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Wycombe Wanderers - The Summer of 69

Probably the best story you'll read all day, okay, maybe not, but you know, have a nose.
Started on 19 April 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 22 September 2016 by Justice

Landmark time!

Thank-you so much to everyone who has viewed my little story. I hope you've enjoyed and I'm making it my mission to keep it going.

Think it's time for another round of this...

Thanks guys,
like this story so much!!!Very good presentation
Congrats on the landmark! Hopefully there will be many more to follow!

Transfer Dealings

It's official, it's January 1st 2170, most people will be recovering from an almighty hangover right now, if they haven't invented some cure for it yet. But me, I was ready to announce some transfer dealings, yes I know it's early, I like it done quickly.

Kim Dal-Joo £19 Mil (Some over installments)

This lad joins us from Kaiserslautern and is one of the most versatile young players I've ever seen, and he is well adapted to play well in any of his 3 natural positions for us which makes me very very happy as a manager. For me, a player of his quality at 21 years old is a no-brainer and I think he can compete right the way through the squad.

Mark Versluis £5.25 Mil

Simple, this lad hasn't played for us this season, he seemed like he could fetch a few bob, he did. I don't think I'd ever wind up playing this lad, we have Diallo and Hutten to do a job for us on that side, and unless we're unfortunate with injury, I doubt he'd be needed. There's no doubt he's a good winger, but I'm using inside forwards.

More to come

As we progress through January I'll be sure to bring you whatever transfer dealings we get up to, plus the fixtures that have gone before hand!

Thanks for reading,
All comments will be reciprocated,
Kim looks like a fantastic addition to the squad.
Kim looks brilliant! Looking forward to see what he brings to the table.
Let me guess, Versluis joint Middle Earth FC & is now known by the name Gollum? :P
Atoobie's avatar Group Atoobie
5 yearsEdited

A long slog

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate this months nominees for SOTM, I have really enjoyed some of the stories nominated and I have to say Lewie's stood out for me. I hope one day to get nominated (preferably before FM17), and hopefully can do it this month!

Anyway, this month saw the highest amount of fixtures I've done in one update, hence the one day gap in my posts. However, I'm back after this long run of January fixtures, with wins, losses and transfers!

Tense affair


Denying the doubters

Statistical dominance, no result

Bogey team


Underwhelming but enough

Martina, shaken, not stirred

In the midst

Only a few actual Premier League games in the month of January, but they put us slap bang in the centre of the table with 24 games gone, a crucial game in hand to come against Spurs though. Now comfortably 16 points clear of the drop and edging closer to the magic 40, we can look onto that League Cup final with real ambition.

Player of the Month

Our first ever two time winner (I felt for sure we'd have a fan favourite by now). This lad has held our team up at times, really holding us firm whilst be piss about with it up front. He very rarely puts a foot wrong and was MOTM against West Ham in the first leg, and Yeovi, hence why he gathered interest from Barcelona in January. It is of course Rafael Ruiz.

Flop of the Lot

The team has played relatively well this month and their really wasn't any stand out candidates for FOTL, but this kid hasn't been his usual self, though he definitely already holds a place in my heart. To be fair, in his role he won't normally catch the spotlight, but recently he's played more like Lee Catermole than N'Golo Kante, Mohamed Daouda, I'm afraid it's you.


There's been very little action, not going to lie, I almost forgot this section, however, we do have SOME news.

One big date

25/2/70, the date we fight to lift the League Cup against a currently 8th placed Chelsea. We will look to be fully fit and fighting for the game and it is by far the focal point for our February adventures! Wish me luck, may the best team win!

Also, in the league, that game against 12th placed Stevenage looks quite tasty.

I'll see you next time, hopefully with a League cup to celebrate.
Until then, all comments will be reciprocated, thanks for reading.

Congrats on reaching the final! Hopefully you can crush Chelsea to bring home some silverware :P

It's a beautiful day!

