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Wycombe Wanderers - The Summer of 69

Probably the best story you'll read all day, okay, maybe not, but you know, have a nose.
Started on 19 April 2016 by Atoobie
Latest Reply on 22 September 2016 by Justice
Ninjaskill: Well they do say online shopping is the future so thought it was a good choice, and the logo looks quite smart on a shirt

Bean: My man Feliks sorted me them, stunning aren't they!
Have Asos finally opened a high street shop yet? ;) Good kits though man, look smart!
Jack: Nah no-one goes outside any more, just sit inside like in Wall-e


We go into pre-season with renewed vigor as the squad goes from strength to strength after every season. Our team is one of balance now as a few adjustments have been made which will be revealed later in detail, but you may spot a few unfamiliar players on the team sheets. Also, a few players have been sold, see if you can spot who they are too, 2 big names gone.

The business

We hosted Iranian opposition for the first game of the season, dominating but only putting 1 away, however, it's not the result that counts in the pre-season, many players had a go and it was nice to watch some new faces for the first time from our youth system.

We decided to take on Jack's Bradford PA side for a laugh at the start of the pre-season, again getting some fitness into our players. A new signing bagged a goal to contribute to our 9-0 smashing of the none league side. A good little run about.

A nice win against a decent German outfit for us here, I'll take a 3-1 win considering we still were rotating the side to keep fitness up. We still dominated them, but finishing wasn't great, however, it's not the end of the world, finishing isn't great in this years FM.

Another of our newbies grabbed a goal in this one, a dominant win over another German side, plenty of rotation as usual, but the side ran out comfortable winners and were more clinical in this game. Zoundi got 3 assists in this one, good on the lad.

We hosted Premier League opposition in the next game to check ourselves against an equal strength team, and we came out victorious to show off our stature for the season to come. A brace from Masawudu and a late one from Krasniqi gave us plenty of confidence going forward.

A slight hiccup in the road to the proper season as we rather shockingly drew to Championship Reading, we dominated the game as usual but couldn't put away our chances, oh well, these games happen. I'd rather these kind of games in pre-season than in the league so can't complain.

Ruiz did his usual deal of getting sent off at the quickest opportunity while we managed to win against Griffo's Parma side rather unconvincingly but the team was very rotated in preparation for the Community Shield game against Spurs.

Lacking a few players on international duty we still managed to dispatch of Spurs barely winning in a disgustingly bad penalty shootout after a decent 90 minutes. We didn't dominate but kept the game close and took it at the end.

Coming up...

In August we only have a few competitive fixtures, Liverpool away to kick off the season, followed by home ties versus Stevenage, a team that seems to surprise us far too often, and Chesterfield. I expect wins, I expect to go clear at the top, I expect glory this season. A season of expectation then.

Thanks for reading, all comments will be reciprocated,

Thanks, Alex
Strong pre-season and I am looking forward to the next season!
BeanyUnited: The treble is a must ;)
How dare you take on Bradford PA without me in charge ;) But hey, a good set of results overall, good luck this season!

Transfer time!

It's that time of year again when ATooBie Sports News opens up to tell you all what moves Wycombe have been making in this summers transfer window. It's been another eventful summer despite me telling you all last year that I won't be doing as much going forward, HOWEVER, we did make a profit this summer from transfers, an unusual twist by my standards.


We had a variety of different players come in this year, covering all of the field, I feel very confident going into next season given the additions we've made. A new striker for the side, along with a youthful addition to the defence, we look set to go on and maybe, just maybe, get a treble.

As you can see, only the four additions, but all valuable to the squad in different ways. I highly rate Dzafic and Coureur to take the reigns of this side and push us to new heights, particularly up top, I've always thought we could be doing more offensively, and hopefully our new Germanic striker can provide that.


A few familiar faces have said bye bye for good, most depressingly our Japanese 'legend' who signed on a free 3 years ago, and has never looked back. Hopefully we'll do just fine without these players, there's a few who've gone on loan as we look to match the number of Chelsea loanees.

Jaure and Otsuki have gone this summer, I really hope I don't regret losing them, particularly my man up top, he could have been doing better, hence why Dzafic has come in, but maybe he made it look easier than it was? Food for thought as we go into a big season for the MIGHTY DUCKS.

To conclude

Summer is always eventful when you're part of the Wycombe setup, we're not a fan of that Wenger style bullshit, we like our players signed, sealed and delivered early and no matter what the price, then we ship off the excess. Have we taken that method too far this year by losing Otsuki and Jaure?

