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Luton Town - The Path To Power

Started on 24 April 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 19 October 2014 by Justice
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Great updates, particularly the "fan" comments ;) Hell, I've seen Grant Adam play in real life and he was almost as bad as Yoo-an! :))

Anyway, congrats on the title, how the f*ck the Bristol Rovers manager won the manager accolade over you I'll never know...
Josh_MU, yes he will :(

Rablador, why thank you :)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
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I Will Never Forget Luton Town

Euan Smith spoke to us about his season on loan at Luton Town. The young Scottish striker had been on loan to the Sky Bet League 2 club from Hibernian and had been inspirational in his year-long stay, scoring 32 goals as Luton won the league title in remarkable fashion. Here is what he had to say:

Euan Smith: "I can't thank Luton Town enough for the past season, it has been truly amazing. I was shown such great hospitality and I was welcomed so openly when I arrived. The players here really helped me to settle in and I felt like part of the club from day one. Moving here on loan has really helped out my career and I have definitely improved so much.

I have taken so much advice from the other players on board and I have learned a lot from training. Ronnie (Henry) and James (Spencer) have been massive influences on me and they have made me aspire to be the best I can be. I can't thank the players enough for the help they've given me on and off the pitch. I'm just glad that I could repay them by scoring 32 goals this season.

The one man who's work I appreciated the most is Ryan Ferguson. He has been such an amazing manager for me, and for the club. Everything he does makes such a massive difference. He's a wonderful man-manager and the best tactician in the world. He knows his football inside-out and he knows how to make us players deliver on the pitch. I know that he will go on to be one of the best managers in football history, if not the best.

I will miss Luton. I have loved living and playing here for the last year, it has been a fantastic experience. I would like to return here one day in the future, if given the chance. I really hope that Luton Town will keep rising to become a world football power in the near future and I wish the players and staff the best of luck!"

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Hopefully you could maybe bring him back soon..?
We need Euan. :(

Oh, and I seem to remember hearing about a 6-0 win for Southampton against Luton in the FA Cup before. 1995 I think.
Josh_MU, maybe, but it is unlikely :(

The 510 Series, #Illuminati
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Stadium Bought

Board Meeting....

Gary Sweet: "Good morning Ryan, how are you today?"

Ryan Ferguson: "Good, good. So, what's the big news?"

Gary Sweet: "Well, I'm happy to announce that we have completed the deal to buy Kenilworth Road from the town council! It took us a few months to get through all the silly legal sides of it, but it is finally done. We finally own our stadium!"

Ryan Ferguson: "That's fantastic work, Gary! So, how does the purchase affect our finances?"

Gary Sweet: "Well, obviously it cost us a lot of money, no less than £3.1M. We took out a twenty year loan from the bank, which means we will be paying £14.25k per month for the next twenty years. It shouldn't set us back too much, hopefully. It all depends on our income, which depends on our success on the pitch. Buying the stadium wasn't easy, so it's up to you and the players to perform now in order for us to keep on tops of things financially."

Ryan Ferguson: "Of course, I understand. We have to work for our success, and that is what we will do. I'm happy that we purchased the stadium and now it is time to look forward to next season. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Gary."

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Congrats on buying the stadium! :)
Wow, just read through all of this, god it's good :D Keep going man! Onto life beyond Euan
Great pair of updates. I have a feeling that Euan will return ;), and with the stadium officially yours, you should host big-matches to earn some income :D
Josh_MU, thanks :)

redwolf0008, thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

Pauker, thanks, hopefully we can get him back! :)
nice bit about the stadium and your going well!
2014-05-18 16:49#175362 jasonvilla4ever : nice bit about the stadium and your going well!
thanks :)
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Parent Club: Crystal Palace

Barclays Premier League club Crystal Palace and Sky Bet League One club Luton Town have announced an affiliation between the two clubs. The affiliation was organised by both chairmen, without prior consultation with either board or manager. There are indeed some people from each club who are rumoured to be quite unhappy with the affiliation, including Luton Town manager Ryan Ferguson. A reporter of ours managed to eavesdrop on a conversation the Luton manager had with his chairman, as speculation of Ferguson leaving for a bigger club continues to grow.

Ryan Ferguson: "Boss, what the fuck are you doing? Do you have any idea on how to run a football club? This is why you have a managing director, he's supposed to make the fucking decisions. You're ruining this club's progress. You destroyed the club once already, and you will destroy it again if you don't let the experts do their jobs.

We have absolutely no need for a parent club. Our finances are stable, we can attract all the players we need, and our future is bright. All you are doing is giving a Premier League club a chance at taking our players from us. Besides, we don't benefit financially from this either. What do we get per year from Palace? Fifty thousand? That's not worth it at all.

You're not letting myself and the board do our job properly. I don't feel comfortable with you over-ruling our decisions on a regular basis. We could have signed Ryo flipping Miyaichi if it wasn't for your decision to not sign him because he's a 'failed Arsenal product'. And what about fucking Vito Mannone? He has been playing Premier League football while you've been scratching your arse and picking your nose! And what do you decide to do? Not fucking let me sign him. You're a joke, you need to sort yourself out."

*NOTE* In no way, shape or form is any of the abusive language meant to intentionally upset anybody.

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Wow, great update mate. Tension is high at Kenilworth!!!

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