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Paris FC: Une Ambition Capitale

Started on 15 March 2017 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 3 May 2017 by ScottT
Great story mate. Pity about your player Eddy Lecygne and his injury

Summer 2016 Transfers

Before joining Paris Football Club the previous coaching staff had tons of turnover with the relegation from Ligue 2. In my honest opinion they did a decent job getting talent but since I took over I have added a few pieces of my own and have moved a few players. Below are the moves I have made since joining.

Eddy Lecgyne

Midfielder (Centre)
On Loan from STOKE CITY

Lecgyne was my first signing since joining PFC. He has a lot of talent and potential. His strengths are his potential, personality, pace, shooting from distance and versatility. Weaknesses include determination and the lack of fitting in with the rest of the club. Since joining he has only made one appearance in the Coupe de la Ligue first round victory over Troyes. Since then he has been out with a double hernia.


Midfielder (Centre)

Apoño in my opinion was the biggest pickup for us in the transfer window, He was recommended by Barcelona legend and our very own scout Carles Puyol. At first I wasn't sure if Puyol was going to be right but in this short time Apoño has made a massive impact even at the age of 32. Some of his positives include penalty taking and off the ball movement. His weaknesses include his jumping reach.

Quentin Othon

Defender (Left)
Strasbourg (FREE)

The 28 year old Othon joined us coming on a free from Strasbourg in Ligue 2. This was a shock because I did not feel he was interested. I like the fact he can play as a defender and a defensive midfielder. So far in the short time with us he has made an instant impact despite being out for about a week with a concussion early on. Strengths include versatility, bravery and a high work rate. Weaknesses include jumping reach and that his game is apparently suited more for the divisions lower than us. I dispute that claim though.

Zakaria Fdaouch

Midfielder (Centre)

Fdaouch might be the biggest steal of the transfer window. He joined us just before the window closed and is a massive talent. I really don't know why Bordeaux released him but thank you. At only 19 he is totally a player for the future. Strengths include versatility, pace and intelligence. Weaknesses include jumping reach and fitting in. Look out for Zakaria to make his debut with the first team here in the coming weeks.

There were no outgoing transfers this window but there were a few players who were loaned out. Here are the players that are away for the season.

Ryan Diafat

Defender (Right)
On Loan at Le Mans

Ryan is a promising player but I felt it would be the best move to have him on loan for the season as our defense is pretty crowded.

Yannick Gbessi

Defensive Midfielder
On Loan at Le Mans

Despite being on of our best youth prospects I felt a loan move would be good this season because I am not sure how much playing time he would get. He joins Yannick at our affiliate club Le Mans who are in the Championnat Division 2-B.

Gaëtan Missi Mezui

On Loan at US Rumelange

Moves to Luxembourg but I feel that was a massive mistake. Currently he has not made any appearances but from what I am told he he is learning and might get an appearance soon. If not I will return him in the next transfer window.
Nice freebies :)
Loving the start to this man, graphics look sick and I think you might be onto something... :D
Michael Thanks

mgriffin2012 Glad to see you enjoying this. Hopefully you will write again someday
PAR Steve Pierre|1 oct., 2016|CLUB

The second month of the 2016/17 campaign finished as Le PFC had a decent and respectable month. The results were mixed, new faces got game time and the club is learning to adapt with new challenges. It was a month of league play as the club went 2-1-2.

September began with a nice 2-0 victory over US Quevilly Rouen, Aristote Madiani and Demba Camara scored their first goals of the season. Next saw the club drop three points to GS Consolat and then followed that with a 2-1 victory over Pau FC and a scoreless draw against Lyon-Duchère. Finally to end September PFC defeated Sedan by a 1-0 scoreline.

Paris Football club are currently sitting in third place with sixteen points.

It was a pretty good month but we are still having issues finishing, I am trying my best to get these guys better and they are trying. It is looking like I will be searching for a new attacker for the next transfer window. I feel we can keep things going and hopefully by the end of October be first in the league."-Kévin Gauthier

With a goal and assist Aristote Madiani was the key player in the Month of September. The loanee from Lens was the key reason for a positive month.

Like the previous month October will be league play only. Le PFC begin the month hosting Vendée les Herbiers Football on 7 October. Following that match the club will face Avenir Sportif Béziers, Union Sportive Littoral Dunkerque and finally a trip to face La Berrichonne de Châteauroux.

The draw for the Coupe de France Sixth Round is set to take place in October as well.


Great start to the season, told you you'd do well! Regardless, these updates have been top drawer, take everything please you're too good at this. ;)

INTERVIEW: Thomas Martin of Paris Football Club

FOOTBALL FRANCE: "Martin, thank you you for taking the time out to be interviewed. Things must have been very hectic for you just recently? How are things with Paris FC?"

