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Wycombe Wanderers - The Summer of 69

Probably the best story you'll read all day, okay, maybe not, but you know, have a nose.
Started on 19 April 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 22 September 2016 by Justice
They look brilliant!
Best of luck,make Wycombe famous :D
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Underwhelming month (September)

There's been nothing spectacular about this month, in fact, it's arguably been very 'just don't get relagatedish' this month. However, I'm definitely having fun getting to know the quality players of the squad, and those who aren't quite cutting it.

A Nice Start

Not convincing

The first loss

Shaky stuff

So where does that poor stretch put us?

A month without a win is worrying for anyone, it's encouraging to know we took points from United and Forest, but could really have done with a win against Stevenage. All this puts us in 11th with a game in hand on most teams.

Player of the month (September and August)

It's been tricky this month, Connor Willis lead in average rating, and has 100% been integral to the defence. To me however, the real hero of this opening stretch is our new signing Fatuwu Diallo

The kid has had 4 goals and 4 assists in 7(2) games for the club. For a kid who's 19 years old, that is definitely something, and seems like an absolute steal from Leicester. Maybe they just lost the next Mahrez?

Flop of the lot (September and August)

Up and down would definitely describe this lads start at the club. Giving away a win against Manchester United early on, before scoring in the League Cup to assure us the win. Ousmane Zogbo (now nicknamed Zoggers), has had a weird start. It's not that he's been bad consistently, he just seems to be getting punished for his mistakes.

That's all folks

The highlight of the next months worth of football has to be that 4th round tie versus Plymouth, a real chance to take our best game and get a run going.

Thanks for reading,

All comments will get them in return, tah
Jesus Henry Christ - Chesterfield, Plymouth, Wycombe, Colchester, Stevenage all in the top flight at once? Future saves are always interesting. Even Barnsley have more top flight pedigree than that
Tottenham on top? this is getting more unrealistic

Running before we walk

'A mixed bag' would definitely describe how October went for the MIGHTY DUCKS, as we worked to regain some form and pick up a long awaited win, which, but for a well timed team meeting, may have come a lot later than it did.

Bloody Paris Lloyd

Lacking a top striker

A shocker out of nowhere!

Grind out a win

Continuity is key

A very average month for us, playing every single game at home. Definitely should have stolen the win against Barnsley, but now Lloyd is eternally in my bad books. All this sees us end the month where we begun, in 11th.

Player of the month (October)

This man is 100% the talisman for the team, looking at his form, when he plays poorly, the team struggles, but when he turns up, he brings the team with him. Sasa definitely turned up in the Plymouth and Liverpool game, scoring in each, and didn't play any worse than anyone else in the two games prior.

Flop of the lot (October)

I'm sure I've made this one fairly predictable, you definitely wouldn't get very long odds on this lad getting FOTL this month. Step up Paris Lloyd, for costing us 2 points, and making me very mad. This lad somehow has a higher average rating than Sasa, how football manager? How?

Coming up next time...

You're in for a double headed thriller against local rivals Colchester, a very similarly matched team to ours. I feel a cup run is definitely on, and depending on points, I may sacrifice a Premier League game to be fit for the cup.

Thanks for reading,

All comments will get them in return, tah.
All of those League One clubs in real life now in the Premier League, wow. Should get a few wins there personally.
lol, the guy who scored against you in the 93rd minute is called Paling. Thats the Dutch word for an eel, Hutten isthe dutch word for Cabins :P

And please win a cup, this is the earliest chance to win something :P


News is breaking from the Wycombe camp as some argue the Mighty Ducks won't be so mighty without this lad...

More information

Xaviero Kraise is a man known to the Wycombe masses, having been around for many years now and many hold him as a Wycombe hero! However, the lads fallen out of favor with Naso Muyei after an appalling 0 goal and 0 assists in 5 starts. An abysmal run for any striker!

Fuel was added to the fire after Kraise decided to take to twitter to release some emotion, surely securing the striker a move away, and probably a stint in the under 21's.

I'll tell you what, I can't be dealing with this...

Finally got a Prince reference in. :)

Thanks for reading,
Just caught up on this mate, looks really good and was a great read, keep it up!
The music choices <3


A very decent stretch for the lads leading up to the winter run in, against tough opposition, however there's definitely some room for improvement, particularly in the rivalry.

A good ol bore draw

Hit em while they're down


We go on!

Beat another under performer

Staying strong

Now 11 points clear of the relegation zone, we definitely look consistent. Our strikers are definitely still lacking but maybe we can arrange something new in January. For now though, we sit 10th, a decent position still.

Player of the month (November)

This boy wonder has really battened downed the hatches for us recently, hence why we've been conceding very few goals. He's a fantastic young lad and has racked up a 7.72 rating in his last 5 games! Rafael Ruiz step up my boy, future captain I tell you!

Flop of the lot (November)

To be honest, this lad hasn't been that much of a flop, but definitely hasn't lived up to the earlier hype he generated after a fantastic start of the season. To begin with, he fought through every game playing fantastically, but really hasn't kicked on this far into the season, having to be subbed on a few occasions. Sorry Fatuwu Diallo but it's you.

The December run in

Some are winnable, and some are definitely going to be a struggle. As long as we pick up the points where we should, we definitely should continue our movement away from the relegation zone, and continue to look up.

Thanks for reading,

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10th is solid I guess, I'm sure Wycombe fans wouldn't mind being 10th in the Premier League in real life :P

The renaming of a star!

This'll only be a short update, but none the less, a very important one ;) . Currently, one of players and top signing Mamadou Zoundi has been nicknamed Mamadou 'Preach' Zoundi, however, it's time for change. The Burkina Faso star has worked himself up a new nickname after a bizarre celebration after his goal versus Sheffield United, where the winger appeared to 'hump' the air. Of course, this prompted a response from the fans, and what they came up with, is pure brilliance. Introducing...Mamadou 'The Hump' Zoundi

This is based on the fantastic Rizzle Kicks song by a very similar name...


Thanks for reading,
All comments will be returned, tah :)


For the first time this season, I saw a side to be proud of as I had a striker banging in goals to compliment the fantastic grafting my midfield has done, whilst being held up by a fantastic defence and goalkeeper. To me, this was one of my better months, at the December run in too, when we needed it most.

A classy upset

The resurgence of Arsenal

Back to winning ways


A tragic casualty

Moving on up...

We won the games we should have in that month, beating the lowly Bristol and Burnley, along with picking up a good win against Chelsea. However, the players will be frustrated that an unbeaten month wasn't that far away from them. Regardless, we sit in 9th, 5 points behind Champions League football, and with a game in hand. (Can I get an oooooooooooh)

Player of the Month (December)

God knows where we'd be with out this man this month. Two of our strikers were out with injury and suspension to begin the month and this man truly took it upon himself to save us. With Zoundi out for a few months now, we will have to rely on him further, you've really dropped yourself in it now haven't you Ibrahim Cevret

Flop of the lot (December)

Again, there really hasn't been that many poor performances this month, however, a name does come to mind after a very recent incident on the first day of January. Someone decided to get ahead of themselves about a move to Forest, fortunately, he calmed down after a few stern words, but for a minute I thought we were going winter shopping for a new left back. He's not even been that good on the pitch this month either...Filippo Boni

Don't get ahead of yourself

Here are the fixtures for January that you can expect to see soon, but not in the next update. For that, we have a surprise.

Until then, thanks for reading.
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