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Oriental Lisbon - One Step Closer

The journey of minnows Oriental Lisbon.
Started on 3 May 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 17 November 2014 by Feliks
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Pretty good month! Excited for the Spurs game!
Apart from Lisbon that's not to bad a month, hopefully you can gain some ground on the top two. Looking forward to seeing you smash the Spuds too! :P


Oriental Change Rooms - Post Game

I'm walking towards the coach that's going to take us back to Lisbon. We've just beaten Braga 1-0 courtesy of Caetano's late strike and now we just want to go gome after an exhausting match where we were pushed. The added continental football really isn't helping, either, so most of the players fall asleep on the way back.

Approaching the coach, I had the sudden realisation that I'd forgotten something - my whiteboard. "Cristiano," I yelled out to the veteran ahead of me. "Tell the coach driver I need to grab something."

He stuck his thumb up to me and I quickly walked back down the corridor underneath the stands and turned left towards where the players' changing rooms were. I looked back and it seemed like everyone was getting on the bus so I hurriedly went into the changerooms.

Just as I was about to walk in, however, I heard shouting. "Get away from me!" one voice yelled. I heard squeaky shoes on the floor and out of nowhere a man, possibly an adolescent, shoved into me and ran away.

"Stop him," I yelled, and several players turned around and a couple sprinted after him. I looked back to the changerooms and saw Pedro Monteiro standing there, he still looked a little shellshocked.

"Who was that man?" I asked calmly.

"I don't know boss," he said nervously. "He just came in and.. and just shoved this little tube into my hands."

"What's in the tube, Pedro?" I quizzed, again calmly, trying to comfort him. He looked a little frightened. The 22-year old slowly handed me the tube, and I grabbed it from him. I looked at it, but there was nothing on it. I turned it around in my palm and saw the label.

It read: "Stimulants". It was a tube of performance enhancing drugs.

I looked at Pedro and he looked back, worried. This did not look good. Not one bit.

*dramatic music*
ermahgerd, what has happened? :O


Once again I'm sincerely sorry for the lack of activity on this story. It's the last week of school for me now so I'll have two whole weeks of just updating on my #RoadTo1k and also my quest for the title!

Loving the potential dramatic twist in this story... although personally i never label my stimulants as stimulants ;)

Now school is out i can't wait to find out more Walter :)
Looking forward to you resuming this :D
Erm, hi again. Thanks for the comments, but..... I thought holidays would mean more updates, but it's kind of meaning the opposite. I'm spending all my time outside and haven't really been on here at all lately.

Soooo.. this story probably won't be updated for a bit... I'm making no promises.

2014-09-26 12:47#195106 Neal : BRUH DON'T LEAVE US ON DIS GODDAMN CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!

2014-09-26 06:17#195109 Josh_MU :
Do not judge the Elliptical One! :))

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