There is simply no better way to get you guys in the mood for a League Cup final versus Chelsea like a good ol U2 song from the days before they gave everyone FREE MUSIC and people complained.
(WTF society?!?!)

Average at best

2 games without a win, 2 games unbeaten

Another cup run?

THE BIGGIE (smalls)

Feet on the ground

Over time

What a month!

Well for starters we added this to our trophy cabinet which felt rather good...

As for the league, we cancelled out the poor start to the month with a good end as we went UNBEATEN in the month of February, fantastic scenes to be honest. I predict us to really push on with high morale and maybe squeeze a top 8 finish if we're lucky. We'll have to fight for it though.

Player of the Month

To be honest, this was a really really tough month to pick POTM and FOTL because the team worked so well together, and no-one seemed to put a foot wrong, however, I had to pick someone! For me, it has to be Sasa, he was involved in BOTH goals in the League Cup final, and scored against Liverpool, and has definitely proved he's a game winner as he missed both the Barnsley and Stevenage game. Truly deserved winner in my book...

Flop of the Lot

I say it was hard to select a winner for this...maybe if it was from first team regulars it would be, but this lad has not done what I expected this month. Brought in as a player to challenge Gonzales, he has done jack all when introduced as a sub, and it's definitely been a no brainer to choose to Spanish-man over this lad throughout February. Casalino, you may be back to Sevilla sooner rather than later.

The Morale is Key

Without doubt we must ride this high for a while now, and battle through March without regret in order for us to secure a movement upwards in the league. Not so many games this month, but expect a youth intake soon to spice things up!

Slows over the coming week, due to a few events going on in real life.

However, please keep commenting, all will be reciprocated.

Congrats on making it to Europe through the cup
Congrats on the cup victory!

'Holden' a minute

So, I always love a youth intake, and to be honest, it definitely coaxes me towards the end of the season, in that lull before the end of season run in that's all exciting and that. So to be honest I was fairly excited to witness what Wycombe would come up with, and so, as I clicked the button to take me to the youth candidates screen, this was what I was greeted with.

As you can see, one man sticks out above all the rest, Tafari Holden, a centre back with some real promise if my assistant manager is correct. Let's take a closer look at our potential future defender.

As you can see, the lads got some rather decent stats for a young guy! In general he needs to develop across the board but that 20 determination should really help the lad grow rapidly in the years to come, maybe lining up in our defence one day!

I know this one was a short one, more tomorrow I promise.
Until then, all comments will be reciprocated.


Mixed bag

Definitely an interesting group of results to be honest, most scarily however, is our cup form, which seems to be going from strength to strength as we get to the business end of the season, meanwhile, it's arguable our league form is having a rough time as a result. I'm sure you'd agree though, you can't field a weakened team this late on into the FA Cup.

A condensed fixture list...

Really poor

A first for Dal-Joo

Another trip to Wembley!

The games in hand, to be kept in mind

The important thing is we are clear of the relegation zone, but the drop in league form has been disappointing, even when you look at the games in hand, they're all against higher opposition, and in this form, I doubt our chances.

Player of the Month

It's been a poor month theirs no doubting that to be honest, however, from what I have seen, utility has been key for us, a few injuries from Davies and Sasa would have definitely forced our hand a little if it wasn't for Dal-Joo, who's a deserved winner this month, stepping in to do a job in plenty of roles.

Flop of the Lot

This month it's been hard to pick a stand out player, all over the shop it really hasn't been great, so I'd have to choose someone who really hasn't had a good game at all. To me, it'd have to be Diego Vaz, who just hasn't turned up in the games I subbed him on for, always average.

Hectic is the word

My word this month will be tough, my players are about the fall off a cliff physically and all training will have to be for match fitness going forward, a long slog is ahead. A 5 day distance between pretty much every game, I don't look forward to this one bit, instead of looking up the league, we may have to look down.

Anyway, until then,

All comments will be reciprocated,

Congrats on Wembley

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