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Wycombe Wanderers - The Summer of 69

Probably the best story you'll read all day, okay, maybe not, but you know, have a nose.
Started on 19 April 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 22 September 2016 by Justice
Atoobie's avatar Group Atoobie
8 yearsEdited

The Summer of 69

Hi guys, I’m ATooBie, but you guys can call me Alex. I’ve tried my hand at a few stories in the past, neither have had much longevity to them, however, I’ve taken a lot of effort in setting this one up and I hope it keeps me entertained throughout summer.

I won’t be writing in ‘character’ because that’s just not my jam, I prefer an EvolvingMick style take on things, giving you feedback on progress as I go.

The uploads won’t be that regular as I won’t have much time between now and exams (June), but after that I’m all yours (don’t get any ideas ;) ).

I hope you enjoy. Any feedback is good feedback tah.

Introducing 2169...

The world of football is a very different place in 2169; I feel it’s best to just set the scene for you guys in order for you to understand, but first…

First of all, here are all the league tables for the top 5 leagues in the world IN PRESENT DAY, I’ve always hated how the Argentinian and Brazilian teams shoot up in reputation because it’s easier to win the South American champions league. So I won’t really be paying much attention to that continent because it’s all a bit silly.

English Premier League



Serie A

Ligue 1

Yes, I am aware I missed some teams off the bottom of some leagues, you'll work out who they are.

Anyway, that's me until next time, there'll be plenty more background info to come about 2169 in the coming updates don't you worry!


Tah, for now.
Bryan Adams hell yeah!!!! You got me interested in this all ready. Good luck!
2169, woaaah.

First time I've seen anyone start a story that far in the future! Good luck!
Please add the Dutch league for me. And you'll be mine (in my story :P)
IN THE SUMMER OF 69!!!! hehe, great start and holy shit 2169, damn that's far
Is it bad I played that song whilst reading.. and now whilst I'm typing? Ah f*ck it. Good start man by showing us the teams, interesting save as well. ;)
Atoobie's avatar Group Atoobie
8 yearsEdited

Who's been ruling the world?

So, before we break into the series I figured I best give you some more info and description on the way the world has changed from what we know now! I find when watching YouTube saves, that you often feel disconnected and forget the main players because you're not updated regularly enough on who they are, so I will try to engross you in this story through telling you everything.

Also, I'm going to shamefully embed another of my favourite classics purely because of the title of this update. Enjoy!

Lets talk about Plymouth

Yeah? So they're doing decent right? In the Premier League, in the Euro Cup. But my friends, this is a FALL FROM GRACE for the mighty Plymouth whose fans have this to shout about!

So yeah, they're doing very very well! Definitely THE success story of the 153 years I simmed, but other notable mentions go to Yeovil, Sheffield United and Chesterfield.

So what about the Germans?

Nothing too spectacular to be honest, but recently Koln have become the dominant force in the league!

They've even lifted the Champions League every so often since around 2050, definitely a force to be reckoned with the Bundesliga, though Wolfsburg have won silverware many times recently too, as these two clubs seem to be the main rivals in Germany now!

The rise and fall of Clermont Foot

This to me, is definitely a story I considered taking on if it wasn't for my allegiance to English football, the topsy turvy times in Clermont-Ferrand resembles something of Newcastle in recent years or perhaps Leeds, sky rocketing to the top only to fall miserably.

The recent years do not look a pretty picture but there were times of pure elation at CFFC.

Will definitely be interesting to see how they get on as time passes.

The Italian Job?

First off, any ideas how many times that's been used as a story title? Secondly, there's been some quiet rumblings of something extraordinary in Italy as some teams have really risen out of nowhere.
Namely, Pro Vercelli, now Italian stalwarts, and Taranto, my new favourite film director.

However, neither have set the world alight yet, and Pro Vercelli in particular remind me of a modern day Stoke, not in football style, just in the sense they're never really going anywhere (sorry Stoke fans).

Taranto does excite me, not just because it sounds like Quentin Tarantino, but because they don't have a badge! I have more logo packs installed than I have fingers to count on, so they much be from seriously unknown territory!