Thank you. Yeah I am very happy to be part of this team, but everything is way different than what I came to. Having to adjust to a new coach after adjusting to a new coach when I joined was really hard. Paris is a fantastic city, and I love the fact that Kévin (Gauthier) is looking to get the club back up, but there are some things that I feel need to be changed."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"Have you connected with any teammates really well?"

"Ah... Great question. Hahaha! Probably Mathieu Robail, who came in this summer with me. We were roommates during camp and also are training partners. He is a great teammate and somebody that I could call a friend."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"Thoughts about Paris so far?"

"I absolutely love it but at the same time I am still adjusting to the city life. I was born in the Normandy region but had previously lived here during the 2014/15 season with PSG."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"Tell us about your time with PSG?"

"To be honest it was ok but I mostly was part of the reserve team so I can't really comment other than it seemed the reserves were a much friendlier group. I do hope this club can someday become bigger than them and I hope to be part of that team."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"What do you think about Kévin Gauthier so far?"

To be honest he is not that bad of a manager, he does some things I am not a fan of but isn't that life. He is looking for the best in the squad and is doing the best he can with his resources available to him. He is a Le Havre supporter and a former player so really he is not that bad haha. He actually was one of my coaches when I played there. It was amazing playing for my boyhood club."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"What do you mean by not a fan of and what are these things that need to be changed in your view?"

"I really do not feel like talking about this as I am not wanting to cause any trouble. Haha"

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"Come on Thomas, it is fine say what you want we are looking to get to know your squad more than what is known now."

"Ok, but knowing you press I am going to regret this and it will probably blow up in my face. You see he has a very unorthodox way of approaching coaching and I felt it is both helpful and a hindrance at the same time. It obviously got him a job before this and this job so it isn't the worst but I have seen better. One thing I can't stand his him playing me less than I should be playing."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:Don't you think that is a bit too harsh, it is only October and the season is still quite young?"

"No not really because I joined up and was promised that I would be a key player, look I am an Attacking Midfielder but he has been putting me in at central. It is not right, this might be an overreaction but I wish I had more playing time and he used me as an AM maybe we could be in a better spot than now."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:If you had a chance to talk with him about it would you??"

"Totally, I do want to have a chat to see what can be done, my playing time is a bit lower than what I want I don't mind being a role player but I just feel like I can be used more often than I am currently. I don't want you to think I am angry and bitching about playing time, I am just being real and every footballer thinks the same, some just don't have the guts to speak their mind."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"Well do you think this club has a realistic shot at promotion. All the experts have you all as a favorite to make it up but at this time you keep yo-yoing? Is it going to happen?"

"Yes, absolutely it will. We are a great team and some of the guys he added are a big help. My only thing and I know he agrees is that we are needing somebody up front who can make the plays and finish, no offense to Demba and Jonathan but they need to improve. I have faith that Kévin will get someone during the January window."

FOOTBALL FRANCE:"Thank you for your timeThomas it was nice chatting with you."

"It was nice talking with you too."
PAR Marc Roy|24 Oct., 2016|CLUB

The draw for the sixth round of the 2016/17 edition of the Coupe de France has been completed. As always the draw was at Fédération française de football headquarters in Paris. We were drawn to be the away side against Union Sportive d'Ivry. This club who Paris FC have never faced play in the CFA 2 Groupe E. The match is set for a 8 November meeting at Stade Edouard Clerville in Ivry-sur-Seine.

"I am very pleased with the draw and I do not see us struggling at all. This was a kinder draw and I am hoping the guys will take the match seriously. We don't want to overlook anyone no matter the difference in quality," said Gauthier after receiving word about the draw.
PAR Steve Pierre|28 oct., 2016|CLUB

October saw the first team struggle as they failed to win a game. During this month with only four matches they would go 0-2-2. Things are starting to fall apart but they got lucky at the end of the month with a draw. The mood at the club is seen as one that is confused and quiet.

The month started off somewhat positive with a 1-1 draw with Vendée les Herbiers Football. PFC would start their nosedive with a bad 2-1 loss against Avenir Sportif Béziers. This would continue with a shutout loss against Dunkerque. Finally things got a little better with a 1-1 draw against a very good Châteauroux.

In more positive news the Coupe de France sixth round draw was completed on 24 October. We will be facing US d'Ivry of the CFA 2. The match is set for a 8 November meeting at their ground. Tickets are available starting 1 November.

Paris Football club have dropped down to ninth place with only eighteen points.

"There is nothing positive to say about October. I honestly do not know what happen for this to happen and I know it needs to be fixed. Many players have been put on notice due to poor performances and we need to FINISH FINSH. The fact that we are not scoring or making the target is very concerning, it needs to be fixed."-Kévin Gauthier

For such a terrible month there was not much to celebrate in player accomplishments. The only player to have made an impact is striker Demba Camara. During the run of four games he scored two goals. He is starting to improve but is still a bit behind to where he is needed. Still two goals in such a dismal month was a good thing for him and the club. His goals came against Herbiers and Béziers.

