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The Royal Redemption

A tale of drama, hypocrisy and controversy, but most importantly; the journey of a football manager
Started on 18 October 2014 by Justice
Latest Reply on 31 October 2015 by Live For FM

I have finally caught up to where I am in-game so you will soon see an overview of my Whitehawk squad and if you're lucky, regular updates! ;)

Above is the current Hall Of Fame as it stands, although for some reason it is slightly bugged. It doesn't count any trophies I won prior to 2026, which is a few. This is a pain but nothing I can't overcome.
Exhilirating win in the final of the Copa America. A captain's goal deep into extra time versus your biggest rivals is just the icing on the cake. Lovely summary of the tournament, hope to see regular updates of Whitehawk's adventures now ;)
Walter, you might just be lucky ;)

United Splash Cash On Want-Away Köhn

German international Malte Köhn today completed his move from Premier League champions Whitehawk to league rivals Manchester United. The twenty-three year old left back had grown unhappy playing as back-up to Dino Slavica at Whitehawk and left for a starting role at Manchester United, although some sources suggested that Whitehawk manager Prince William was unhappy with the German's training levels and attitude at the club.

Malte was part of FC Köln's academy but joined Borussia Dortmund's youth system in 2022, aged 14. At that age, he had begun to show potential and featured regularly for Dortmund's second team in Germany's third division. He went on to make his debut for the senior team in the 2025/2026 season, aged 17, and made 30 appearances in his debut season where he collected five assists. Köhn built himself a reputation as a creative full-back and was likened to former English international Leighton Baines and former Barcelona and Brazil star Dani Alves. Competent at playing on both flanks, Köhn became a key player for Dortmund and made over 76 appearances in his first three seasons in professional football.

He attracted the interest of English giants Whitehawk in the summer of 2028, and sealed his move there for a fee estimated to be £38M. In Köhn's debut season at the club, he made 30 appearances and scored one of the contenders for Goal Of The Season, striking a first-time volley from outside the box which swerved over the keeper's head and in to the far corner. He made 10 assists that season. However, with Dino Slavica and Pinga in the team, Köhn failed to cement a starting spot on either flank and settled for playing as back-up to both. Pinga left last summer in a mega move to Monaco, but it was Vicente Acosta who took his spot on the right flank. Köhn still managed 43 appearances in all, as Slavica and Acosta both picked up injuries throughout the season, but was overlooked when they were fit.

Sources close the club reported that manager Prince William was unhappy with Köhn's training levels, and didn't take a liking to Köhn's lack of appreciation to club events. Whether this was true or not is unimportant, as Whitehawk transfer listed him this summer anyway. Manchester United manager Josep Guardiola came knocking and signed the German for a hefty £30M fee, and it is rumoured that Köhn is on a £230k p/w contract, which will expire in 2036. Köhn is seen as a key player at his new club and is looking to break Whitehawk's spell over English football.

Malte Köhn: "I won a lot of trophies at Whitehawk and had some great memories there, especially in the Champions League. But I'm a United player now and our objective, my objective, is to knock Whitehawk off their perch and to win trophies of our own. This club came close in the two English cup competitions last season, as well as the Champions League, but Whitehawk knocked us out of all three competitions. We did finish runners-up in the league too so we're not far off them.

I feel that I can contribute a lot to this magnificent football club and I hope to help win some major trophies in the near future. There are some fantastic players here like Gilmar, Pacato and Natanael, who all won the Copa América this summer. With the players that we have, we can be successful."

Selling full backs for 30m must be normal in the 2030's :P
Great update, interesting to see you selling to a league rival but you're so far ahead of the chasing pack that I doubt one left back is going to make the different for them ;)
Walter, that's more or less it. I feel that I'm in a position where I can sell world class players to my rivals and still be miles ahead of them. We continue to create more and more world class players each year so we have to let a few go every now and then ;)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
8 yearsEdited

Whitehawk Capture Promising Trio

Whitehawk Football Club is known for their philosophy of developing young players in to top players. They have continued in this vein by bringing in three of the most talented youngsters in world football for fairly hefty fees. Eighteen year old Brazilian defensive midfielders Amoroso and Foguete joined from São Paolo and Santos respectively, while sixteen year old English central defender Samuel Hamilton joined for a jaw-dropping fee from league rivals Manchester City. The combined fee for the three players is reported to be over £25M (€34M), with Samuel Hamilton supposedly commanding over £17M (€23M) of that fee.