As for Spain

Nothing new happened, literally, fucking nothing. Well, Athletico got a bit shit, but apart from that. It's like watching paint dry over there. Oh, and Tenerife did well for a while, but I'm sorry, you will always be a holiday destination and nothing more, you don't get the credit to be featured here.

Recent Champions League Winners?

Finally I thought I'd give you a run down of the recent CL winners.

As you can see, theirs some familiar faces and some brand new ones!
Quickly before I finish, I thought I'd show you Morierense, a team I've also grown a soft spot for due to their shocking rise, reminding me a bit of Porto under Mourinho.

Thats all folks! Hope I've set the scene well. Next time you will meet my team!

Feedback is encouraged.

Tah, for now!
This is super interesting, not sure I've seen anything like it before! Love your writing style as well. Will definitely be following!
Amazing usage of Tears For Fears!!
Pink kits <3
Atoobie's avatar Group Atoobie
8 yearsEdited

About time you met my lot

This is my manager, the legendary Naso Muyei, of course, none of you know who he is, so here's a little context. Last year, I was considering doing a YouTube in the future like this, however, I got side tracked and ended up having a private save with this Italian team called Tuttocuoio, (I think pronounced like Pinocchio). In that save I signed a centre mid on the cheap from Niger named Naso Muyei, he would be a rotation option, but he quickly became one of my favourite players I've ever had on FM.

So... Naso Muyei everyone...

Yes, for some reason I messed up the nationalities and made Niger his second nationality instead of first, my bad.

The Wycombe Boys

If you've picked up on enough of the hints I've dropped in previous updates, you'll know by now I will be managing THE MIGHTY DUCKS, as they will now be known. I mean, you call 'The Chairboys' a nickname...

My side have recently been promoted to the Premier League and this is where I will take the reigns after their previously manager mysteriously disappeared (wasn't me I promise).

Interestingly, their promotion puts them alongside historic rivals Colchester, so I can't wait to take them on in a proper derby!

We have the manager, and the club, time to look at the militia with have to take the Premier League by storm.

First, we have the signing's I've made.


In my opinion, most of these players are class pieces of business! The star of the show has to be Otsuki who was offered to me by his agent and seems to be worth the punt! However, I have a dirty secret about one of these signings...

The Outs

How about your tictacs?

All this leads to a tactic I've developed this year and enjoy using very much. Yes, it's traditional but I'm the kind of manager who likes to find something that works and stays with it.

There's obviously a few names you won't recognize in that starting line-up so I'll quickly go over them now but I'm wary of how long this update is becoming.

The team is outlined, the groundworks are set, you know the background, I'm sober, all is well.
So with out further, next time, let's...

Atoobie's avatar Group Atoobie
8 yearsEdited

Wycombe's Summer of 69

The summer friendlies were quickly upon us as we took on some teams from all over Europe, largely due to our training camp in Austria for a few weeks. This definitely gave me a chance to pitch my team against some randomers and see what happened.

All went very well bar the loss to Celtic who I hugely underestimated, but we steamrolled a struggling Athletico Madrid who are predicted to get relegated this year, but considering we smashed them, I felt comfortable.

Our first game would be tricky, an away tie against an Everton side very similar in stature to the Everton of today except with players with REALLY REALLY BAD ASS NAMES.

They all sounds like members of a mafia! I have to say, if I was a bad guy in a film though, I'd definitely go for the name Stefano Mercuri!

Anyway, the result (I got side tracked didn't I?)

Now this felt good! They signed one of ours, we signed one of theirs. We dominated.

A sign of true intent


Thank god for Gegeny (That's going to become a thing)

Back to life, back to realityyyy

All in all, a very good opening stretch at the Wanderers for Naso Muyei, leading us up to a big game against my personal team Manchester United, on the 16th of September.

I'll see you all soon,
Feedback appreciated, tah.
Nice preseason

National Name Change Day 10th of September

Not going to lie, like most FM players who think they're half funny, I like to set a few nicknames, hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I will.

My Main Man Sasa

Mamadou Zoundi

This is of course based off the great song by Madonna...

The League Table

Completely forgot to put this in the last update so here it is!

As you can see, we're really beating expectations, hopefully we don't get brought back down to earth!

Until next time,

Two good players there and great start in the table

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