Guess you'll find out next time...
Until then, all comments will be reciprocated and thanks for reading,

Thanks, Alex
"Wycombe VS Plymouth is a date for the diary" words I never thought would be uttered in the footballing world ;) As always loving the graphics and some good signings!
BeanyUnited: Phahaha that genuinely made me laugh xD Those two sides battling it out for the BPL, who would have thunk it?
TBH Wycombe and Plymouth near the price tag of 38 million is not something I thought I would see. Anyway signings look good and good luck for the season

The League Begins

3 games in August, all of varying magnitude it has to be said, we start against Liverpool, a mid table side, before a tough test at home against Chesterfield, before again hosting Stevenage, a team I'd definitely name as our bogey team. Dzafic and Coureur were away at the Olympics for the first 2 games, but returned for their Premier League debut in the 3rd.

Off we go...

We started of with a moderate test against Liverpool, and the game looked done and dusted by half time as we stuck 3 past the Liverpudlians by the 45 minute mark. Sainrimat scored in Premier League record time to get us off to a great start. Masawudu and Scully combined to help us to a 3-1 win. Here's Sainrimat's rapid goal:

A solid win against Chesterfield without a full strength side, still without our new signings, we managed to scrape through and get ourselves the full 3 points thanks to Krasniqi on his first league start this year.

Arguably it was the Masawudu show against Stevenage, but many of the plaudits will go to Dzafic who came on and scored in his first competitive appearance for us, starting a record we hope continues for a very long time. A comfortable win, showing our prowess, just how I like it.

Player of the Month

He's been keen to continue his great form of last year, and has shown no issues with replicating it, scoring plenty throughout the first 3 games, who needs Otsuki or even his replacement when we have Masawudu.

Flop of the Lot

Having only played 3 games this month it's a usual suspect who's taking this award home. Despite developing a little bit last year, this lad always seems to feature as a flop somewhere, his average rating often falls below those who surrounds him. It's ofcourse Daouda.

3 on 100%

Manchester United and Plymouth are with us at the top of the table, showing their will definitely be competition for the title this year. Of course, not too much can be taken from the table at this point, but as expected Plymouth will be with us throughout the season.

Big games coming

We feature twice in the Champions League in our group built up of Anderlecht, Siena and Barcelona in September. We also get to play against ex-Wanderers Jaure and Dal-Joo in the grudge match versus Chelsea, I look forward to it, also, since we currently play in Watford's stadium whilst our stadium expands, the game against them will be interesting.

Thanks for reading guys, as always, comments will be reciprocated,

Thanks, Alex
The Ducks from Bucks are quacking along nicely, If a new challenge arises then all you say is no thanks. Great little update dude.
Briggsy5183: I'm a loyal fella, don't need anyone but my ducks ;)


So far our form has been unparalleled by any other in the league as we flex our muscles to show the rest of the world who's boss. There's no doubt we were predicted to start well, but maybe not THIS well.

Into September

We returned from an international break with a bang, stuffing a newly promoted Brighton side 3-0 with Dzafic truly making his presence known. Essig got MOTM surprisingly since they didn't have many shots, you do you FM.

Coureur had a quality performance this time round, getting an assist and performing flawlessly in defence, allowing Lawson to break away down that wing and score twice in quick succession to put us on the path to victory. Sainrimat put one away late on to prove to us he still intends on existing despite Dzafic's arrival.

Our new right back went one better than the Anderlecht game by scoring in this one as he grabbed our first goal to equalise with Chelsea who didn't start Jaureguiberry or Dal-Joo, the poor sports. Masawudu bagged in the 78th minute to win us the game, we were dominant and deserved it, another 3 points.

A slightly rotated side ripped Watford a new one in the League Cup, Ibrahim got himself a hat-trick in less than 10 minutes split by the half time whistle. Scully kept his name in the selection hat after a lovely effort to make it 5 and confirm that this game was indeed a pounding, people.

We squeezed through against another London based side, managing to take 3 points from a relegation threatened Arsenal. They didn't make it easy for us, even after Ender they still pushed us, and the scoreline is rather telling of our performance, just enough. Our very own veteran Ibrahim getting us the all important goal.

We rounded off the month hosting the slaying of Siena at home, plenty of personnel on the score sheet and an all round great game, I subbed Dzafic off after he scored 2 to save him for Octobers first game, allowing Sainrimat to show some skill and bag one.

Player of the Month

He's a newbie, he's been phenomenal so far, with the highest average rating in the squad by far with a rating of 8.57. He's also been key to grabbing goals and defending against them throughout the season so far and looks like a great bit of business. It can only be Rene Coureur

Flop of the Lot

To lock out our all-defensive award winners for the month of September we have a lad who's been around the block for long enough now. He can't seem to crack it in the first team any more, given the chance, he almost never performs, such a shame for a key member of the early series. Sadly, it has to be Rafael Ruiz.

Top of the Tree

100% so far, who wants to try and stop us? Chelsea and Arsenal are surprising by modern standards, but Chelsea is even surprising by 2172 standards, you've seen the money they've spent signing our players, they should be better.

Coming up

West Ham will be a tricky one as well as that game versus Barcelona, I look forward to October though, an opportunity to really keep up the steam we've generated over this month.

Thanks for reading, all comments will be reciprocated.

Thank-you, Alex

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