Amoroso - DM/MC

Fee: £1,100,000 (€1,500,000)
Signed From: São Paolo (BRA)
Age: 18 (19/05/2013)
Nationality: Brazilian
Squad Role: Back-up
International Caps: 0

Amoroso is the second most experienced of the three youngsters signed, having already made 18 senior appearances for his former club São Paolo. The defensive midfielder broke through to the senior team last year, and has impressed in his few appearances. He is a tough-tackling defensive midfielder, with great passing ability and intelligence beyond his years. He will play a back-up role for this season to my current defensive and central midfielders, but he will get more than enough game time to continue his development.

Value For Money:

Foguete - DM/MC/DC/DR

Fee: £8,000,000 (€10,870,000)
Signed From: Santos (BRA)
Age: 18 (15/06/2013)
Nationality: Brazilian
Squad Role: Loaned Out to Valencia (ESP)
International Caps: 0

Foguete looks to be the most promising of the three players signed, and he deservedly cost a large fee. Foguete broke in to the Santos side two seasons ago and has gone on to make 55 senior appearances for the club, scoring once. He is extremely gifted technically and is very versatile. I decided to loan him out to Valencia for this season in order for him to continue his development for one more season while I plan how I shall I restructure team in future seasons. I might look to play him as a right back, but I could also look to sell a midfielder and place Foguete there. No matter where I will play him, he will be a world class player one day. He's already half-way there!

Value For Money:

Samuel Hamilton - DC/DR/DM

Fee: £17,750,000 (€24,120,000)
Signed From: Manchester City (ENG)
Age: 16 (27/12/2014)
Nationality: English
Squad Role: U18s Squad
International Caps: 0

Samuel Hamilton cost me an absolute fortune for a young player, and I'm not even sure if he will become world class! To be honest, I had so much money that I could spend that I decided to bring in somebody English and this guy was one of the best lying around. He is tall and versatile, is a great tackler and is surprisingly great at dribbling. He made his senior debut for Manchester City in the league last season, coming on as a sub. I hope that he can become a top player to justify his transfer fee, but I do know that Whitehawk is the best place in the world for any young player to develop. We have the best facilities, the best youth squads and the best chance at winning trophies. I may sound arrogant but we are the best club for any player to come to play their football. Hopefully Hamilton will become a superstar.

Value For Money:

Where's Paatima? Or whatever his name is? I WANT PAATIMA! #williamoutifhedontsignpaatima
I'm not even going to comment on the price of that 16-year old Englishman :P
Tallery, you mean Christiaan Pattinama ;) You'll see him, very soon....
Walter, yeah it's best you don't, for your own dignity xD He's already got one senior appearance for a big club :P

Whitehawk Part With Coveted Duo

Having already sold Malte Köhn for big money earlier this summer, Whitehawk let two more players leave for big money. Spanish midfielder Carlos Serna (22) was sold to Zidane's Real Madrid, while Italian winger Riccardo Blini (20) made the switch to German side VfL Wolfsburg. The combined fee received for the two players was reported to be just under £55M (€74.5M). Both Serna and Blini were back-up players in Prince William's plans at Whitehawk and have left to cement first-team spots at other clubs.

Carlos Serna - DM/MC

Fee: £25,000,000 (€33,850,000)
Sold To: Real Madrid (ESP)
Age: 22 (10/03/2009)
Nationality: Spanish
Previous Squad Role: Back-Up
International Caps: 15 U21 Apps

Carlos Serna joined Whitehawk from Getafe in the summer of 2026 for £4.4M. He spent his first two seasons in the club in the U21s, where he developed his trade and went on to make two league appearances for the senior squad in his second. In the 28/29 season, Serna was loaned out to French Ligue 1 side FC Nantes, where he made a total of 28 appearances. He was then loaned out once again for the 29/30 season, this time to Championship side Crystal Palace, where he excelled. He made 46 league appearances as he starred for his loan side, who finished 6th but lost out in the Play-Off finals. Serna returned to Whitehawk to find himself in the senior squad for the 30/31 season, following two midfield departures from the club. Carlos Serna played a back-up role for Whitehawk, making 26 appearances for the club. However, he wanted a more important role at any club and left for Real Madrid when the chance presented itself.

