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Luton Town - The Path To Power

Started on 24 April 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 19 October 2014 by Justice
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Congrats on the league title!
Now to win League 1 too ;)
Everybody, thanks for the comments guys, its great to achieve another promotion and league title :)
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Fans In Ecstasy

On the evening that Luton Town won the the League Two title in dramatic style, we walked the streets around Kenilworth Road and quizzed Hatters fans on their opinions of the season just gone.

Rablador: "What a season! What a final game! I love Luton! But I hate Euan."

AaronHJFT96: "They should sign Wilfried Bony, he's a world class player."

LFC: "Their football is amazing, they deserve it so much! I hope they reach the Premier League within the next few years, steamrolling the Football League at the minute."

Nick: "Oh my God it was tots amazeballs! I can't believe it it was soooooo good so much better than McDonalds and KFC combined o-m-g I want Ryan Ferguson to be Spurs manager he is soooooo much better than Dim Shitwood. I know that this is a ridiculously long comment but who cares! I love you Fergieeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Stam: "This is good progress, but I would only rate Euan Smith a sixty-nine."

Lettuce: "I'm speechless!"

Pauker: "Goooooooooooooooool after goooooooooooooooool after goooooooooooooooool after goooooooooooooooool after goooooooooooooooool after goooooooooooooooool!

FMP: "That is like totally amazing. Let's all listen to Miley Cyrus' advice because We Like To Party!"

PC Plod: "You are the greatest, I suck a poo."

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Ahahaha loved that update!

"This is good progress, but I would only rate Euan Smith a sixty-nine."

Guess Euan Smith has proved Stam wrong XD
Hehe, loved that last update, unique and awesome! The Stam and Nick comment killed me, you should do these a lot more xD
Those comments are class! xD A bit like Wilfried Bony in some aspects :P
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The Incredible Finalé

So you all know that we had a dramatic finish to the season, but do you really know how dramatic it was? I will tell you now, I did need to change my underpants, it was that sort of game. An absolutely fantastic game for the neutrals, and indeed the Luton Town supporters. This was possibly one of the greatest games in football history, in my opinion.

The stadium was packed out, the atmosphere was incredible, but the players were nervous. Plymouth took advantage of this and a Kwesi Appiah goal for Plymouth was the difference at half-time. I knew that I had to deliver a good half-time team talk, and I also knew that it was all or nothing in the second half. We needed to go all-out attack in order to win.

It was our star, Euan Smith, who equalised for us on the 62nd minute. However, our comeback did not last long as Kwesi Appiah scored another goal on the 70th minute. This meant that we needed to score two goals in the last twenty minutes to guarantee we win the title. The players looked destroyed. They looked like they lost their belief. All of them, except for one man.

That one man was Euan Smith, and he surged in to the box on the 74th minute, beating two defenders on his way, and stuck a spectacular drive across goal which saw us equalise for the second time in this match, through the Scot. That was when the fans erupted. They knew that we weren't going to roll over easily. They got behind the team and drove them on.

Plymouth, feeling the true power of Luton's fans for the first time in the match, made a mistake from kick-off. They conceded possession to a rampant Euan Smith, who played an intricate pass to Alex Lawless on the right wing. He hit a first-time cross which looped over the heads of every Plymouth defender to the back post where Cristian Montaño, out of nowhere, appeared to convert a diving header and put Luton on their way to a second consecutive league title!

Fifteen minutes remained in the match, and we needed to defend with all our might. We had many tired legs after a long, difficult season, but Plymouth appeared to be fresh. Akinfenwa tore through our defence to go one-on-one with Grant Adam, but our shot-stopper managed to divert the piledriver which left Akinfenwa's foot on to the post, and away from goal. We countered, sensing a weakness in their defence and earned ourselves a corner. Pelly Ruddock, against the instructions of his fellow team mates, ventured forward in to the box for the set-piece. And it was indeed he who put the icing on the cake with a front-post free header which won us the league title!

The fans were dancing and cheering, the players were crying in happiness. We had done it again! We had won the Sky Bet League Two on the final day of the season, against all the odds at half-time. This was the greatest comeback in Luton Town's history!

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I'm speechless! :))
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Half-Time Teamtalk Made The Difference

Ronnie Henry: "We've had a lot of great wins over the past two years, but this has been far my favourite one of them all. We were losing going in to half-time, with it all to do to not just win the match, but win the title. We came back out fighting in the second half to turn things around and come out winners. It was an incredible game to win in front of our own fans at our own stadium. The feeling was amazing.

That's the third trophy I've lifted as Luton Town captain, and I am so proud of my team-mates for winning yet another trophy, against all the odds. We have been fantastic all season and we have deserved this. If we can keep improving like we have, anything is possible for us in the future. We have taken massive strides forward to improving the club in all aspects, and I am proud to represent Luton as captain.

A lot of the improvements have to come down to the great work done by our manager Ryan Ferguson. What can you say about that man? No word describes just how good a manager he is. From the moment he arrived here, he has transformed the club in to something amazing. There is a new life here, a new happiness. Ryan Ferguson is capable of making us produce something out of nothing, he is a miracle maker.