The club is looking to bounce back from a horrible month and is at a point where losses could possibly cause them to miss out on promotion. The month begins with a difficult match against league leaders Belfort, followed by the Coupe de France match vs US d'Ivry. Finally they will be facing US Boulogne, Chambly and CA Bastiais.


Demba Camara celebrates after achieving a hat-trick in the 80th minute

Demba's Delight as Paris FC dominate in Coupe de France Sixth Round

09 NOV. 2016

Paris FC coach Kévin Gauthier was pleased with his players after they stormed their way to a 4-0 win away at fifth tier Union Sportive d'Ivry to reach the Coupe de France seventh round. After several weeks of no victories and a downward spiral Le PFC might have found their spark to get back in winning ways.

Haitian Jean-Jacques Pierre opened the scoring in the 33rd minute as he hit a lucky shot into the small right corner of the goal. For Pierre, this is his first goal in all competitions this season. Things would get worse for the host as Demba Camara began his quest for a hat-trick in the 42nd minute. Three minutes later he would hear his name again scoring his second goal. Finally, during the 80th Camara completed his hat-trick giving his club a 4-0 victory.

Speaking after the final whistle, Gauthier praised his squad's character and will to win in a testing environment. "We are happy because the team battled well today," the Frenchman told PFC's official website. "There was a great atmosphere and difficult weather conditions. We did what was necessary and showed a great mentality and good spirit."

Striker Demba Camara, who scored the majority of PFC’s goals, admitted he and his teammates expected a tough test but felt the thrashing was needed. "We knew before kickoff that it would be a difficult game," the Guinean international said. "d’Ivry is a team that is doing great in their league. "We put in a solid performance. We dominated throughout the match and we deserved the win."

Speaking with Eurosport 1 after the match, goalkeeper Vincent Demarconnay believed that that US d’Ivry made it difficult with so many quality chances but was relieved to have passed a tricky test. "We came up against a determined, combative and motivated team," said the veteran goalkeeper. "They had a lot of enthusiasm and in spite of that; we just had the better day at the office, especially in the wet conditions today."

Next up for the Championnat National side is Boulogne in what will be a difficult match against the number two team in the table. The draw for the Seventh Round of the Coupe de France is set for 13 November with the inclusion of Ligue 2 clubs.

Progressing very well, the money you must be getting will be put to good use I'm sure.
2017-03-23 14:21#240828 ScottT : Progressing very well, the money you must be getting will be put to good use I'm sure.

What money?? Seriously we are so strapped for cash it is not even funny. That win didn't really give us much to be spent on the important things sadly This league fines you for yellow cards so we are getting ready to set up a collection for funds ahaha. Scary part is I feel a mutiny is upon us
Great story. Hope your misfortune changes and you can get back to the big time
PAR Steve Pierre|30 nov., 2016|CLUB

Things are starting to look up but at a very slow pace. That is fine as Le PFC is finally starting to trend upward and hopefully return to the promotion zone. November was busy because of league matches, two Coupe de France matches, a new parent club and one of our coaches got a head coaching job.

Facing the top Belfort our club predicted to lose but somehow proved everyone wrong with a special 1-1 draw. After a week away from league play PFC faced off against USBCO, winning by a score of 2-1 it was the clubs first victory since the 30 Septembre match against Sedan. Following the victory the club would draw Chambly 1-1 and CA Bastia 2-2.

In Coupe de France play we will be entering the 32e de final. At this point the opponent is still to be determined. In the sixth round we defeated US d'Ivry 4-0, thanks to a hat trick from Demba Camara. Following that we were drawn against Ligue 2 side Bourg-en-Bresse. We won in penalties! It was a very exciting and nail biting match.

In other club news former coach Patrick Mboma has joined Annecy Football Club of the CFA Group C as their newest manager. Good luck Patrick and see you soon. Finally FC Nantes has joined up to be our parent club.

After a much more productive month Paris FC are in eight place with a total of twenty-four points. This makes the club only four points behind joining the promotion zone.

"It was a much better month especially on the fact November was full of challenges. We have finally turned the corner and will be in a perfect spot before the winter break begins. I am very pleased to see that Demba Camara is finally finding that deadly touch."-Kévin Gauthier

For the second month in a row striker Dembra Camara is named the Player of the Month. He has finally found that itch and is starting to heat up with many goals. During the month he scored a total of five goals. Three were in the cup match against US d'Ivry and the others came against Chambley and Bastia.

December will be a very short month with only two matches on the schedule. We will be traveling to face SAS Épinal on 2 Decembre. The final match of 2016 takes place against Avranches on 9 Decembre at our stadium. Other than the matches the draw for the 32e de Final will be on 12 Decembre. Ligue 1 clubs will be part of this draw. Between 19-1 janvier club offices will be closed for the holiday break.


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