Braga when I was older. When I reached 20 years old, I gave up on that dream. I still came to watch Braga. I'm a fan, of course I would! But since I quit on that dream, I just wanted to be involved someway in Braga. I'm just so happy that I am sitting here as the new manager of my favourite team in the world

How did you get to know Antonio Salvador and how were you offered the job?
A few weeks ago in pre-season, I went into the bar in the stadium here. It was just me and another group of men of about 4 or 5, anyway. This was about 2 hours after the match, Salvador had obviously been watching from the stands and he came down to the bar for a quiet drink. I was already at the bar and we got talking about what we're missing and just general Braga things, you know. Anyway a few days ago at about, I don't know 3 o'clock in the morning my phone went off. I thought "who would ring at 4 in the morning" I answered and it was Antonio, he asked me to go to a meeting with him on the same day at 1 o'clock. I didn't realise that the old manager had been sacked that morning. So I went to that meeting and one thing led to another and I was announced manager of Braga!

Fascinating! Do you know what you are going to do about transfers yet?
I have one or two deals in place at the contract stage but that is confidential at this time.

What are your plans for S.C. Braga?
My plans? Haha, my plans are that we become champions! I've told the squad my plans and they want to be champions as well. Trust me, with me in charge, Braga fans, you will be proud. I assure you.

Ok Armando, thank you for your time
No problem sir. It's my pleasure!

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