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In Fair Verona

Romeo & Juliet - Football Style
Started on 6 October 2015 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 5 December 2015 by the champi0n fm
Walter's avatar Group Walter
5 yearsEdited
Lovely update, Feliks. Hopefully you can wrestle your way into a more controlling position other than just off field leader, and maybe bring some peace to the city of Verona ;)
ooooh, lovely stuff Feliks! but how will Chevio and their management feel about the idea of peace?
F*ck the peace, we want a riot! :))
Bel modo per cominciare la storia. Hellas Verona è uno mie squadre preferite. Spero che li porterà a europeo Gloria. Se volete sapere il significato di questa linea, si prega di utilizzare un traduttore. All Hail Hellas Scendi Chievo. Mi congratulo con lei per 50 posti, ancora una volta.
2015-11-08 12:44#221275 Justice : F*ck the peace, we want a riot! :))
haha :))
Walter Hopefully Romeo can become a true legend of the city :)

InfraRed We'll have to wait and see ;)

Justice Calm down mate :))

SooruSooru All hail Hellas!
Feliks's avatar Group Feliks
5 yearsEdited

Read Part 1 here.

County Paris was a well-known man around Verona, being the son of the Governor and noted ladies man, and as such he often had to don a disguise when doing covert business. Today he was walking into 'Il Sovrano', an upscale club in downtown Verona. To anyone who asked, he was an international businessman from Switzerland, here on an international business trip to conduct international business.

But the facade was down for just one person, the one man who had organised this meeting, much to Paris' surprise. He didn't expect his inflitration to be so complete so early. A Hellas Verona player, willing to talk terms with him. That was certainly something to smile about.

The player looked fidgety and nervous, waiting at the bar with his water. He saw the well-dressed and disguised Paris walk in, noticing the secret signs, and badly acted his way through a greeting between old friends. Paris could tell he was nervous, and quickly moved the conversation into a private booth. There, he got down to business.

"Signore, I thank you for coming today. It means a great deal to me." said Paris.

The player was confused. Was this still acting? Paris, who always prided himself on his empathy, immediately got the gist.

"No, no, do not worry. This is not acting. I am indeed glad to be able to sit down here."

"You must understand, Conte, I am still not sure about all of this. Hellas, they have been very good to me."

"Very good to you? Does very good constitute appointing a nobody to manage you?"

"Well, no, if you put it like that, I guess."

"Does very good constitute paying you less than you deserve?" Paris had personally discovered the player's unhappiness with his contract, and exploited it.

"No, no it doesn't."

"It doesn't, does it."

Paris picked up his drink - scotch - and stood up, walking to the other side of the booth. He quickly remembered his speech, which was quite rushed. He hadn't expected someone to come to him so soon.

"Amico, I have a proposition for you. It will involve a lot of hard work for you. It may break some of your moral code. It will be uncomfortable, it will be dirty, it will cost you some respect at Hellas Verona. But you must always tell yourself - the club needs to be changed. You can see it, I can see it, everyone but that ape Montague can see it. Someone needs to change it. And you can be that someone, amico."

The player nodded his head the whole time, and although Paris had his doubts about him, he was a whole lot better than no one.

The Count's plan had come into action.
Ooh, troubles-a-brewing! This cant be good for Hellas can it?
I'm counting on this plan being successful... am I right?



2015-11-16 07:21#221729 Walter : I'm counting on this plan being successful... am I right?



Lippo I doubt it will be....

Walter I think the puns in my updates are bad enough :))

Justice Danke

Act Two, Scene Three

It was now the third day of Romeo Montague's 'tenure' at Hellas Verona, and for him, it looked no closer to being successful. Training was meant to start 15 minutes ago, and a quick look by Benvolio confirmed what he already knew - there was no one there. Not even Luca Toni, the so-called advocate. Even he had abandoned it. And now, Romeo was considering standing down. Or at least asking to resign. And having his father push it back.

He opened the latest copy of the local newspaper, and found himself on the 3rd page yet again. 'Scandals at Verona', they proclaimed. Some bogus about a tiff with a Capulet woman named Rosaline. He wished. He made a mental note to get the family lawyers onto the paper before deciding against it. It would pay to get the press onside. He'd call a press conference if only the players turned up.

Benvolio Montague, his trusted friend and cousin, knocked on the door. He was one of the few people that Romeo was always open to. And he played with the Verona youth teams up to the age of 17. He was a no-brainer when Ted Montague gave his son some autonomy in his choice of assistant manager.

"Hey Romeo."

"Yeah cuz?"

"I think you're going to want to see this."

Romeo trudged after Benvolio as they walked through the training complex. Pessimistic as he was, he expected a throb of press, looking for blood. But when he made it out onto the training pitch he was truly taken back.

Standing in front of him was the entire first team squad of Hellas Verona, headed by the captain, Luca Toni. Toni put out his hand and Romeo cautiously shook it.

"I managed to convince some of them to come down. But only on the condition that you know what you're doing."

Romeo could see a lot of the players looked like they didn't really want to be here. He realised this was his one and only chance to cement his reputation to these players.

"I guess we better get started then."

The managerial tenure of Romeo Montague has well and truly begun.

Romeo is a beauty.
Nice shoes
I haven't read it all but I will. This is one really cool concept using a classic story in the football world.

You are reading "In Fair Verona".

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