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Project Red: Canterbury United

Started on 27 May 2016 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 20 July 2016 by sTedDarzZ
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London, United Kingdom

The lift door opened to reveal a large room, walled with pristine glass. I wondered over to the windows and looked down on the streets of London, which weaved in and out of city, and over to the Thames, which snaked between it all.

The room was lightly furnished, with the masterpiece being the table which sat in the middle. Glasses were placed next to every seat, which were black and cushioned, I found as I tugged one out from the protection of the table and carefully sat down, adjusting my red tie simultaneously.

I wanted to be here early. To make sure I was prepared. I opened my briefcase, and pulled out a large sketchpad. I ripped off the cover, carefully, to make sure none of the contents were damaged in the process, and flicked through.

I could potentially, make history, I thought to myself, as I turned the pages. I could fulfil a dream. Ever since I was a child, I had wished for this. And today, I could make it happen.

I smiled at the thought, and got up. I walked over to the stand and placed my pad onto it, and flipped back to the opening page.


I had been waiting for a while before they turned up. I had rehearsed my lines, my presentation, so I could impress. I needed their backing. I was in the company of some of the world’s richest men and women. They built their success on standards, professionalism and creativity. And I’m was planning on doing the same.

The room was very much filled with American accents. I had lived in America for two years, so I could stand it – I needed to – but to any other Brit, I think it may be too much. The atmosphere was brilliant, the world’s richest seemed to be excited about what I had to offer.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you – Project Red.”

Welcome back man, great start!
i am BUZZING FOR THIS, good luck!
You have me interested Tall, good luck!
@Jack - Thanks man, its good to be back!
@InfraRed - Thank you, hoping I'll live up to your expectations :P
@Griffo - Now, that is an achievement ;)
Guess who's back...back again....that is right...Tal's back!!!!! really looking for this series!
Ooooo, a new story from Tal! This should be good!
Looking forward to seeing where you can go with this, best of luck!
@Balik - that's right, I'm back *parrrttiesss*
@C.J.Lippo - Pressure ;)
@mgriffin2012 - Thank you :)

Introducing Project RED

I sat down. Alongside me sat some of the richest men and women in the world, each of them having billions of dollars to their names. And they were part of my project, my dream. I sat and smiled to myself – overjoyed at what I had achieved.

Football had always been a passion of mine, ever since I was a young boy. At the age of seven, I’d dream about playing for my team - Gillingham - emulating the likes of Tony Cascarino on the school field. By the age of eighteen, after I’d realised I couldn’t make it professionally, I’d found another dream – I wanted to manage a football team. My GCSEs, A-levels, they were all geared towards that aim. I went to interview after interview, looking for someone who was willing to take a risk, a risk on an eighteen year old with clear ideas, strategies. Unfortunately, they never took that risk, but the people next to me did.

The door opened with a creek, and the press poured in, like a barrier being lifted allowing a town to flood. The frenzy started pretty much immediately, cameras flashing, laptops opening and people typing away.

The press officer calmed everyone down, I took a deep breath and smiled. Today, today was the best day in my life.

REP: Hello, I’d like to quick off this conference; and ask you for your name?

CRM: Yes, my name is George Wilmont.

REP: Thank you. Now, you seem to be the leader of this project, despite having any obvious previous leadership experience. Why do you think you’re the man to lead this project?

CRM: If the guys next to me didn’t believe in me, then I wouldn’t be here. Yes, I am the leader, the organiser if you will, but the people next to me, on either side, they believe I have the quality to lead this. They’re some of the most successful, richest and famous people on the planet, and they must see something in me. And if they see something, then I’m here to lead – and I have the qualities.

REP: We all have this information booklet, but can you tell the wider world what exactly Project RED is?

CRM: Project RED is something that I have been brainstorming since I was about twenty. It’s been a dream, and over the last year, it’s come to reality. I am going to be the chairman, and owner – along with these very nice people next to me – of my own football club.

REP: That’s impressive, how did you managed to get the people next to you on board?

This is going to sound very odd, but I simply emailed a load of people who I thought would share the same ambition and passion as me, and these were the people who replied. We had a meeting a few weeks ago to finalise everything, and here we are, sitting here – announcing the project.

REP: You’re calling this a project, does this mean you have a clear idea of where you want to take the football club?

CRM: Yes, with anything in life, you need goals, ambitions, and we – as a team, certainly have that. If you want to reach the heights that we do, then you need goals.

REP: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I am thirty-three and I was born grew up in Canterbury – in Kent. My grandparents are Welsh, but my mum moved to Canterbury to go to Uni, and met my dad – and they’re still there today, as am I. I support Gillingham, as they were the biggest club in Kent, but in my twenties a dreamed about owning a club – a successful club – in the city I grew up in.

REP: Thank you, now let’s move on to the other board members of this project.
Interesting... ***moves to edge of seat***
So this won't be a normal manager owner story?!?!?
Good to have you back Tal, this story intrigues me...
@Griffo - Don't fall off ;)
@Balik - You'll have to wait and see ;)
@BackPostHeader - Thank you :)
Most, Most interesting....

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