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Valencia CF: El Aumento De Los Valencianos

Follow my journey where I take Valencia back to the top!
Started on 15 November 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 7 June 2015 by pompeyblue
Another great update! :)
Amazing, just amazing! Awesome work!
Congrats on the 10,000 views, very much deserved ;)
Shouldn't have dropped points to Rayo, honestly, but not a bad month overall. Only 2 points back of Real Madrid, though it is early going :)
Amazing, stunning, beautiful graphics mate... :O

Great story so far, congrats on the views btw!
@Alex - thanks mate :)
@Toddzy - I will try :P
@Retroget - thanks man, your comments are highly appreciated :)
@Jonte - Thanks :)
@Taro - danke
@Josh - wow, was that needed, but I like the Sir Tallery bit :P #redarmy
@Ollie - thanks man :)
@Nala - wooo, your back :) agreed, the Rayo game was disappointing, but the gap between Real and us is a nice one
@Naveed - Thanks mate, it means a lot :P

In The Stands: Issue 2 ‘Sneak-Peek’

Hello and welcome to the latest ‘sneak-peek’ of the next issue of In The Stands. I know we haven’t released one in a while, but I can promise you, it is a bumper issue, and one you will want to get your hands on. However, due to not getting one out to our readers, we have decided to put a preview on our official website. I sat down with probably the most in-form striker on the planet at this current time. Any guesses on who it might be? I bet you are thinking Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi. But I can tell you, it is not. It is twenty year old Paco Alcácer, who currently turns out for Valencia in Spain. I went to Valencia, not that far from my home in L’Ametlla de Mar, a small fishing town in southern Catalonia, to speak with the Spaniard on all things, quite frankly, him. He was a pleasure to speak too, and such a nice guy, and one that I am sure will become one of the very best in years to come, and is only showing a tiny glimpse of his ability to the footballing world currently. Anyway, let’s crack on with the interview.

By Layla Fernandez-Taylor, Spanish Football Editor and Correspondent

Fernandez-Taylor: Hello, Paco, very nice to meet you, it’s a pleasure to speak to you today.
Alcácer: Thank you, it’s no problem, the first issue of the magazine was great!

Fernandez-Taylor: Let’s begin then, it has been quite a sudden rise for you at Valencia, with you only breaking into the first team last season, something it often takes many young players years to do, do you think it is a lucky break or something you could see coming?
Alcácer: Yes, my rise to the first team was quick. I wouldn’t really say it was a lucky break; I worked very hard to get to where I am now. I know I impressed on loan at Getafe a few seasons ago, and the manager then told me I was ready, and since then, I have never looked back,. I have worked hard to get to where I am now, and I desperately want to stay where I am.

Fernandez-Taylor: Would you say Alejandro Sabella has brought the best out of you?
Alcácer: I think he has tried, very much so. After the first team meeting we had before preseason, he kept me and Sofiane [Feghouli] back and told us we are the most important players in his team, and that the team will be built around us in the future. I have tried to repay him by scoring and playing well, I would say his tactics are much engineered around me, getting the ball to me, and letting me finish it, which I am very grateful for.

Fernandez-Taylor: Very interesting, because not long after that, a bid from Wolfsburg in Germany came in for you, were you caught in two minds, or was it a dead simple choice for you?
Alcácer: It was tough. Wolfsburg are a very good side, and one it would be a pleasure to play for, in all honesty. But, after this came in, and it matched my release clause, which to be honest, I didn’t even know about until the bid came in, I got a message from my agent saying Sabella wants to discuss a new contract for you. It was something I was very keen to do, and when the offer was made, I could not refuse it, it was too good to turn down. So from then on, signing for Wolfsburg was not even considered.

Fernandez-Taylor: Scoring a hattrick two games in a row, in the first two games of the season, must have been great, and it must have really shown the rest of the team what you were capable of.
Alcácer: Yes, it was amazing, I start I could not have of even dreamt or wished for. When I scored the third goal in the game against Elche, I was ecstatic, it was great. Yes, I scored a penalty, but at this level, in what is the best league in world, you take every goal for granted, and to get a hattrick is amazing. Then to do it again, was just… I am lost for words… unbelievable.

Fernandez-Taylor: Then, after all the highs, you suffered a defeat, and to your rivals Real Madrid, what was your view on the game?
Alcácer: The defeat at Real was definitely disappointing, but we defended so well, until that extra bit of quality that Real have took it away from us. The boss said before the game, just do what you can, they are the best team in the world, and they are off the back of a Champions League win. So we were pleased it ended one nil, but we played so well, but three points weren’t there. It was a shame, but the boss was pleased, so were we.

Fernandez-Taylor: The Espanyol game must have been good for the team, getting back to winning ways, what was the spirit in the dressing-room like afterwards?
Alcácer: To be honest, we all kept our jubilation inside of us, there wasn’t a huge party or anything, and that is because we play for Valencia, and we are expected to win most times we play. The boss knows this, and expects this. But, personally, I was very happy, I scored another two goals, and played well.

Fernandez-Taylor: A draw against Rayo then followed, what was the feeling about that match, with Sabella saying he was disappointed after the match in his press conference.
Alcácer: We were all unhappy with the result, it took us back to the memories of last season, a place we do not want to return too. The boss was unhappy, and told us that, no cover ups. Though, to come back quite late in the game shows resilience, this is important for a team that wants to challenge for the title. After half time, we knew we weren’t up to scratch and tried to change that, and annoyingly we couldn’t get three points.

Fernandez-Taylor: You are two points behind Real Madrid; do you feel that you could overtake them?
Alcácer: Of course, although Real are such a good team, in my opinion, the best in the world, but if they drop points, we need to win, and then we can go top, we just need to make sure we win every game we can to give ourselves the best possible position to pounce. We are definitely title contenders, even though we have a small squad and not the same quality as say Real or Barça, but we can, and that is our aim.

Fernandez-Taylor: Oooh, fighting talk! Anyway, that all we have time for today. Thanks a lot Paco, it’s been a pleasure speaking to you. Hope to catch up with you soon and wish you well for the current campaign ahead!
Alcácer: Thank you very much, it has been great, will hopefully see you soon.

And that’s it folks, the interview with the hottest talent on the planet right now. Hope you enjoyed the sneak-peek of the next In The Stands issue, don’t forget to pick up a copy for this and more!
The graphics, oh the graphics! Very good job with this story Tallery! :D
Really nice write-up Tallery, the magazine style updates are some of your best!
Fantastic update, as expected. The graphics, as per usual, are outstanding. :D
@Kippax - Thanks alot man :)
@pompey - Thanks, glad you liked it :P
@Alexis - Swear you say the same everytime, but I am glad it is consistent :P
I say the same all the time because that's what I think :P
Great game against Madrid! ALMOST drew with them. Losing by a goal to the Galacticos is nothing to be ashamed of! Well played. Hoping you perform well :D

Also, great choice getting Alcacer on a new contract - he is probably the best poacher in game. Love the gfx as always. GL!
Alcacer is brilliant, enough said

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