Carlos Serna is capable of playing in defensive midfield as well as in central midfield. He possesses excellent defensive skills, as well as great technical ability on the ball. He is a well-rounded midfielder with great footballing intelligence. Serna also has the ability to score goals, having netted five times for Whitehawk in his previous campaign. While he wasn't important to our plans, he could prove to be extremely important to Real Madrid in future years.

Value Of Sale:

Riccardo Blini - AMR

Fee: £29,500,000 (€39,950,000)
Sold To: VfL Wolfsburg (GER)
Age: 20 (26/03/2011)
Nationality: Italian
Previous Squad Role: Back-Up
International Caps: 1 U21 App

Riccardo Blini joined Whitehawk from Atalanata in the summer of 2027 for a fee of £4.9M. Aged 16, Blini was thrown straight in to first-team action as a back-up player for other wingers. In his fist season at the club, Blini made four appearances. Blini made more and more appearances as the seasons went by, making 26 in total in his last season. Having made a total of 60 appearances for Whitehawk in his four seasons at the club, Blini felt that he was ready to play a more regular role in football and Wolfsburg offered him that opportunity, giving us a fair fee for his services.

Riccardo Blini is a quick and skillful right winger. Blini's eye for the extravagant has wowed fans across England, as well as in Europe, and his crossing ability is one to savour. At the young age of 20, Blini has plenty of years ahead of him to continue to improve his game and Wolfsburg is the ideal place for him to do that.

Value Of Sale:

Season 18: Squad Overview

It's time to show you what my squad is looking like, after all these years. They are all regens, so please don't be off-put by the unknown names! Many of the players are very versatile so I don't require that much "depth" in each position. For example, Adauto & Díez can play in DC, while Wetzel & Ursell fit in to central midfield. It's great to have players this flexible!

Whitehawk Squad

No. Name - Age - Nationality - Position - CA/PA
13. Claudio Elorrieta - 21 - Argentina - GK - /

50. Bernard Sethlodi - 20 - South Africa - GK - /

Right Backs
26. Vicente Acosta - 29 - Mexico - DR/DC - /

31. Gudio Robellaz - 17 - Switzerland - DR - /

Central Defenders
5. Dennis Seifert - 22 - Germany - DC/DM - /

4. Emmanuel Acuña - 23 - Argentina - DC - /

16. Souleymane Sarr - 19 - France - DC - /

20. Patrick Dhaira - 19 - Uganda - DC - /

Left Backs
3. Dino Slavica - 24 - Croatia - DL - /

00. Fernando Olivera - 19 - Argentina - DL - /

Defensive/Central Midfielders
6. Aduato (VC) - 27 - Brazil - DM/MC/DC - /

21. Bismark Nyarko - 26 - Germany - DM/MC - /

12. Vicente Díez - 23 - Spain - DM - /

00. Amoroso - 18 - Brazil - DM - /

Attacking Midfielders
10. Albert Wetzel (C) - 27 - Holland - AMC/MC - /

30. Adilson Francisco - 20 - Brazil - AMC/AMR/MC - /

Wide Attacking Midfielders
11. Matt Ursell - 24 - England - AMR/AMC/MC - /

19. Miodrag Kostic - 24 - Serbia - AMR/AML/ST - /

8. Stephen Murray - 19 - England - AML/AMR/AMC - /

00. Lucas Echegaray - 19 - Argentina - AMR/AML - /

18. Christiaan Pattinama - 25 - Holland - ST/AML - /

9. Hippolyte Chabbert - 21 - France - ST - /

Notable Youth Players
00. Tony Hood - 18 - England - MC/DM - /

22. Roger Bartley - 17 - England - DM - /

00. Lee Gwynne - 19 - England - DL - /

24. Eurico António - 17 - Portugal - MC/DM - /

28. Marius Scherping - 17 - Germany - AMC - /


I tend to use this 4-2-3-1 as my main set-up these days. I won't reveal team, player & set-piece instructions in case I decide to upload my tactics for download one day. While the 4-2-3-1 is my favourite, I rotate between three tactics. The other two are a 4-3-3 and a 4-1-2-1-2. I don't do this based on who I play against any more, as my players can beat anybody in any set up. I switch set ups depending on who I want to give game time and play.

that is some squad! Good luck for the coming season!
You only have two English players that are in the first team frame...

I'm disappointed
2015-09-03 09:03#219554 Ta31_a : You only have two English players that are in the first team frame...

I'm disappointed

As am I, we wants more HG players ;)

Nonetheless, amazing team. Wetzel may be captain fantastic but Hippolyte Chabbert is just God.

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