One of those miracles was in our last game, at home to Plymouth. We were losing one-nil at half-time and we needed to win to secure the title. Fergie produced the best half-time team talk that I've ever had. He inspired us to turn the game around and go on to win the match, and the title. He worked magic that day and we have him to thank for the league title. He is a true genius, he is the best manager in the world!"

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Nice update, I wish I could hear your team-talks :P
2014-05-16 21:42#175083 Josh_MU : Nice update, I wish I could hear your team-talks :P
Thanks :P
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Season Two: Season Review

Well, another tremendous season has passed. One which saw us lift yet another trophy, against all the odds. Now we will look at all the competitions which we entered in this season, and see how we performed in them.

Sky Bet League Two

The league certainly had it's ups and downs, especially seeing the massive drop in form around January. However, it was winning nine of our last ten games which saw us lift the league title in dramatic style. Our record of 26-11-9 was beyond fantastic, and I'm delighted with how we did over the course of the season.

League Table
We topped the table by two points in the end. York, Hartlepool and Bristol Rovers were the other three clubs which earned promotion to League One this season. We had by far the best Goal Difference in the league, thanks to having the third best Goals Far, but a much superior Goals Conceded record. Expected to finish fourteenth this season, I never would have expected to have finished first. Bravo, Luton!

FA Cup

I'm absolutely delighted with our run in this competition. We did fantastic up until the game against Southampton, where the eventual champions came out on top. Getting this far in the FA Cup was an enjoyable experience, hopefully we can have more successful runs like this one!

Capital One Cup

Our run in this competition didn't last very long, as we were knocked out by Birmingham straight away. I'm not too concerned about that, as it is a very difficult competition to win, when you consider the quality of the teams entered in it. Hopefully we can do better next year.

Johnstone's Paint Trophy

Seriously, why is this even a competition? The sooner we get to the Championship so we don't have to play in it, the better. All it does is clog up the fixture list with stupid scheduling, it is ridiculous.

Now that that's over, we can look forward to our Player Of The Season update, and many more entertaining updates! Keep posted!

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Quality update! You've had an amazing season!
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Season Two: Player Of The Season

Luton Town had an absolutely tremendous season, but who were the best players of the year? In every team, there are stand-out performers, and Luton is no different. Here are our stars of 2014-2015:

5. Grant Adam

He might not be as well-known as his brother Charlie, but Grant Adam has been a superb player for us this season. He played every single game for us this season, managing to keep out a fantastic Alan Martin from the starting eleven, and Grant certainly produced some stunning performances. He has been a brick wall in goals, and he has saved us on many ocassions.

Grant Adam's Season Stats
Appearances: 54
Clean Sheets: 21
Goals Conceded: 58
MotM Awards: 0

Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0

Goals Conceded Per Game: 1.07
Pass Completion Ratio: 33%
Fouls Committed: 0
Fouls Against: 3

Average Rating: 6.78

4. James Spencer

He may not have had a prolific goalscoring season, but while playing as a supporting striker to Euan Smith, he has been pivotal in our attacking plays. His passing and ability to hold up the ball has been fantastic for us, and he has improved so much over the course of the season too. He scored a few vital goals for us, and he has been so effective in the air too. He will become an important player next season, I believe.

James Spencer's Season Stats
Appearances: 37
Goals: 11
Assists: 12
MotM Awards: 3

Yellow Cards: 2
Red Cards: 0

Shots On Target Ratio: 47%
Pass Completion Ratio: 75%
Fouls Committed: 24
Fouls Against: 70

Average Rating: 7.04

3. Pelly Ruddock

The young defender was our fifth best player of last season, and this time he occupies the rank of third. He has been a rock for us at the back this season, and he has scored some vital goals for us too, most notably that on the final day of the season. I reckon that he can still develop a lot and become a great player for us.

Pelly Ruddock's Season Stats
Appearances: 42
Goals: 6
Assists: 1
MotM Awards: 4

Yellow Cards: 11
Red Cards: 0

Pass Completion Ratio: 77%
Tackles Per Game: 3.18
Fouls Committed: 78
Fouls Against: 40

Average Rating: 7.01

2. Jake Howells

Our hero of the FA Trophy 2014 final has been our second best player this season. The left winger has been sensational for us, scoring and assisting plenty of goals. He is so creative and has developed a lot over the past year. He can go on to become a club legend for us in the future.

Jake Howells' Season Stats
Appearances: 45
Goals: 7
Assists: 21
MotM Awards: 5

Yellow Cards: 3
Red Cards: 0

Pass Completion Ratio: 72%
Tackles Per Game: 1.21
Fouls Committed: 30
Fouls Against: 61

Average Rating: 7.05

1. Euan Smith

There was no doubt over who our best player of the season was. It was the on-loan Scottish striker Euan Smith! He has been unbelievable in front of goal this season, and is the main reason we won the league and a second promotion. I would love to sign him permanently, or even on loan again, as I love the chap to bits on FM. If any of you read my Vauxhall story on FM13, you will know how much he meant to me. He is God, no other way to describe him!

Euan Smith's Season Stats
Appearances: 49
Goals: 32
Assists: 9
MotM Awards: 9

Yellow Cards: 1
Red Cards: 0

Shots On Target Ratio: 58%
Pass Completion Ratio: 80%
Fouls Committed: 25
Fouls Against: 103

Average Rating: 7.19

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Euan! What a player he is! He'll be sorely missed :(

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